Chapter 59: Up to No Good

Eric’s cell phone vibrated in his jeans, awakening Sookie.  As she stretched next to him and smiled up at him, Eric felt the bond between them surge with her happiness, just as she felt the same from him.

“You’re grinning like an idiot,” she said sleepily.

Oh no,” he exclaimed dramatically as he fished for the phone in his jeans, “you have finally discovered my secret identity.  Vampire was just my cover.”

Sookie giggled, as he saw that Pam was calling.  Still smiling, he answered the phone.  “Pamela.”

Pam heard the smile in Eric’s voice and felt the happiness in their bond.  She deadpanned, “I had assumed that things were going well last night until you failed to call me before dawn―and that’s when I assumed that they were going very well.”

“Indeed,” Eric confirmed.  “At this exact moment, things could not be better, in fact.”

Sookie smiled and snuggled, somehow repositioning herself so that even more of herself was touching Eric.

The vampire sighed contentedly as Sookie burrowed into him.  “What have you got to report, Pamela―because I know that you are not simply calling for a chit chat.”

“Things are fine. Isabel has taken over Louis’s casinos without incident, and her people are settling in easily with those who are returning now that the necromancer is gone.”

“Good.  Contact her and tell her to gently dissuade Alcide Herveaux’s father from visiting anymore casinos.”

Pam sighed dramatically.  “Fine, I’ll add that to the list.  Rasul is also jumping right in; by the way, he appreciates the king’s generosity in aiding him in the effort to rebuild vampire holdings after Katrina.  Your doing, we assumed?”

“Indeed.  But it will bring revenue to the whole state if we all work to increase tourism in New Orleans.”

“Of course.  And Thalia has managed to antagonize everyone who has returned to Area 2.  Luckily, she is asking for nothing more than the normal percentage of income and to be left completely out of all vampires’ business, so most are staying in the area despite her little quirks.  Of course, everyone is too afraid of her to create any problems in the area.  She has also already eliminated some drainers that had been in the area for a while.  It seems you were right about her efficiency.”

“Yes, Thalia will make a good sheriff if she can keep herself from killing everyone,” Eric chuckled.  “Anything of Bill?” he asked as he softly raked his fingers through Sookie’s hair.

Sookie placed a hand under her chin on Eric’s chest and listened more attentively.  Their eyes met, and nervousness was suddenly felt from Sookie’s end of the bond.

“He’s been a very busy bee.  He is making plans,” Pam began.

“Wait a moment, Pamela.”  Eric pushed the mute button on his phone so that Pam could not hear him.  He looked at Sookie, “Do you want to hear what she says.  I will turn on the speaker if you wish, but be aware that Pam will not soften her information about Bill for you as I might try to do.”

Sookie looked up at Eric, the fire rising in her eyes.  “Two things Viking!  Number one―you never have to soften things for me.  I want to know the truth about the things that involve me―the whole truth―even if it’s not pretty.  And number two―of course I wanna hear what Pam has to say!  We’re meetin’ with Bill in a few hours, and we need to be prepared.”

Eric’s pride for the woman lying on his chest surged through the bond, causing Sookie to smile at him again, though her high-spiritedness didn’t leave her eyes.

Eric said, “I did not mean to suggest that I would lie to you, min kära.  I would not.  I will always try to tell you the whole truth about everything, even vampire business.  And when I cannot, I will tell you when and why I must leave things out.  But, as you know, Pamela does not hold back either her words or her thoughts about things.  I would not lie to you about what she says concerning Compton, nor would I sugar coat it.  But I also wouldn’t be as . . . ,” he paused, looking for the right word, “. . . crass as Pam is likely to be.  I could not be because I love you, and I would not want my words to hurt you unduly.”

Sookie nodded.  “Fine―but you remember that I always need the truth from you, mister.”

Eric lips widened into a grin.  “You will always get it, or you will know it, my Sookie.  You are already able to read my emotions.  You would sense it if I were to lie to you, just as clearly as if I proclaimed it out loud.  I am afraid that you have me securely under that pretty little thumb of yours.”

“Good,” Sookie smiled.

“Don’t be so quick to gloat, my love.  It works both ways; I’ll be able to tell if you are misleading me too.”

“Nuts,” Sookie said jokingly.  “I guess I’ll just have to give up all my secret boyfriends.”

“Indeed,” Eric smiled.

“Now let’s hear what Pam has to say,” Sookie said, her resolve and courage clear in the bond.

“Let’s.”  Eric pressed the mute button again and then hit the speaker button, “Pamela, you may proceed.”

Pam continued where she’d left off, “Bill is making plans.  He expects that Sookie will be returning with him to his home tonight.  He has sent most of the donors he’s been fucking and feeding from away.  He has glamoured the rest of them into thinking they are regular employees and servants so that Sookie cannot read them and so that he can continue feeding from them.  He also intends to carry on having sexual relations with them if Sookie is still―and I quote―‘as naïve in that department as she was before.’”  Pam chuckled, “He actually said that a welcome result of Sookie’s time with you might be that she is less inhibited; he wonders if she picked up some tricks in the bedroom from you, master.”

Sookie looked ready to spit nails even as Eric stroked her shoulder comfortingly.  “What else?” he asked.

Pam continued, “Bill told all this to a vampire named Lillith who arrived at the mansion only last night, but whom he seems to trust a lot.  He has tasked her with keeping an eye on us; she is to officially report to you Sunday night as you conduct area business at Fangtasia.  Once there, she is to ingratiate herself to us in any way she can think of.  Oh―and this is rich―he has asked her to seduce you.”

Sookie kept quiet, but through the bond, Eric could feel her anger rising higher and higher as Pam continued speaking.

“Find out what you can about this Lillith,” Eric said, keeping his voice even.  “Anything else?”

“Well―Bill’s conversation with this Lillith was quite informative.  It seems he feels like there is little he can do about permanently removing you as sheriff right now―what with your saving his paltry existence and arranging for all the other new sheriffs.”

She continued, “He is also extremely confident that Sookie is going to choose him tonight.  Oh― and he wants nothing more than to murder you, but he knows he will lose control of Louisiana and will be killed by the Authority if he does.  Plus, he cannot wait to lord over you the fact that he has Sookie and you don’t.  He’s already planning to bring Sookie with him on weekly visits to Fangtasia, intending to rub their relationship in your face as often as he can.”

Pam squealed, “Oh, and here’s the funny part.  He and this Lillith decided to reignite the ol’ flames, so to speak!  I’ve never heard a vampiress fake an orgasm before, but I’m pretty sure that after about ten minutes with the king, she was faking one just to get it over with!”  Pam chuckled and then turned more serious, “While they were pillow-talkin’, he told this Lillith that he wants her to work on a 10-year plan to get you out of the way for good.  He wants to use you short term for the money he knows will be generated now that he has high-quality and ambitious vampires in place as his sheriffs.  During the next decade, he wishes to slowly turn Isabel and Rasul’s loyalty from you to himself so that they will stay in place after he arranges for an accident to befall you.  He feels that Sookie would have outgrown any kind of silly, girlish affection she may have had for you within that time anyway.”

Her voice turned low and angry, “He intends to use a new tie with Sookie to make her more and more complacent over time.  He told Lillith that he plans to be more subtle this time so that―and I quote―‘she doesn’t even think to question him about the blood.’”

“Fuckin’ A-hole!” Sookie let out, unable to control her temper anymore or remain silent.

Pam gasped audibly on the other end of the phone before she spoke, “Master, I did not know that Sookie was able to hear.  Mistress, I am sorry.”  She paused, “I feel I have painted Compton in the worst light.  Sookie, I can also assure you that he told his confidant that he does love you.  He wants to keep you from Eric because he feels that Eric wants only your blood.  He was very clear with both Lillith and the humans that he glamoured that your comfort and happiness were his number one concerns.”

“Thank you, Pam,” Eric returned in a low voice.  He’d never stopped caressing Sookie’s hair and shoulders comfortingly during the phone call.  He regretted that his soft touches could not completely take away the pain his bonded was feeling.  “Is there anything else for now?”

“No,” Pam said softly.

Eric hung up the phone and held Sookie quietly for a few minutes as she reigned in her anger and her hurt.


A/N:  This is how I would cast Lillith.  I know that there was eventually a Lilith character on True Blood, but I had come up with this character BEFORE that Lilith came into being.  Just to clarify, B&F Lillith (2 L’s) is Bill’s vampire sister and not some ridiculous vampire god.


FYI–You can access the full cast by clicking the button.  I’ll try to include it on the pages from now on.



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  1. This is what she’s needed to hear and along time coming , I reckon Eric owes Pam a pretty pair of pumps .

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