Table of Contents/TaT


Chapter 01: Almost Left Behind

Chapter 02: If You Fall

Chapter 03: I Fall Behind

Chapter 04: After My Picture Fades

Chapter 05: You’re Wondering If I’m Okay

Chapter 06: The Drum Beats Out of Time

Chapter 07: Darkness Has Turned to Gray

Chapter 08: Flash Back, Warm Nights

Chapter 09: You’re Calling to Me

Chapter 10: Suitcases of Memories

Chapter 11: Secrets Stolen

Chapter 12: The Second Hand Unwinds

Chapter 13: Then You Say, Go Slow

Chapter 14: Sometimes You Picture Me

Chapter 15: I Hear the Clock Tick

Chapter 16: Watching through Windows

Chapter 17: Confusion Is Nothing New

Chapter 18: Caught up in Circles

Chapter 19: I Will Catch You

Chapter 20: You Will Find Me

Time After Time .pdf

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