Fairy Characters: from SVM only

Claudette Crane (full-blooded Fae)

Claudette might be on the show (in the fairy club), but I don’t remember her, so I’m putting her in this category.  Like Claudine on True Blood, I’m picturing Claudette as Lara Pulver.

Dermot Brigant (half-Fae)

A no brainer, given his description in the books: Ryan Kwanten.

Fintan Brigant (half-Fae)

I’ve pictured Gerard Butler when I’ve written this character.  (Fun fact: I’ve used Butler for some versions of Niall too–but only when I don’t plan to introduce Fintan into the story.)

Lochlan (full-blooded Fae)

I picture Crispin Glover for this character.  I think he’d be perfect!

Neave (full-blooded Fae)

It’s impossible for me not to picture Tilda Swinton for this role.  Talk about perfect casting!


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