Recommendation 8-6-17

Hi all!  I have another “oldie, but goodie” to recommend today.  I know that many of you will have likely read this piece before (back in the day), but it had been a long time for me.  I’d forgotten a lot of the wonderful touches and details of the story over time, and I figure some of you have too.  Anyway, if you are looking for something longer to delve into as I was (I find it’s best to stay inside these days–so hot!), check this one out.  If you are new to the fandom, I doubt if you’ll be disappointed.  If you’re an “old timer” like me, I can assure you that the story was just as good as I’d remembered!

Story Description from ff.net

Sookie gets a career opportunity she can’t refuse.

Yep–I know this description doesn’t sound that tasty, but I assure you, the story is no regular cracker; it’s a Ritz!  And–if you are thinking of Eddie Murphy too right now–this is for you.


My Thoughts…

You know how a lot of us wanna wring Sookie’s neck at times?  Shake some sense into her when she offers seemingly everyone except Eric the benefit of the doubt?  Throttle her and take the Viking for ourselves when she’s wishy washy and takes what he is for granted?

And—being fair and objective—we also wanna sorta talk some sense into Eric too.  Or—uh—perhaps spank him?

A little MORE conversation, a little LESS action—that might be needed sometimes, Mr. January!  We women like to be told things!  Relationship things!  The “pretty words”—sometimes!

Misscyn offers an epic tale, during which I often felt myself wanting to scream at our two protagonists to just STOP being so damned clueless about what the other needed.  Like Sookie does with Eric at a certain point, I wanted to throw an ice bucket at the both of them!  But even dousing them with the contents of said bucket wouldn’t have stifled the heat that misscyn manages to create in the moments when the two do come together as one—and I’m not just talking about the sex between them (though many scenes in the piece are truly hot)!

There’s more to love about this piece than the depiction of the relationship between Eric and Sookie, however.  Memorable characters—like Aunt Minnie and Wizno and even Berta the fish—are woven in.  And the villains, the Andromedas, are just scary enough to make things tense at times.  Underutilized book characters are also given interesting story arcs—some of the fairies in particular.

There is some angst in this tale, but—honestly—I’d call it a “romantic adventure” as Sookie learns to take more charge of her own professional life and struggles through the process of getting a clue about her romantic life.

I hope you’ll check it out!

I could find this story only on ff.net, but--if y'all know of
 another source--let us know in the comments, for some people
 don't read from ff.net at all because of things that have
 gone on there.  
Also--just a warning--a while back, misscyn indicated she might
 take the story down from ff.net, but she hasn't yet.
  That's one of the reasons I decided to read it, although
 I also used my favorite fanfiction downloader to make a .pdf copy
 for myself for the future--just in case it disappears.  
But, for now, you can find it by clicking below:


And be sure to leave a comment, even though it’s been a long time since the story was written.  I’m sure misscyn would appreciate knowing her work is still getting love!

11 thoughts on “misscyn: DEATH EATIN’ A CRACKER

  1. What downloaded did you use? I always think I’d love. PDF copy of certain stories but didn’t know if I could download them. 😊

  2. I can’t believe you did this to me! I had all these plans for today, but as soon as I ready your recommendation, I just had to start reading. Now, 13 chapters in, I look up and realize half my day is gone. Thank you! I read this one a few years ago. I forgot how funny it is- I’ve burst out laughing a few times so far. I hope you get your computer back soon ‘cuz I’m looking forward to another chapter of The Trunk.

      1. Ok Miss Californiakat! I finished my reread of the story two or three days ago. Don’t know if the writer still checks her ff, but I left her a note. Wow- it is such a fun (and funny) story with so much to love and appreciate. I had forgotten all about Wizno. I just loved he and Octavia together. Hilarious. I’m very glad I got the chance to get lost in this story once again. Thank you again for the recommendation. 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you chose this story, one of my favorites. What kind of fanfic downloader do you use? I’d love a copy of this story if and when she decides to pull it from the site.

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