Chapter 015: The Fire Inside, Part 2

Once Eric and Sookie were back inside of Merlotte’s, he whispered to her almost desperately, “Quick goodbyes and then home.  I need to be inside of you, min älskare.”  She felt through their bonds that he was barely containing his lust.

Sookie blushed and then nodded.  The encounter with Bill had drained her in one way, but in a more fundamental way, she needed her husband to comfort her―needed his body and soul to wrap her up.  It felt almost as if the fairy bond was trying to pull him to her, asking him for the strength and nourishment she knew only he could give her.

Eric’s long strides and Sookie’s scurries to keep up with him brought them to their tables in seconds.  Everyone looked up at them expectantly.  Eric spoke, his voice the definition of calm.  However, Sookie felt his dogged effort to stay composed through the bond.  “I’m afraid Tray had to go; a relative of his was hurt in an accident.”

Everyone expressed their regrets as Eric continued, “And I’m afraid my business is more pressing than it seemed.  Unfortunately, Sookie and I must get home so that I can make a conference call.”  At those words, he pressed his erection against Sookie’s backside.  Sookie stifled a moan—barely.  Jesus gave her a knowing look.

Eric bowed and looked at Terry, “It was good to meet you, Terry.  I will look forward to our fishing excursion.  Good evening, everyone.”

“Yeah,” Sookie said quickly; her own desire for Eric had been building, and she knew it would soon match his.  She stammered, “I’ll see y’all soon.  Thanks for comin’.  Sorry to rush off.”

Eric ushered her toward the back of the restaurant.  As he passed the bar, he said to Sam, “Bill me.”  He picked Sookie up and raced her to Sam’s office so that she could collect her purse and jacket.  She took off Eric’s leather jacket, which was hanging off of her, and replaced it with her own.  She then put her purse over her shoulder and turned around to face Eric.

“Will you be too cold if we fly?” Eric was panting, the desperation now clear in his voice.  His eyes were blue pools of stirred up passion.

She nodded her head, not able to speak because of her own tumultuous desire for her husband.  Part of her wanted to forego the ‘no fucking in Sam’s office rule’ that she’d imposed upon them, but the sane part of herself respected her ex-boss too much to do that.

Instead of putting his jacket on, Eric wrapped it around Sookie so that it would give her an extra layer of protection against the elements.  He spoke in a low, rough voice.  “I need to fly fast, Sookie.  Keep your face buried against my sweater to keep warm.”

Sookie could tell and feel through the bond how much her vampire was holding back the desire to take her right then.  She looked up at him and purred, “If I get cold, I’m sure you will warm me up as soon as we get home.”

Eric growled and picked her up.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips before burying her face into his chest.  He secured her to him by placing one hand under her oh-so-alluring bottom and another against her back.  He had them out of the back door of Merlotte’s and into the air before Sookie could even register that they’d left Sam’s office.

He felt her shiver into him as the cool wind from the velocity of their flight hit her.  He slowed down a bit.  He monitored her body temperature, and he listened to the sound of her heart; feeling the direction of the wind, he repositioned her slightly so that he was blocking most of the gust from hitting her face directly.  He felt every inch of his body that was touching her tingle with delight, and he pulled her closer still so that more inches could experience the same enchantment.

It had been many hours since he had been home, and he didn’t mean the dwelling they shared, though he loved their house.  No―he had not been inside of her―his true home―for too damned long.  The fairy bond that she’d made between them had been pulsing inside of him like an arrhythmic heartbeat throughout their encounter with Bill.  It was ordering him—guiding him―to reconnect with his beloved in order to feed their bond―to make it stronger―though he wondered how that would even be possible.  Already the fairy bond was stronger than anything he had ever known in a thousand years.

Eric checked Sookie’s temperature and heart rate again.  He could go a little faster, just a bit.  This would have them home in 132 seconds rather than 153 seconds, so he increased his speed as she nestled into him.  He could feel through the vampire bond that his beloved was impatient for him too.  Her lust and anticipation were reaching a crescendo.  Despite the cold, her center was warm and moistening in preparation for him.  Her hands, which she’d wrapped around his neck at first, were now buried underneath his sweater, and he could feel her fingertips and nails pushing against his flesh so that she could establish the physical contact that she too craved.  He felt her hot breath on his neck.

108 seconds.

He thought seriously about just landing them in the woods and making love to her in the night as he had the very first time they’d been together.  That night had been less than a month before under the full moon.  He’d been unaware of his memories that night, but he had wanted her urgently.  Eric’s erection raged as he thought about her face in the light of the moon as he’d found her in the woods.  He thought about the sound of the little stream that had been playing its music during their love-making.  He thought about the first moment he saw her perfect breasts, breasts that seemed designed for the size of his hands and his mouth.

He had never used or even thought of the adjective ‘expressive’ to describe a woman’s breasts until that night, but he could think of no other word that better fit Sookie’s breasts.  They’d risen and responded to his touch as if they’d been thirsting for it.  He thought about the way her eyes had captured his as he’d first entered her; he’d gone slowly, intuiting somehow that he would be too big for her otherwise and that her tightness would need to adjust to his size.  He’d monitored her heart and her sounds to make sure that she was not in pain as he’d gently moved into her inch by inch and felt her melding around his flesh.  Even now, he had no word the describe the rightness of their fit, the total perfection of her around him.

He could feel his pre-cum moistening his jeans at the memory.  He longed so much to be inside of her.

73 seconds.

Unfortunately―Eric had determined―it was too cold to land them in the woods.  It was twenty degrees colder than it had been the night he’d made love to her for the first time.

He couldn’t help but to smile at the memory of their first night together and how insatiable they’d both been—not that he craved her any less now.  When all was said and done that night, he’d emptied his seed into her four times, and he’d given her six orgasms.  Like a teenaged boy, he’d not been able to hold in his releases; even the thousand-year-old vampire that he was now felt close to cumming―just at the memory of her softness around his cock and the feel of her clinging tightly to him.  And her fingernails―those wonderful fucking nails―were now plunging into him harder as her lust escalated, a mirror to his own desire.  He wondered if she was remembering how he’d run with her at vampire speed back to the house after they’d had their first releases in the woods.  Even during that short run, he’d ached to be inside of her again.  He’d gotten no further than the entryway before she welcomed him into her body for a second time.  He wondered if he could wait longer this time around; he somehow doubted it.

51 seconds.

She had stayed so wet for him that night.  And her wetness was beginning to pool now, eliciting an uncontrollable growl from deep within him.  She answered his sound with a moan of her own.

He thought about the noises they made together while joining, and he couldn’t help but chuckle to himself.  He’d never really been one to make much noise while having sex before.  The vampire in him had sampled most everything―many, many times.  Thus, sex had become merely a somewhat pleasurable segue to blood for him over the years.  The orgasm was enjoyable.  But the act was monotony after a thousand years.

The sameness that sex had devolved into was why he’d tried practically everything―with women and men.  After fifty or so years as a vampire, his bond with Godric had called him to have sex with his maker for the first time, and he had found the act to be different―new and, therefore, welcome.  After that, he’d thrown a man into his sexual rotation every once in a while for the variety, though he still enjoyed women more.  And he’d been physically intimate with Godric many times throughout their years together—though not in the last several hundred years.

Eric had even tried being topped by a man before, though that was an act he’d experimented with voluntarily only once.  The thought of losing his anal virginity again and again was not a pleasant one for him.  Some play in the anal area to stimulate what he learned was his prostate was one thing, but full penetration was another thing altogether.

Yes—he’d had a thousand years of sexual experimentation.  But none of the encounters―no matter how exotic―matched the feeling he got from simply being inside of the woman he was holding now, his Sookie.  The position they were in didn’t matter, though he’d enjoyed all that they’d tried up to that point and looked forward to experiencing new things with her.  Their first time had been in what English speakers call the “missionary position.”  It was the position he’d lost his own virginity in many, many years ago.  It was the ‘standard’ position―the usual, the most ordinary.  And he’d not had sex in that position in many hundreds of years before that night in the moonlight because it had become so mundane and boring to him.

But that first night with Sookie had changed everything—and it wasn’t just because he’d been trapped in an amnesic state either.  That position had made it possible for him to look into Sookie’s eyes as he’d entered her.  It had allowed her to wrap her legs around his flesh and pull him in tighter.  It had allowed him to kiss and touch her from her forehead to her breasts.

Over time—he realized—he’d stopped kissing and caressing the people he had sex with.  He couldn’t recall a single kiss he’d given to Yvetta, for example, and she’d been his lover for longer than most as he’d tried to drive his feelings for Sookie and his grief for Godric away.  He’d simply used Yvetta, like so many others before.  It had been his way.  But with Sookie, everything had changed, and the human expression of “making love” had come to mean something to him for the first time.  He wanted to kiss and caress his Sookie all the time.

26 seconds.

Yes―the woman in his arms had changed everything―changed the foundation upon which he was built even.  Everything that was empty―sex, experiences, even his very heart and soul―were now filled.  Blank, monotonous nights of existing were changed, like coal to diamond.  And Eric felt full to the point of overflow; he would fight with his last drop of blood to keep that feeling―the feeling that he knew each coupling with Sookie would only make stronger.

11 seconds.

Sookie saw the familiar sight of Hummingbird Lane.  She’d felt the feelings of her husband during their flight, and she knew that her clothing might not survive the rampage and pillage that she knew he was planning with her body.  “Oh well,” she thought to herself, “it wasn’t as if she would need her Merlotte’s uniform anymore.”  She grew even wetter in anticipation, and though her Gran might disapprove, Sookie was happy to think about the scent of her arousal filling her husband’s senses and driving him as crazy for her as she was for him.  Her nails bit into his back harder, and he growled.  She wanted to feel him buried deep inside of her—now!

Six seconds.

Unable to wait any longer, he took her lips with his, just as she lifted her face to meet him.  The fairy bond approved and thumped with increased power.

His eyes closed, he used his other senses to land at their home and to check the surroundings to make sure that they were safe.  Her arms tightened around him, and her legs locked even more forcefully around his waist as their tongues stroked and caressed.  He didn’t break the kiss as he strode up the steps; he couldn’t break it.  Through the fairy bond, she was calling for him to be connected to her.  One hand underneath her beautiful bottom, he used the other to disarm the security system and get them inside, but that was as far as he could go.  He’d waited long enough and she was calling; in that moment, her call was all he knew.

He set her on the back of the couch and took both hands to their clothes.  The jackets were removed from her body with only minimal zipper-related damage; however, her Melotte’s shirt was ripped in two, for he was unwilling to leave her lips for even a moment.  Her bra survived because she was the one working on that garment, but his sweater―like her shirt―was in two pieces as it left his body.  Now both bare-chested, they pulled into each other and into their embrace, savoring the feeling of flesh on flesh.

Finally, she pulled from the kiss to catch her breath, and he moaned, his eyes popping open.  The primitive desire in those blue seas―the longing―took Sookie’s breath away even more than his kiss had, and she pulled him back to her lips after only a few seconds.

He set her on her feet and managed to get her pants open without damaging them as she worked to kick off her shoes.  He pushed her pants and underwear down as far as his long arms could manage without his breaking their kiss.  She shimmied to get them farther off as he turned his attention to his own jeans.  The buttons did not survive on them, and his jeans were past his hips in moments, his engorged cock springing up behind them.  Sookie had managed to get only one pant leg off, but it was enough.  She wrapped her arms tighter around her husband, and she pulled herself up him—almost like she was climbing a tree.  He placed one hand under her bottom again to support her and then thrust into her with one long stroke.

They moaned into each other’s mouths.  The fairy bond burst with white light, and they felt each other’s emotions through the vampire bond.  The two bonds—so distinctive and beautiful on their own—seemed to meld together in the moment of their joining.

His jeans holding his legs together, Eric lacked gracefulness for the first time that Sookie had known him as he tried to move them to a wall so that he could pound into her more deeply.  Sookie could feel that he was practically waddling, and amusement, mirth, and joy joined the lust, passion, and love coming from her end of their vampire bond.  She broke their kiss with a sound that was half-moan and half-giggle.

Eric continued his ungraceful waddling even as he stayed buried inside of her.  Registering Sookie’s emotions through the bond and guessing their origin correctly, he looked down at his jeans, which were pooling on his lower legs.  Her eyes followed his, and then they both laughed out loud as he continued his stilted movements toward the nearest wall.  Of course, he didn’t allow those movements to make him dislodge from her.  He was no fool.

“You’re moving like a duck,” Sookie giggled and then moaned at the feel of his rock-hard cock molding her insides with its shape so that she fit him perfectly―only him.

“Quack, quack,” he chuckled roughly as he finally got them to the wall and pushed her against it, even as he made sure to take the impact with one of his arms.  He began to move in and out of her more forcefully.  He buried his nose into her neck to fully take in her scent.  He purred into her neck, “Fagr—so beautiful.”

“Yes!” she sounded as he moved, filling and then un-filling her; he seemed to be caressing her from the inside out, stroking the bond between them as well as her sensitive sex with each well-placed thrust.

“Fagr.  So. Fucking. Amazing,” Eric muttered, his voice awestruck as if caught in a daze.  “You were amazing when you used your powers tonight.  So fucking amazing when you told Bill you’d kill him if he hurt me.”

“I would,” Sookie said passionately, as her nails once again curving into his shoulder.  “I’d do anything to keep you safe and with me.  Anything.”

“Fagr,” Eric growled, still speaking as if in a trance.  “Amazing when you are fairy Sookie.  So fucking amazing when you are calling me, caressing me, empowering me, teasing me, and fucking conquering me through the bond the fairy in you made.  I have to be in you―have to be part of you when you call me like that.”

Eric slowed down his thrusts to prolong their joining.  If he could, he’d make it last forever; her body felt so good―so right—around his.  And the fairy bond felt so good as it entwined them together fully, making the distance between their hearts and minds infinitesimal.  The vampire bond, not one to be left behind, added to the power of their joining, as their emotions churned, echoed, and linked.  “Amazing,” he gasped.  “Fagr―Beautiful.”

She moaned and used her internal muscles to grip his cock in order to give them both even more pleasure.

He growled as her body clutched his.

She moaned as he slowed down his movements even more.  She savored his every advance and withdraw from her body.  She gasped, “I sometimes think I can’t love you more―that it’s impossible to love you more than I already do.”  She whimpered and moaned as he thrust into her slow and deep, hitting her spot as if it had a target on it.  “But I always do―always love you more.”

He gently touched his forehead to hers.  “Love you, min kván.  Love you so fucking much.”

He continued his gentle, steady thrusting.  “More,” she whimpered.  He obeyed, giving them both more and more of what they needed―more closeness, more connection.  He kept his pace slow as they were both brought to an overpowering orgasm that began like a trickle of water leaking through a crack in a dam and finished as a mighty river crashing through that same dam.

He held her against the wall while he emptied and she pulsed.  They both sighed contentedly, and the vampire bond buzzed with shared feelings of love and joy.

Still—the fairy bond called to him, and he opened up his wrist so that she could take from him; he’d give her everything if he could.  Her eyes were on his as she drank his blood into her body, and aftershocks of their orgasms shot through them until the wound on his wrist had closed and she licked the remnants of his blood there.  The fairy bond was momentarily sated and bursting as he pulled out of her and gently set her onto her feet before kissing her lips lightly—almost shyly.


A/N:   “Fagr” as you may have figured out means “beautiful” in Old Norse.  By the way, when I think I know a word or phrase in Old Norse, I sometimes use that instead of Swedish.  Often the two languages are similar, but a variation of Old Norse (there are several) would have been the Viking’s first language.





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  1. His count down with his inner musings just drove his need higher and higher although they where on the same playing field on this one . Quack quack best line of the chapter although to be fair there wasn’t much actual words spoken hehe.

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