II. The King


I had been King of England for only three years and had become so when my brother, Henry VI, had died of what his doctors called a “strange illness.” Of course, I knew that the “illness” was actually caused by an untraceable poison that a witch in my employ had created for me.

Indeed, Hallow was gifted, and I had rewarded her well for her services. While others were frightened of the Supernatural, I embraced it, and doing so ensured my rule. Once I had learned about shifters and Weres, I offered them employment as mercenaries. They were strong and ruthless, and—best of all—they would complete any task if the price was right. My enemies soon learned that any dissention was met with an “unlucky” accident. I had heard talk that there were fairies in my realm too; however, I was yet to catch one. According to Hallow, they were magical, alluring creatures, who often hid among humans. I knew that vampires, demons, and goblins were also real.

Indeed, the two-natured beings in my employ, who could recognize vampires, made it known to them that—for a price and knowledge of their travels—they could have a safe haven at my court, including a secure resting place and an endless selection of meals.

As long as they did not feed from me.

In addition to controlling my kingdom through the use of supernatural beings, I also employed many spies. They were instructed to mix with the people, listening for any signs of insurrection. Taverns were especially good places to secure information.

The best situation, however, was when a shifter also made a good spy. Often they were too volatile, and Weres simply could not do the task. I had learned that early on. But a few shifters in my employ had both guile and control. My best spy, by far, was Sam Merlotte. With his amazing hearing, he could sit in a corner of a tavern and glean all of the secrets inside of it.

And it was in such a place that Sam had heard an amazing story. A miller claimed that his daughter could spin straw into gold! Though outlandish to a mere human, I did not consider myself a “mere” human. I knew too much of the world for that! Could Sam have come across a fairy?

I knew for a fact that there were creatures who could take even the mundane substance of straw and turn it into gold. In fact, I was still financing my country because of one such creature, a goblin. However, my coffers were drying up. Sadly, the goblin who had once made me rich was an uncooperative little bastard! And a trickster. I had needed to kidnap his sister in order to compel the little goblin to fulfill his promise to me when he tried to get out of it due to a loophole. Indeed, despite the gold, dealing with the little freak was too bothersome, and I had been glad when the goblin and his sister had moved on.

However, a fairy was another story! And—if there was such a creature—I wanted her.

That was why I ordered the head of my guard, Quinn, to go with Sam to bring this miller and his daughter to my court.

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