1. The Trunk–Complete


Story Description: Being thrown into the trunk by Debbie Pelt forced Sookie to the realization that there was no longer any time for her to put off answering the hard questions in her life.  But will she have the opportunity to enact the epiphanies she makes while waiting for Bill to “wake up” in the trunk?  And what of Eric? Will feeling Sookie’s terror make him more or less regretful about the feelings he hates having?

Inspirations: This SHORT is different from my usual, as it was inspired by two wonderful readers: valady1 & ncmiss12.  Basically, I looked at their ideas and noticed that they were both set around the trunk incident in Club Dead.  I decided to do a story beginning with that incident, based on SOME of their suggestions, though I did change certain things.  I hope that both ladies are happy with the outcome.  Below are the requests they made.

Request Number 1 (from valady):

I have at least one idea that I would like to see made into a short story. In Club Dead, the infamous trunk scene. Would love to see you write a story where Eric gets there in time to save Sookie (and if you want to have him accidentally off Bill, that would be a nice bonus). 

Request Number 2 (from ncmiss12):

Another idea if you are still looking for ideas.  [According to one of your other stories,] if Bill had not raped her, Sookie would have broken up with Bill and allowed Eric to court her. So what if Sookie parked the car in the garage and just left Bill there in the trunk and did not look inside. Then Debbie would not have been able to toss her in. Instead she went to get some dinner and wait for Eric. Then Eric shows up and drives her home. That would be an interesting story, that I had not seen written!

Like I said, I have taken these ideas and altered them a bit for my own purposes.  I hope you will let me know what you think as you read!

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners.  No profit has been made from this work.  The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.  No copyright infringement is intended.  The events in this story have been inspired by True Blood and the Southern Vampire Mysteries book series.

Honor for The Trunk!


Many thanks to the following wonderful people!

Kleannhouse: My amazing beta!

Sephrenia: Artist extraordinaire!  

Valady and NCmiss12–for your inspiration!

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One thought on “1. The Trunk–Complete

  1. Hello Dear Kat!
    I know it’s been forever, but here I am again 🙂 FF can never keep me away forever!
    Just hopped on WP and noticed this brilliant story is finished and has a sequel… finished or WIP? I guess I’ll find out. Last time read, sookie was nervous of Eric flying 😉 (no spoilers)
    So yeah, quite some time ago.
    I’ll endeavor to review each chapter as I catch up.

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