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Hello all!

Many of you have asked if I have complete copies of my works.  Generally, I split a work into chapters as I go, so that document sizes don’t get unwieldy.  However, as a gift to my readers who want COMPLETE copies to hold on to of my works–things that they can also put on Kindles, etc.–I will be converting my completed pieces to .pdf files and putting them here.  These documents will include pictures, banners, etc., so that you can enjoy the work of artists, including Sephrenia, who has contributed so much to most of my stories.

I hope that–if you are new to any work that you download from this site–you will remember to return here to leave a comment when you are done reading.


I would like to ask that–if you download–it is for PERSONAL USE only.  If you want to share the link to THIS PAGE (or others pages) w/ others, that’s cool.  But it would be uncool to download the .pdf and then put it on a different site without my permission.  Thanks for understanding.

UPDATE APRIL 2015:  Did you know that every click on my site is counted?  Do you know how much I smile when even a single visitor clicks my site each day?  It’s my reward for sharing my work.  And it’s a wonderful reward!  Thus, the request made above is somewhat selfish.  Yes.  I want people to visit THIS site.  I want people to have to come to “my store” to get my stories.  Is this so wrong?  I’m hoping that people will stay a while and browse around.  I’m hoping that people will stay to read other things or to learn a little about me.  I work hard on this site.  And I’m hoping that new readers may even follow my works in progress and be more likely to leave me “payment” in the form of a kind word or comment. 

I’m not “against” the groups or sites that share people’s .pdfs–if permission has been sought and given.  Otherwise, I’d really appreciate it if you’d just share the link to this page if you want to tell others how to access my .pdf’s.

They are, after all, already here and already free.  There’s no need to put them elsewhere–right?  Do I want that little counter to tell me that someone in the wide world thought it worth his or her time to visit what I’d made?  Yes, I do.  It makes me feel both bigger and smaller.  And it makes me want to keep writing for you.


Converting Files from .pdf to Another Form

Some of you read on Kindles and other kinds of devices, so .pdf files aren’t the best format for you to use.  Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t let me upload and share .mobi files.  However, there is an easy way to convert them, which I have used before.

Here’s how.

1.Save the .pdf file you want to convert on your computer.

2. Go to this website: http://www.zamzar.com/.

3. Click “Choose file,” and find the file you saved.

4. Under “convert files to…” choose .mobi (for Kindle) or the other format you want (if you have another kind of device).

5. You have to enter an email address, but you don’t have to create an account.

6. Then just hit “convert.”

I hope that helps!  If it doesn’t, email me here: california.kat@aol.com.  Maybe I can help!

Multi-Chapter Stories/Series are listed first and are in alphabetical order; however, also included are the dates that the story was under construction in case you want to try to read in the order I wrote.

One shots are at the bottom of the page and are listed in alphabetical order, along with the date of first posting.

All story descriptions can be found from my home page.

avalanche companion"Snjóflóð" (August 2013)

Snjóflóð .pdf

"Avalanche" (July 2014)

Avalanche .pdf

BandF Universe BannerThe main series will be a trilogy--though there are some "extras."

Part 1: Back and Forth (dates under construction: October 2011-March 2012)

Back and Forth .pdf

Part 2: Come Back to Me (dates under construction: March 2012-February 2013)

Come Back to Me .pdf

Interlude: Sojourn (To be read after Come Back to Me; 
dates under construction: December 2012-January 2013)

Sojourn .pdf

"King of Fools" (To be read after Come Back to Me; a one-shot parody 
featuring the villains of the story; February 2013)

King of Fools .pdf

Part 3: Earned--Still being drafted

Bombshell TWCSBombshell (Under Construction: March 2015)

Bombshell .pdf

 The CN UniverseThis series is a trilogy.

Part 1: Comfortably Numb 
(dates under construction: April 2013-January 2014)

Comfortably Numb .pdf

Part 2: Touch the Flame 
(dates under construction: January 2014-July 2014)

Touch the Flame .pdf

Touch the Flame .pdf 2 (try this version if you have a difficult time 
with the other one)

Part 3: Burn out the Pain 
(dates under construction: July 2014-November 2014)

Burn out the Pain .pdf

EnduringSeriesThis file includes the complete series 

Part 1: "Enduring" (June 2013)
Part 2: "Uncovering" (March 2014)
Part 3: "Resolving" (March 2014)
The Enduring Series (complete) .pdf

Every ContingencyEvery Contingency (dates under construction: May 25-June 6, 2015)

Every Contingency .pdf

the funeralFuneral (dates under construction: August 2013-September 2013)

Funeral .pdf

gift horse seriesFive parts so far--they have been put into one file
Part 1: "Gift Horse" (December 2013) 

Part 2: "Scrooged" (December 2013)
Part 3: "Black Christmas" (January 2014)
Part 4: "Boxing Day" (July 2014)

Part 5: "Ice Queens" (December 2014)

Part 6: "Romjul" (June 2018)

Gift Horse Series, 1-6 (.pdf file)

Given Unsought TWCS
Given Unsought (dates under construction: October 2015-November 2015)

Given Unsought .pdf

The-Goblin-California-Kat-1The Goblin (under construction: June 2015)

The Goblin .pdf

InnerverseThere are two parts to this series (and a set of interludes).

Part 1: Inner (dates under construction: Originally July 2012-
September 2012; then on hiatus; then fully revised and completed, 
December 2014-April 2015)

Inner .pdf

Part 2: From the Inside Out (dates under construction: April 2015-?)

Work in Progress

The Journey Itself (dates under construction: February to June, 2019)

The Journey Itself .pdf  

Life-From-Death(1)Life From Death (dates under construction: August 23-27, 2014)

Life from Death .pdf

Marks WP

The Marks Within (under construction: May 2015)

The Marks Within .pdf

Not Without Action (dates under construction: November 2015-June 2017)

Not Without Action .pdf

One Night WPOne Night  (under construction: July 2015)

One Night .pdf

R, P, FF TWCSRewind ← Play → Fast Forward (published: September 2015)

Rewind ← Play → Fast Forward .pdf

SW bannerSalt Water (dates under construction: July 22-26, 2014)

Salt Water .pdf

the sleeper must awaken WPThe Sleeper Must Awaken (dates under construction: April 27-May 2, 2014)

The Sleeper Must Awaken .pdf

TenterhooksTenterhooks (dates under construction: April 2015)

Tenterhooks .pdf

That Bitter Taste BannerThat Bitter Taste (October 2014)

That Bitter Taste .pdf

the time stories

The Time Stories (there are two stories in this series--
with the second being a short side-story)

Part 1: Time after Time (February 2016-March 2016)

Time After Time .pdf

Part 2: A Heady Draught (March 2016)

A Heady Draught .pdf

The Trunk Trilogy (there are three stories in this series -- 
with the third being under construction as of Nov. 2018.)

Part 1: The Trunk (dates under construction: February to November 2017)
The Trunk .pdf

Part 2: The Boot (dates under construction: December 2017 to October 2018)
The Boot .pdf 

Part 3: The Engine (currently in progress)

UNiverseThe UN-iverse is a trilogy.

Part 1 Uninvited (dates under construction: January 2014-May 2014)

Uninvited .pdf

Part 2: Uncharted (dates under construction: May 2014-December 2014)

Uncharted .pdf

Part 3: United (dates under construction: March 2015-September 2015)

United .pdf


“Beehl’s Bane” (Written December 2015)

Beehl’s Bane .pdf

“The Better to Love You With” (September 2014)

The Better to Love You With .pdf

“Blue All Over” (May 2015)

Blue All Over .pdf

“By Any Other Name” (May 2014)

By Any Other Name .pdf

“Missing from the Table” (August 2014)

Missing from the Table .pdf

“My Valkyrie” (September 2014)

My Valkyrie .pdf

“Offers” (February 2012)

Offers .pdf

“Stale and Diminished” (November 2014)

Stale and Diminished .pdf

“This Feels Better” (May 2014)

This Feels Better .pdf

“A Viking on His Shoulder” (March 2013)

Viking on his Shoulder .pdf

“Wings upon Your Horns” (October 2014)

Wings Upon Your Horns .pdf

“Yes, Sookie Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus” (December 2015)

Yes, Sookie Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus .pdf

50 thoughts on “PDF Files

  1. Here’s a helpful tip :), if those of you who are downloading have ebooks which don’t read .pdf you can convert them to just about any platform using Calibre. It’s a free program and works wonderfully. It keeps the original format plus the converted format for you and it organizes each of them into folders for you.

      1. You’re very welcome :). Your other readers would be able to convert it themselves if they wished.
        I’ve moved all my ebooks over to a flash drive simply for convenience plus the SIL recently got her first ebooks and needed some to read on it, lol.

  2. Really appreciate the effort it takes to do this for us. I’m one of those folks that likes to re-read good books/stories so this is a real treat for me. It makes my life much easier.

  3. That’s really awesome! Another one today!ty ty ty! Although I must say I haven’t figured out why this portion of my pdf is highlighted in yellow though: “Sook, you have such fucking rose-colored glasses on when it comes to those undead motherfuckers. You’d better take those the fuck off right now, or you are gonna be even deader than they are!”

    Oh wait thats coz the original is. My bad.

  4. Thank you for doing this…. That’s after putting in all your spare time writing it to begin with.
    But I must say, I love all the art work and banners you’ve thoughtfully included with the stories.

    1. Hi, I’m not on facebook, so I can’t really see what you might have shared. I have no problems w/ people sharing a link to my site. However, I’m not fond of the idea of people producing full pdf’s of my work that include Sephrenia’s artwork. Neither she nor I have been sought for permission about such things. It’s a fine line, and producing a .pdf or .doc for personal use is one thing. But sharing it on another site with many people without letting me (the author) and Seph (the artist) know? That’s a little sketchy. It would be like me putting full works from other authors here without their permission. Even if I said the work was theirs, this site would get the “hits,” taking away hits to their site. Sorry, but that’s just how I feel. I know that once my stories are out in the world, others can download them, and I don’t begrudge that for personal use, but I’d like for any .pdf’s (esp. if they contain Seph’s work) to original from here However, like I said, if you want to link to this page so that your facebook group can find the .pdf’s that Seph and I have ok’d here, then feel free. Thanks for checking in.

  5. THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!….You are without a doubt one of the BEST writers of True Blood stories on the net. Also, you look after your fans. You write amazing stories and then put them in PDF format. We are soooooooo spoilt. Thank you again.

  6. After I read your April 2015 update I realized I didn’t want to cheat you out your ‘payment’ = my clicks on this site. My reading pleasure is enriched by your works. XOXO

  7. I’ve never been great with expressing my thoughts into words, but I think what I am about to say will suffice enough for you to feel appreciated (=


  8. Will you be adding the PDF for One Night soon. Have to have it to add to my collection 😋👍😀

  9. Thank you. I’ve just downloaded everything to date and it was really easy to do. I think there might be some stories I’ve missed so I’m looking forward to discovering those!

  10. I tell anyone and everyone about your site and stories and about the many other talented writers that keep us “fans” reading, crying, laughing, snorting, choking on what we are eating or drinking and getting hot and bothered by the many lemons!! Sometimes they even ask first!!! LOL

  11. Hi! I just got introduced to True Blood a few weeks ago and love the Eric/Sookie pairing, the only true pairing in all aspects! When I searched for fanfiction, I found your work. I have downloaded a few stories to read. Thank you for writing these beautiful stories and sharing them. I will comment after reading them my comments will nowhere be enough to do justice to your work – from what I have seen in the beginning of your Back and Forth story that I have started. Thanks again.

  12. Could you please add The Trunk to your pdf files. Gotta add it to my phone 📱🙂 Loved it. Really looking forward to The Boot. I sure hope that’s what Sookie gives DoucheBill 😋

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