Chapter 094: Move with Me

It was almost 3:00 a.m. when Eric felt a pull from Sookie through the fairy bond.  He focused on it and let his magic flow to that point in his body, the point where he knew she’d be waiting.  He closed his eyes tightly.

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Eric opened his eyes to see Sookie standing before him in the moonlight.  The sound of water was prominent.

Eric chuckled, “You brought us here?”

“Hey, Buck-o,” Sookie said playfully.  “I don’t get to pick where I dream.”  She paused and thought for a second before shrugging her shoulders, “At least I don’t think I get to pick.  Anyway, you shouldn’t complain.  At least I dreamed it warm outside.”

He chuckled.

“And,” Sookie added, “This is where you got lucky with me for the first time.”

He purred, “I know that, and don’t think that I don’t intend to get lucky again.” 

His mouth was covering hers in a searing kiss before she knew what was happening.  In the next second, his clothes were off and he was laying her onto them on the cool ground, even as he pulled her dress over her head and slid her underwear over her hips.

“So beautiful,” he whispered as he brought his lips back to hers in a languorous kiss that slowly warmed up her whole body from the inside out.  

After several minutes, he broke the kiss and moved so that he was next to her and sitting up a bit.  His body seemed to pick up all the light of the moon.

It was her turn to say, “beautiful,” as she gazed up at him.

Starting at her forehead, he lightly and very slowly began to trail a single finger down her body.  His eyes traveled in the opposite direction, seeming to drink her in from bottom to top before capturing her own eyes with their intense gaze.  He spoke reverently, “I have missed everything about you—every inch of your body, every thought from your mind, every beat of your heart, and every glimpse into your soul.”

Unable to speak, Sookie took in a deep breath and let a tear fall from the corner of her eye.

His eyes held a mixture of flirtatiousness and awe.  “Tonight I intend to give you a Christmas gift to say thank you for the dreams you have given to me.”

She gave him a coy smile.  “And what are you gonna give me, Viking?”

“Mmmm,” he growled.  “I am going to worship every inch of you that I have been missing, min kära.  Every. Single. Inch.”  He punctuated his last three words with soft kisses to her lips, her neck, and her collarbone.

“Eric,” she sighed.  It was difficult to do anything else when she felt his gentle kisses on her body. 

Eric moved so that he was sitting at her feet.  He picked up one of them and placed soft kisses along the top of it.   He spoke in a soft, melodic voice.  “I love your toes, min älskare.  I love how you poke them above the water and then rest your beautiful feet on the side of the tub when you bathe.  I love how you work them into the blanket when you sleep―just like a cat.”  He kissed the arches of her feet softly.  “I love these ankles,” he continued, as his mouth kept moving ever-so-slowly up her body.  “I love how they lock around me and hold me to you when I’m inside of you.”

She moaned as his lips moved up her calf to her knee.  His tongue darted quickly out to stimulate the ticklish spot there.  She giggled.  “I love your laugh.  I love the sound of my laugh when I hear yours at the same time.  I love the feeling of knowing those sounds make a harmony that is unique to just us.  My heart may never beat again, but it will always vibrate at the sound of us laughing together, my love.”

She smiled as another tear fell from her eyes.  “Eric,” she whispered again.

He continued his soft kisses upward until he reached the inside of her thigh.  “I love this spot.  When you offered me blood from here for the first time, I knew that you trusted me fully.  I also knew that you burned for me as I burn for you.” 

He planted open-mouth kisses from her thigh to her sex, before tracing the outer and inner lips of her vagina with the flat of his tongue and then fingers as he moved his mouth to her clit.  He kissed her nerve center gently before circling the tip of his tongue around it and then sucking it into his mouth.  He growled into his task even as she writhed and squealed beneath him.  His tongue moved down to her entrance, catching some of the juices that had begun to flow from her arousal.  “I missed this taste—your taste.  So. Fucking. Sweet.” 

He continued his merciless but tender assault of her as he kissed from her entrance to her clit and back again several times before using his fingers to spread her nether lips and then licking them once more with the flat of his tongue.  “You are so fucking beautiful,” he panted before plunging his tongue into her opening and savoring her.

“Eric,” she moaned.

He raised his head a bit and licked his way back to her clit before speaking, “I missed hearing you cry out my name.  I missed hearing you say my name at all―all the time―every way you say it.”  He slowly worked one finger and then another into her opening as he returned his mouth to her clit and lapped at it again and again with the tip of his tongue.

Sookie lifted her hips to follow the rhythm of his fingers.  “I missed the way you move with me, Sookie.  You always move with me like you’re meant for me.”

“I am,” she gasped.

“I know.”  He raised himself up as he continued the thrusting of his fingers, curling them to find the spot he knew would set her off in moments.  “Move with me now.”  Sookie couldn’t have stopped the movement of her hips if she’d wanted to as her orgasm rose and then crashed within her.  She lay shaking underneath him as his fingers slowed and then stopped within her before dragging out.  “I missed seeing your face when you have an orgasm, min älskare.  You look like an angel when you do.”

            Sookie shook her head.  “Angels don’t do that,” she said trying to catch her breath.

            “They would if I were in charge of heaven,” Eric growled as he moved his mouth back to her opening.  He inhaled deeply.  “I missed drinking in your releases.  This is heaven to me.”  He licked her juices languorously until every drop had been taken in.

            She moaned and blushed at his actions as she felt another build-up start within her.

            “I missed your blushes,” he said as he moved up to kiss her flat stomach, swirling his tongue into her belly button.

            She smiled down at him, finally having re-caught her breath.  “Did you miss my belly button lint?”

            Eric chuckled, “Yes―I missed it very much.”  He pretended to pull fuzz from his tongue, which elicited a giggle from Sookie.

            “I missed how you can make me laugh even as you inflame me,” Eric said, still smiling as he returned his kisses to her stomach and then moved upward. 

Her own smile disappeared into a dreamy sigh as he took one of her breasts into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the nipple before sucking hard.  She moaned.  “I missed the sounds you make under my hands, lover.  I missed making you make them.”  He bit down with his blunt teeth a little, and she cried out in passion.  He lathered the spot with his tongue, and she bit her lip as she moaned again.

            He moved to the other breast, repeating his previous movements and drawing out the same noises from her.  He kissed between her breasts and then turned his head to the side, resting his cheek on her chest.  The emotion heavy in his voice, he whispered, “I missed resting here.  I missed hearing your heart beat and your blood flow because of that beating.  I missed hearing your heart skip one of those beats when I would walk into a room―even if you’d seen me only minutes before.  I missed hearing the air move into your lungs and then out again.  I missed hearing your stomach growl when you were hungry―especially after we’d had sex all night and I’d made you that way.” 

He sighed and lifted his face, catching her eyes.  “I missed the way that your eyes take on so many shades of brown when I speak to you.  I missed the dark browns of your passion, the light browns of your mirth, the green that comes out only in the sun, and especially the gold that flickers when you tell me you love me.”

            Sookie’s eyes filled again with tears. 

“I was so desperate that I missed even these, min kära,” Eric said, lifting up a hand to brush her tears away with his thumb.  “I missed how you sometimes cannot contain all your emotions―good or bad―and how they come out through your tears.  I missed how I feel safe enough to let mine be seen by you when you stir my emotions to such a level, Sookie.  I missed how I feel safe with you—only you.”

Sookie was enraptured by the intensity of Eric’s words as he continued to capture her tears.

Eric went on, “Godric came to me tonight in another vision.  He told me that my failures can be my teachers and that I cannot allow them to eat me away from the inside.  I promised that I would try to learn this lesson; however, I know I could never do this if I didn’t feel safe with you, Sookie.  You give me power that I never knew I possessed.  You give me the power to know that even if I fail, you will love me.  You give me the power to know that I do not have to be perfect to be safe in your love.  These gifts are the greatest of my life.”

“Eric,” she whispered once more.

            More tears dropped from Sookie’s eyes as her vampire brought up his lips to slowly trace her collar bone and then to rest on her neck.  He nuzzled there.  “I missed how your blood stirs when I am here, lover.  It is as if your artery rises to meet me even if I just whisper a touch onto your skin.  This is how I know your body wants to nourish me.”

            As if to confirm his words, Sookie’s body rose under his touch and her flesh broke out in goose bumps. 

“I missed how your blood nourishes me like no other; however, I missed how your just being in the same space with me nourishes me even more.”

            He spent several moments placing soft kisses on her neck as she arched toward him.  He continued moving upward until he took her lips with his.  He kissed her slowly and in exploration, savoring her.  Whereas the night before, he’d been in a hurry to have her and claim her, he now wanted only to worship her lips with his―to let her know how much she meant to him. 

            “Eric,” she sighed as he allowed her up for air and moved on to her cheeks and ears.  She ran her hands along his back and pulled him closer. 

            “I missed how you put your hands on me―how you touch me,” Eric whispered into her ear.  “I missed how you grab hold of me for dear life as I pound into your tight, sweet, achingly beautiful pussy.”  He took an earlobe in his mouth as she gasped underneath him.  She felt her core dripping again because of his words and touches.

            “I missed the scent of your body as it prepares itself for me, Lover.  Even now, you are ready to take me in.”

She drew in a sharp breath.  “Yes, Eric.”

He smiled into her flesh and continued his whispers.  “I missed those little nails of yours dragging into my flesh, trying to scrape through to the very heart of me―I think.”  He looked up at her sincerely as he moved to lie by her side.  “I missed all the ways you have tried to mark me, and I missed getting this from you personally.”  He brought up his finger that wore the ring she’d gotten him up so that they could both see it. 

“You like it?” Sookie asked almost shyly.

“I love it.  I am your marked one, and I will be so forever.”  He brought the ring to his lips to kiss it before locking his left hand with hers so that their rings met for the first time.  They shone together in the moonlight as she brought them both to her mouth to kiss them.

“I missed all the ways you took care of me, Sookie.  Even that kiss,” he sighed, “is you taking care of me.  I missed feeling so loved by you, min kära.”

“Eric,” she said bringing her hand to his cheek.  “Make love to me, Eric.  I want to move with you.”  She paused and drew him closer to her.  “Move with me.”

A red tear filled the corner of Eric’s eye as he positioned himself over her.  Her delicate fingers enclosed his penis tenderly and stroked him up and down for a moment as she guided him to her opening and lifted to take him in. 

The tear slipped down his cheek, and Sookie brought her hand up to capture it.  She brought it to her lips.  “Move with me, husband.”

A second tear slipped down his other cheek as he began moving in and out of her reverently.  “I missed being a husband to you every day, Sookie,” he said after a few minutes.  “I missed having you close.  I missed living, Sookie.  I was surviving without you, but I missed living.”

As other tears flowed down her vampire’s face, Sookie simply nodded and pulled herself closer to him, making their chests flush.  Her tears were flowing too. 

The build-up of their releases was slow, as their eyes spilled all the pent up emotions that had been drowning them.  The activity of her last few days had caught up with Sookie; almost dying from the light fruit, meeting Niall, rescuing Hadley, almost being raped, grieving with Hadley, training for whatever danger lay ahead, and doing it all without Eric next to her had overwhelmed her.  And she couldn’t even imagine what her husband was feeling.  It had been more than thirteen months since he’d seen her, and from the blood flowing from his eyes, she could see once again how difficult those months had been for him.  She thought of having to spend more than a year without him, and she clung even tighter to him as she wrapped her legs around him to bring their bodies even closer. 

He sighed, “I missed this.  I missed how much I want you.  I missed knowing that you want me that much too.  I missed how warm you are around me.  I missed how you stretch for me―how you fit me so fucking perfectly.  I missed how much you feel like my woman.  I missed making you mine.”  He sighed again.  “And I missed being yours, Sookie.  I missed being your man so fucking much.”

Her fingernails dug into him, “Eric,” she asked breathlessly, “did you miss drinking from me?”

His eyes flew to hers and dilated. “Yes,” he said as he thrust into her harder.

“Drink me, Eric,” Sookie ordered, tilting her head to the side.  He wasted no time.  His fangs clicked, and he was at her neck again, asking her artery to stand for him.  It complied readily―greedily even―and he plunged his fangs into her even as he emptied his seed.  Her own body immediately responded as her orgasm closed around his, drawing his out, milking him of everything he had.

He licked her wound closed and pulled out of her, causing her to mumble incoherently in protest. 

“I missed how you get pissed every time I take myself from your body, lover,” he chuckled.

She giggled even as she panted.  “Stop it.  Don’t make me laugh,” she gasped, “until I’ve caught my breath.”  Sookie put one of her arms under her head and stretched herself out against him.  After a few minutes of breath-catching, she commented, “I’m gonna have to learn how to dream up blankets—or maybe even a bed—if I’m gonna put us outside.  As much as I love snuggling with you, I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place lying on the ground like this.”

“Very hard indeed,” he growled. 

That earned him a playful smack. 

He chuckled as he helped her to her feet and then sighed sadly as he helped her into her dress. 

She giggled at him.

He grinned back.  “What?  Is there something wrong with appreciating my wife’s glorious body?  Is there something wrong with craving to be inside of you again even now?” he asked more seriously.

She blushed.  “You have a one track mind, vampire.”

“Mmmmm.  Your fault, min kván.  You had to have known what I would do when you saw where you were dreaming us.”

She looked around and sighed.  “I can’t believe that we made love for the first time out in the woods like this.”

He chuckled as he put back on his shorts, “And I can’t believe you dreamed me in this clothing.  Seriously, lover―do you have a thing for ill-fitting, sleeveless, hooded sweatshirts and athletic shorts?”

She laughed and pulled him to her.  “I have a thing for you in them, Viking.”

She took his lips thirstily and then pulled back, enjoying the pouting look on his face.  “We have to talk.  And you are not gonna seduce me again until we have either.”

He smiled down at her, “You seduced me, Mrs. Stackhouse-Northman, and that kiss is doing a good job of seducing me again.”

She bit back her smile.  “Do you think that you can fly us home?  I don’t wanna sit on the ground to talk.”

He stood and reached out his hand, “Of course, min kära.”

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  1. Hot hot hot , these two , well lets just say that your writing is an art form , an erotic art form but a art form none the less .

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