Chapter 91: Studies

Sookie and Eric were quiet for a while as Eric flew them toward the cabin.  For warmth, Sookie had taken the quilt from the bed she’d been tied to, a quilt that had been scorched by her magic as it destroyed the ropes holding her.  She had covered herself in it and then had hopped up onto Eric, opting to wrap herself around him and stay as close as she could.  She rested her head on the same shoulder where he’d been shot, luxuriating in the feel of his flesh against her cheek.  Her arms were wrapped tightly around his neck, and her legs were around his hips as they flew.  He held onto her thighs to keep her secure and close to him; he flew slower than usual so that the biting wind would not be too uncomfortable for her.  Neither needed to express in words what they had almost lost.

Finally, Sookie said, “I don’t think I’m ever gonna get back on a normal work schedule again.  I don’t know why Sam doesn’t just fire me.”

Eric chuckled.  “You are, I’m sure, the best waitress there, min kära.  And more importantly, you are Sam’s friend.  He is quite loyal to you; you need not worry about him firing you.”

Sookie gasped in surprise, “Why Eric Northman, I believe that is the first time you have ever called him Sam, and what is with you not trying to use this as a chance to get me to quit?”

Eric chuckled more loudly, “By this time, my love, I have learned that in these matters, I must accept what you want.”

“That’s what you said in my dream,” Sookie said contemplatively.

“Hmm?” Eric asked.

“I had a dream while I was on that drug Debbie gave me.”

“Chloroform,” Eric supplied.  “What dream?”

“I think that when I need you―when somehow I can’t feel you through our bond―I dream about you.  I think it’s the fairy bond.  That’s what happened when I didn’t have your blood in me, and―again―that’s what happened tonight when I couldn’t feel you.  I think that something about the fairy bond keeps that Eric―the dream one―ready for me when I need him.”

Eric chuckled, “I shall try not to be jealous of myself, Sookie, but I do not like the idea of another being with you when I cannot―even if it is a version of me.  He’d better keeps his hands to his fucking self,” he added, only half-kidding.

Sookie laughed, “You would like him.  He showed me the cave where you awoke for the first time as a vampire.”

“Really?” Eric asked.

“Yes.  He told me about how you almost killed the first person you fed from there.”

“I would have if Godric had not ordered me to stop.”

“He said that you didn’t stop at first―that Godric had to punish you.”

“Indeed,” Eric laughed.  “I was as petulant and as disobedient a child at first as Pamela.  Godric was quite kind, however, and even his punishments were meant to teach.  He required that I drink only from men for the next year,” Eric paused, “very ugly men.”

Sookie laughed.  “I bet you hated that.”

“Yes, as you know, feeding and having sex are often linked, especially for new vampires.  At the time, I had no interest in trying men sexually, especially the unattractive ones that Godric managed to find for me.  It was a long, difficult lesson in self-discipline, I’m afraid.  But it was one that I needed.  Godric did not have to punish me again for a long time after that.”

Sookie laughed again.  “I’d imagine not.”

“What else did you and this dream me talk about?” Eric asked as he landed them in front of the cabin.

“He suggested that I go to college.  He told me that he―I guess that means you too―had enjoyed studying.  Oh―and he told me that he wanted for us to travel together.”
“These things are both true, lover.  What did you think of these ideas?”

Once settled on her feet, Sookie grabbed his hand and led him toward the door.  “I’m thinking about the college thing; it’s something that I think I would like, though I would have to think about what to major in―maybe English literature or art history?  You’d come in handy with both of those, I think,” she smiled up at Eric as he disarmed the alarm system.  “You could help me study.”

“Indeed,” Eric answered.  Sookie walked in first, and Eric secured the door before coming up behind her and pulling her back to his chest.  He whispered seductively into her ear, “Art and literature are well and good, but right now I would like to help you study something else.”

She caught her breath just as one of his graceful hands caught her breast, his long fingers stretching out to cup it completely over her shirt and bra.  “What’s that?” she managed to squeak as he began massaging.

“Anatomy,” Eric said, placing his other hand over her other breast and massaging it as well.

“Oh God,” Sookie sighed, sinking her back into his chest.  She felt his hard erection next to her bottom as he began to grind into her.  She tried turning to face him, but he held her in place.

“Not. Yet. Lover,” Eric growled.  “Let me worship your body like this for a while.”

She moaned in protest and then in pleasure as his hands slipped from her breasts to the hem of her shirt.  He pulled it off of her in one slow, continuous movement.

The next thing Sookie felt was his bare chest against her back―though she had no idea when he’d managed to remove his jacket and shirt.  He slid his lips softly over her shoulders with feather kisses and then moved her hair so that it hung over her right shoulder before continuing his kisses on the back of her neck.  Eric slowly worked a parade of kisses down her spine until he’d sunk to his knees behind her.  His hands glided to the center of her back and unlocked her bra before slipping under the back straps and following them around until his fingers were under the cups of the lacy garment, flicking and rubbing her nipples.

Sookie moaned again, afraid her legs might give out if Eric continued―and certain they would if he stopped.

He rose behind her, dragging his bare chest over her bottom and naked back as he did.  He returned his lips to her shoulders and then grabbed one of the shoulder straps of her bra with his teeth before slipping it over her shoulder blade.  He moved to the other side slowly, trailing kisses and licks along the way, and repeated the action with the other strap, all the while continuing to rub and squeeze her breasts firmly.

Sookie was about to fall over the edge just from Eric’s attention to her breasts; she had no idea someone could orgasm from just that, but she was pretty sure she was going to find out first hand.

Eric heard and felt his lover’s heart beat rising and smiled into her shoulder.  He returned his lips to the nape of her neck and kissed it with sensual, open-mouthed kisses.

She groaned and leaned into him even more, trying to grind herself into his erection.  “Eric,” she gasped.  “So close.  How are you doing this to me?”

Eric smiled again and brought his lips along the side of her face and then to her ear.  “Do you like this, lover?” he whispered.  “Do you like what my hands are doing to your beautiful breasts?”

She whimpered as he continued a steady rhythm, massaging her breasts in luxurious circular movements with his hands and thumbing her nipples in smaller circular patterns, every once in a while pinching them with just the right amount of pressure.

Eric took Sookie’s earlobe in his mouth and sucked before speaking again.  “You have the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen, lover,” he purred.  “A thousand years, and it is yours that fit perfectly into my hands.”

“Fuck!” Sookie exclaimed as her orgasm hit her hard due to the combination of Eric’s words, lips, and hands.  He held her body to his as she pulsed in front of him.

He gave her a moment to recover and find her legs again before he trailed his fingertips toward the top of her black workpants.  Sookie once again tried to turn around to face him.

“No, lover,” Eric said with mock sternness and a light swat to her bottom.  “I am not done with you―not by a long shot.”  His dexterous hands unbuttoned her pants, and she heard the zipper click down one agonizing tooth at a time.  His hand that was not occupied with the zipper was snaking its way down the trail left in the wake of her unfastened pants, carefully staying above her panties.   As his long fingers reached her mound, she gasped and her knees buckled a bit, but he steadied her before continuing his trek.

Sookie felt near orgasm again, just at his teasing touch, and when he spoke into her ear once more, his words almost had her coming undone for a second time.

“So wet for me, my love,” he whispered, trailing his fingers down her nether lips through her panties.  “Your poor little panties are sopping.  They cannot be comfortable, lover,” he continued as he worked one long digit underneath her panties and circled her entrance with it.  “Would you like me to help you take off these soaking wet things before you catch cold?”  As he finished his question, he thrust his finger into her opening.

“Yes,” she gasped, though she wasn’t sure whether she was answering his question or responding to his touch.

Eric wiggled his finger in a quick come hither motion and then just as quickly pulled it out, leaving her at the edge of an orgasm.  He slowly lowered himself to his knees behind her again and pulled her pants down, taking them, along with her socks and shoes, off.  Still on his knees behind her, he raised his hands to the top of her panties and began slowly moving them over her hips as he placed kisses along her lower back and the dimples of her bottom.  As soon as the garment had cleared her hips, he let it fall to the floor.  He ran his hands slowly up her legs as he rose again behind her, the straining erection in his pants poking into her bottom and then her back as he stood up.

“Aren’t you uncomfortable too?” Sookie asked in a strained voice, as Eric was moving his hands slowly back toward her mound.

“What ever could you mean?” Eric asked innocently as he began to move one finger up and down her nether lips lightly.

“It’s just that you,” Sookie had to pause as Eric increased the pressure and brought his other hand to her clit to begin slow circles around it.  She was desperate to turn around in his arms; she was desperate for him to just enter her and put her out of her sweet misery.  But she was even more desperate for him to keep doing just what he was doing.  She pushed her bottom into his erection, grinding into him and creating friction.  He moaned behind her.  “It’s just that you feel so constrained in there.  Wouldn’t you be more comfortable with your clothes off too?  I imagine they are also a bit wet.”

In fact, Eric’s erection was pressing uncomfortably against his jeans, and there was a pool of pre-cum collecting along the inside of them.

“Good observation, lover,” Eric purred, as he pulled his hands away from Sookie’s sex, causing her to groan.  He quickly unbuttoned his jeans and released his fully erect cock.  He had his jeans, his socks, and his boots off in moments and was once again dragging his body up behind her, this time with his completely naked flesh drawing along hers.  “You were right,” he purred as his lips once again reached her ear.  “I do feel much better now, don’t you?”  He dipped a bit so that the head of his penis traced the line of her bottom.  Sookie moaned loudly in response.

“I’ll tell you a secret,” Eric said whispering into Sookie’s ear.  His hands were massaging her shoulders.  “I have often fantasized about having you like this, being able to run my hands along your body.  Just. Like. This.”  He paused as his hands once again found her breasts and stroked them.  “I love the feel of your skin, min kván,” Eric continued whispering.  He lightened his touch, causing goose bumps to rise along her stomach, where his hands were now traveling.  “Do you know how I know your flesh craves me, my lover?” he asked as his fingers continued moving toward her mound yet again, causing even more goose bumps to rise.

Sookie could only shake her head no as one of his fingers resumed its assault on her clit even as he grinded his engorged penis into her lower back.

Eric continued his whispers in a sensual voice that was almost enough to make Sookie come undone in and of itself.  “I know you crave my touch, lover, because your flesh leaps to meet me.”

“Yes,” Sookie answered as two fingers from his other hand slid down her slit, found her opening, and plunged inside of her.

Almost buckling again, she found the strength to bring her arms around Eric’s neck to hold herself up.

“So―so―wet for me, min älskare.  So ready.”

Just as he spoke, she burst into a thousand pieces as she experienced the most powerful and longest orgasm of her life.  She pushed against him as she rode out the waves of her pleasure on his hand.

Eric stood behind Sookie, holding her up with one arm, even while the hand of the other continued to pet her sopping womanhood.  Her beautiful, erotic pulses continued to flow onto his hand until she collapsed against him.

“Oh my God,” she finally said; she would have scolded herself for not being able to share an intelligent thought, but―well―she was incapable of having one at that moment, so she let herself off the hook.

Eric let his bonded rest a few minutes even though his aching erection was anxious to find its own purchase.  Finally, he turned her around, and she collapsed into his chest.

“Things like that should be illegal,” she said still trying to catch her breath.

“They are in some countries,” Eric chuckled as he pulled her more closely to him, taking all her weight.

Sookie could not help but notice his erection against her stomach as he brought their bodies closer together.  Impossibly―or maybe with Eric there was nothing that was impossible―her lady bits were screaming out for more of him than she’d already had, so she brought her hands up along his outer thighs, his hips, his stomach, and his ribs until they finally settled onto his chest.

She looked up at him seductively.  “You have taught a very informative lesson about female anatomy, Professor Northman, but I feel that I need to learn more about the male body.”  She slid one of her hands down to tightly grip his throbbing member.  “I’d especially like to learn about this part,” she added, licking her lips.

Before she could complete that action, Eric’s lips were on hers.  Their tongues were dueling in shared passion and something even more profound―maybe even a kind of shared existence.

“Eric, please,” Sookie gasped between kisses.

“Hell yes,” he said as he picked her up and entered her in one movement.

She cried out as her very ready channel gripped his throbbing member.  At some point, Eric had backed her into a wall, and she reached back trying to find something to grip on to before finally reaching forward to hold onto Eric’s shoulders.

Eric stayed still for several moments as their eyes locked together in shared love, shared communion.  Their bodies registered the sublimity of their connection―the rightness of their fit.  In their eyes was the appreciation that they felt for each other as well as the absolute love they shared.

The moment was perfection.



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