Author’s Note: Thank You

Well—here we are!  At the end.

I started posting this story on March 17—that’s 216 chapters, a prologue, and an epilogue in 226 days.


And now that it’s complete, I cannot help but to be both happy and sad.  I began writing Back & Forth more than a year ago—right after Season 4 of TB ended.  I shared the first chapter of it one year and five days ago.  In that time, I have lived in—and through, to a certain extent—the characters that I borrowed from Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball (as well as those that I added to the story).  I have tried to imbue them with life.  I hope that I succeeded at least to a certain extent.

When I began to post Back & Forth, I didn’t know what kind of response I would get.  Many of the fanfiction stories I have read are full of more action or more lemons or more “something.”   I knew that mine wasn’t quite like those, and I wondered if I should just keep it for me instead of putting it out there where it would likely receive criticism for its length and plodding nature.  I can’t tell you what finally gave me the courage to post, but ever since my very first review—I think from erin1705 if I remember right—I have been glad that I shared my work.

It’s funny, but I never intended to write a sequel to Back & Forth.  I thought I had nothing left to “say” about the characters I had borrowed or made.  (Over 700,000 words later and I understand just how wrong I was.  LOL.)  It was when cdb33 (Scorp) asked about the name of the kitten that I suddenly realized that I had another story to tell about Eric and Sookie.  And Hunter.

I hope that Come Back to Me has rewarded you like it has rewarded me.  I wanted it to be different than any other Sookie/Eric story I’d ever read.  I knew that separating them for the majority of this work was risky.  Would readers stop reading because they were apart?  I know some have.  Would they get frustrated that it turned out even more verbose than B&F?  Some did.  Many readers got bored and dropped out somewhere in the middle.  One even insinuated that I was full of myself for producing a piece longer than War and Peace and longer than all of Charlaine Harris’s books combined.  (I never checked that last claim, but I got a kick out of it.)  My verbosity is why I’ll likely never get published, so I can’t blame some people for giving up.  (I admit to never finishing A Tale of Two Cities or Finnegan’s Wake.)

I have to respectfully disagree with the idea that I was “full of myself,” however.  I think that I was a little empty before I wrote this story.  And it filled me.

And if you are reading this, then you stuck with me (most likely).  And your presence in my life for the last year and five days (or however long you’ve been with me) has also filled me.

I hope you enjoyed the journey of B&F and CBTM.  I hope you like where Eric and Sookie ended up.  I hope it felt like the evolutions of their characters were authentic.  I hope that you ended up loving Hunter as much as I did.  And the A.P.  And this version of Niall and Claude.  And Batanya and Thalia.  In fact, I hope that you enjoyed what I did with all the characters I borrowed from Ms. Harris and Mr. Ball.  And I hope you liked the characters I added to the story.  Miranda and Jarod and Henry and Duncan and Artegal and Viola and the others became a part of the SVM/TB world in my head.  An Eric/Sookie world without Duncan and Batanya, Miranda and Jarod, (my) Claude and Niall, and—especially—Hunter now seems like a foreign concept to me. (Confession:  I sometimes wonder where they are in other stories.  LOL.).

Some of you will be glad to hear that I’m not going fully move away from this universe I have created and helped to populate.  I have a side-story in the drafting stage, which is focused around the night that Eric and Sookie bring the two daggers together for the first time.  I’m hoping to have it done in a few weeks.

And—as of last night—I have been inspired to write a piece that centers on Hunter and Emma (but still occurs in this universe), which will be set from the night of her high school graduation to the time shortly after his eighteenth birthday.  It will include a villain from the SVM universe that I didn’t get around to killing.  And it will also include an unlikely villain as well.  I don’t think it will be too long, but I won’t be posting until it is done (except for editing), so don’t look for it too soon.

But I have other things I have been itching to write too, which is why I’m not planning another long sequel.  My story Inner has languished—unattended—for way too long because work demands prevented me from being able to see to it and Come Back to Me at the same time.  I plan to pick that story back up very soon.  After each episode of season 5, I made my outline for what I wanted to do, and I plan to stick with that outline.  I will continue to delve into Eric’s “inner” thinking as S5 progressed, and there is a lot to work with there.  I hope to post a chapter or so of that a week b/c I’m going to stick with posting chapters as I get them done (with that story) instead of waiting till the whole thing is done before posting it.

I’m also going to start drafting the other piece I’ve had in mind—Uninvited.  I am so excited about that one!  (In truth, I have already written 50 or so pages of it!)  It’s a story that picks up right after Bill bit Sookie in the van in Season 3.  And from there, I’m taking Eric and Sookie in new directions!  I always wanted to write a story that contained Eric and Sookie’s first kiss, and I intend for their romance to burn “slowly”—just as you’d likely expect from me.

Now—to the most important part of this author’s note:  the thank you’s.  Of course, a question has to be asked.  How can I properly thank those of you who have read so much and given me so much of your time?  How can I properly thank those of you who have taken extra time to review (many of you after each chapter)?  It seems impossible to properly express these thanks, but I want to try.  Inevitably, I’m going to leave people out, and I’m so sorry if I do that to you!  I’m also going to go alphabetically so that you can find yourself easily.  And, of course, if you are reading AFTER I write this, I will miss you altogether, though I will try to thank you personally via reply to your review or PM.  I hope that by thanking you here you will forgive the fact that I had to quit replying to reviews individually.  Between work and trying to write/edit new chapters and marriage, it all became too much for a while.  But please know that I appreciated—and still appreciate—all comments (except the nasty anonymous ones) that this story got.

I admit that I’ve been working on this list and these thank you’s in my sparse spare time for weeks because there are so many of you that support me and I felt the need to acknowledge you all.  You honored me with your words and encouragement.  (Also, I might thank a few of you twice if you have different user’s names on FF . net and WordPress.)

How did I compile this list?  Well—I went back and read all my reviews since July 15 (that’s all I had time for—sorry), so if you wrote before then, I’m sorry.  Just know that I appreciate you too!

So here goes nothing:

26Pennwv:  You made me laugh one day when you said that I should drag out the story on purpose to annoy my anonymous reader.  And then you made my day when you said that my stories held up long enough for you to want to reread them.  Now that’s commitment—and a huge compliment!  Thanks.

acelticdream:  Thanks so much for your words of support for both the story and for me personally.

agreeneyedrose:  Thank you for your support!  (Sorry to be a “tease” at times.  LOL.)  You made me laugh when you suggested that I “quit” my job so that your mental health would be better.  It made me feel great to know that I had put you on the edge of your seat at times.

AJC Reborn:  I get the feeling that you don’t review a lot, but you made a point to give me a kind word when I needed one.  Thanks.

AlwayzTeamE:  Thanks so much for commenting and letting me know you liked the story! I know you don’t review much, so I appreciated that you chose to for this story.

Angelyne80:  Thanks for letting me know that you liked this story.  I appreciated it when you said that you wouldn’t change a thing.  That made me feel great.

artzygal35:  You were so sweet for letting me know that this was your favorite story on ff. net.  Thank you so much for sharing that!

Atomicflea:  Thanks so much for reading.  When you said that you started reading during your wedding anniversary mini-cation, I swear that I laughed out loud.  I just hope your husband didn’t mind!  😉

Avo Maria:  Thanks for your support of this story (and its length).  😉

Balti K:  Your reviews always showed your engagement with this story.  You are a very thoughtful reader.  Your humor came through too, and your words often made me smile.  Thanks.

bbambini:  It’s great to have a fan in Brazil!  I’m so happy that you enjoyed this story and that the Eric I wrote appealed to you so much.

bearygirl:  You have your settings so that I could never reply to your reviews—darn it.  But I enjoyed getting them all.  You were always so encouraging.  Thanks.

beripear:  I’m sorry that I shot your nerves.  😉  Thanks for reading and telling me you liked the story.

bgibbs0402:  Thanks for letting me know you liked the story.

bib2009:  I think you took the time to tell me what you liked about pretty much every chapter.  I loved how you always seemed to point out the moment you enjoyed best.  Thanks.  (And if I influenced you to read The Faerie Queene, then so much the better!  ;0)

BingQing:  Even though you don’t generally like long stories, you stayed with me and encouraged me.  I appreciate your support.

bitchfaceruinedbella:  Thanks for “trusting” me to get Eric and Sookie out of the mess I put them into.  😉  Also I appreciate your compliments about the way I developed Claude and Niall; I’m glad you liked them.

BiteMe84:  I appreciate your support for this story!

Breathesgirl:  Thanks for taking the time to give me support.  It was appreciated.

bwtawny:  Thanks so much for giving me your support and for sticking with me.  You sent me a lengthy shot of support just when I needed it most.  I appreciated it so much!  I also appreciated when you made a point to let me know that you felt I was handling the violence in this story with restraint.

carolinagirl96:  Thanks so much for your comments, despite the fact that the suspense was “killing you.”  😉  I appreciate your mentioning how you liked the interactions between the characters.  I work hard to make sure that relationships seem natural, so I was thankful to get your comment on that.

CassiopeiaHastur:  Thanks for telling me what you thought of the story!  I’m glad you liked it!

Cathy Smith:  I remember getting your review calling for another sequel right after getting a review that bashed this story for being too long.  I was encouraged by you and reminded that many people enjoy my elongated style.  I’m honored that you like the way that my writing “flows.”  Thanks.

cdb33:  Sigh.  What do you say to the person who sparked the thought that sparked the story?  You are like a co-parent to this piece.  You have been my confidant, my sounding board, and—most importantly—one of my closest friends for almost a year.  I will love you forever because of what you have come to mean to me and because of the “bond” we now share.  We’ll talk more later.  For now, all I can say is grazie!  Actually—no—I can say a little more.  I know that you are just as sad that this story is over as I am, but you and I will always be friends—beyond the ff world.  You are such a wonderful feature/fixture in my life now that I will always need you as a sounding board as I write and as I “live.”

CelticGlamazon:  I appreciate your support, especially when you “growled” after a lemon.  It made me think that I must be doing something right.  😉  Thanks.

CharmedTwilight:  Thanks for your support for the story.

chipndalegal:  I know that you aren’t old enough to be this, but I almost think of you as my mother figure when I read your reviews—maybe a “sister” would be closer. You have always “nurtured” me. From the beginning, you just “got” where I was going with these characters.  We have eerily similar ideas about what we see for Eric and Sookie’s potential.  And you trusted me with our people.  I’m pretty sure that—for a while—we will both be sad this story is over.  I feel like I earned a friend in you as I wrote this. Thanks.

christicdc:  You are just starting CBTM as I write this, but you are already leaving feedback.  Thanks!  I hope that you continue to like it (despite the angst).

coakes013:  Thanks for reading!

C.S. Tolkien:  I appreciate how you shared so many opinions of both my story and other things with me.  Thanks.

DarkAngel42186:  I so appreciated your support when I was getting harassed by that anonymous reviewer.  Your kind words helped to bolster me during that time.

Dawskar:  You let me know that you tend to be a lurker and not post reviews, so I was very appreciative when you did post.  Thanks so much for being with my stories from the beginning.

dblueeyedrose:  You once said that my story became “like a friend” in your life.  That made me feel really special.  Thanks.

Debbie:  Thanks for your words of encouragement and support.

desireecarbenell:  Thanks so much for all your support for this story.  I appreciate when people point out moments that they like, and you took a lot of time to do that!  I really appreciated your compliments about my version of the A.P.  It was great to know that you liked her as much as I did.

dorismaries:  I know that you ended up getting really busy, but I always enjoyed getting your reviews and comments about the “roller coaster.”  😉

dragonfey57:  Hey Okie!  Thanks for reading.  😉  (P.S.  Sorry that I didn’t stake Mab with iron.  LOL)  I hope I run across you at a “chat” soon.

Dream-forger:  I wanted to let you know that I really appreciated the lengthy message of support that you wrote for me.  It was so wonderful to hear that you enjoy reading my stories again and again.  I’m so glad you liked the way that I characterized Eric and Sookie, and I appreciated your saying that you were pleasantly surprised when I made you feel sorry for the likes of Lillith or Bill.  That made me feel great!

Duckbutt:  You amused and touched me a lot with your comments, Pat!  I always enjoyed them so much.  Although it is difficult to “hear” people’s personalities through reviews, I always heard yours.  😉  Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with me.  I’m glad I could make you “cry” at times.  It felt like I was doing my job.  😉  And thanks for following me to WordPress.  When you said that my story “sung to your heart,” I was so touched.

DysonsGirl:  Thanks for sticking with this story even though I kept Eric and Sookie apart for so long.  I appreciated your encouragement to get to my HEA.

elektra2:  Thanks so much for your kind words about this story (except when you said you wanted to “shake me silly” for leaving you with a cliffhanger).   I’m especially glad you enjoyed the characterization of Hunter.  I love him too!

e miller:  Thanks for your support of the story!

ennen:  Thanks for your support.  I’m glad you liked both the family and action aspects of the story.

Ericsbee:  Thanks for all your positive words & reviews—and after lots and lots of chapters too!  I always appreciated them all.

Ericsbickerchick:  Thanks so much for letting me know how much you enjoyed this story.  I appreciate how you told me that you liked how in-depth the characters were; that made my day.  Sorry that you had to use so many Kleenexes, but I guess that means I was doing a good job.  J

erin1705:  Well—I have already mentioned you, but you will always hold a special place in my heart because you were with me from the beginning.  And you always made a point to share your thoughts and your kind words.  (It’s an honor to make your top 5 list.)  Thanks.

Ethereal88:  Thanks so much for reading!  I appreciate your support that I “dragged this story out.”  LOL.

foxgodess07:  Despite the fact that you once called me “evil” after leaving you with an itty bitty cliffy, I appreciated your support and feedback very much.

Gallega97:  I very much appreciated all the thoughts that you shared with me about this story.  You were always very kind and encouraging in your support, and I know it was hard for you to get to a computer so that you could post reviews, so I was very appreciative when you did.  You stood by this story and me throughout its writing, and I was honored by your endorsement.

glamouredbyyou:  I am still laughing at your comment that a cold shower wouldn’t suffice after one of my lemons (you required the Baltic Sea).  Considering how anxious I always am about writing good lemons, I appreciated that very much.  I also loved when you said that you would be “very happy to read about Eric and Sookie in ‘KAT-STYLE.’”  That made me laugh.  Thanks.

grammysharbear2:  I appreciate your support!

Graves-Wife-13:  Thanks so much for telling me how much you enjoyed the story.  I especially appreciated how you thought that my narrative would make the show better!  What a compliment!  😉

gunnymom:  I always looked forward to your comments.  You managed to be complimentary and encouraging all at the same time!  And I “always” appreciate your avatars!  Gunny, I wanted you to also know that I save some of the reviews that mean the most to me, those that touch my heart.  This is what you wrote after Eric killed Russell:  “Kat, you are one special woman. The way that you wrote this scene between Russell and Eric was unlike any other death scene ever. It was beautiful. The emotion that you showed through Eric was unique and well versed. I am so proud of you for what this story has become to so many people, myself included. I only hope that once I continue my story that I will have learned something from you and how well you communicate through words. I can’t wait for the emotions of their reunion.”  What you said here has stayed with me.  Your words for me were amazing, especially since you are a writer too.  Thanks.

heather 218:  I appreciated your kind words.  You once said this was your favorite ff story and that made my day!  Thanks.

Helena Miller:  Thanks for telling me that you loved the story!  I’m glad you found me on WordPress!

history247:  Thanks for posting your support for me and this story.  I’m so glad that you appreciated the “scenic route” I took.

Honulvr:  Thanks so much for giving me your reactions to so many chapters!  I appreciated it when you told me specific things you liked, and I also appreciated it when you offered constructive criticism (like when you felt I was getting a little too cheesy).  And I appreciated the little glimpses I got of your personality (like when you approved of me putting in Freyda just so I could kill her off and take out my frustrations with her character in the books—LOL).  Thanks!

ILuvBonesNDool:  I very much appreciated the fact that you reviewed so many chapters!  You were always someone I counted on for support.  And when you called me a “wordsmith,” I was truly honored. Thanks.

inspired101:  Thanks so much for commenting on CBTM and my other stories.  I’m glad that you like them.  I’m so glad that my story could be your “treat” after work at times.

Irishgal4evr:  Thanks for your willingness to share with me when you felt I’d done something that you had problems with (making Lillith into something of a sympathetic character and victim of her circumstances).  I appreciated your candor, and I hope that part of the story resolved in a satisfactory way for you and that you stuck with me through the rest of the story.

istra:  I love it when I get reviews in the middle of the night from people who have just found the story and cannot stop reading it.  It makes me feel great!   Thanks for sharing that.  😉

Izabella Alexandria:  Thanks so much for your comments and support!  I was especially glad to hear that you enjoyed getting Hunter’s thoughts.  I loved writing them.

jamieelynn:  Thank you so much for your long letter of support.  I was so honored when you said that my work “was some of the most engaging” that you had ever read.  I appreciate your support and kindness and telling me that.

janiaco:  Thanks so much for your support and loyalty to this story!  Even though you once accused me of “killing you,” when I left you with a cliffhanger, I hope you enjoyed how the story ended.

jc52185:  You made a point to review even when I knew you were incredibly busy.  And you also took the time to tell me specific things you enjoyed.  I loved how you were both anxious to see how the story would end but sad to see it go.  Thanks especially for letting me know how much you loved Hunter in this story; you said he was one of the “best” characters that you’ve ever read.  I’m honored.

jewelpearl:  Thanks for your encouragement!  It made my day when you said that I have “a gift for going way beyond the surface of [my] characters’ emotions.”  That is what I always want to do; I’m glad you enjoyed it.  Thanks.  (I took it as a compliment that I made you tear up during the wedding; thanks for sharing that.)

JHope:  I really appreciate your kind words about this story.  I was honored when you said that CBTM was the best thing that you’d found in FF.  Many thanks.

jkazzie:  Thanks for your “impatient” support.  I love people who are greedy for the story to come faster.  It means that I left a chapter in a good spot.  😉  I appreciate you telling me what you thought of the story.

JLD1218:  I appreciated your words of support and compliments!  Thanks for telling me that Jason’s little speech brought tears to your eyes.  I was worried that it was a little ‘corny,’ but weddings are supposed to be corny—right?  Yours was the first comment I got about that scene, and knowing you had an emotional response to it made me feel like I’d struck a good balance.  Thanks.

JLWalsh:  Even though you aren’t a habitual reviewer, I appreciated when you took the time to come out of the woodwork and tell me that you were enjoying my work, that you would miss it when it was over, and that you were already planning to reread it.  It made me feel good.  Thanks.

jsins:  You made a point to encourage me to keep going!  You said that you could read about “these guys forever.”  (Sorry.  Even I couldn’t go on that long.  LOL.)  Thanks.

judith77:  I’m glad you liked the story!  I’m also proud that you used it to help practice your reading.  Thanks for telling me that.  (You know that I love to hear things like that since I’m a teacher.)

kalibean:  Thanks for your support and for sticking with me, even though I know you prefer “fluffy bunnies.”  LOL.

kateruny:  Thanks so much for the encouragement; it was so nice to hear that you felt my story was “compelling.”  It was also bolstering to hear that you felt I was handling the violence within the story responsibly.

Kim915:  I was happy to get your comments, especially when things were “getting lemony.”  The sex scenes are often the parts I agonize over most, and I appreciated knowing you liked them.  Thanks.

Kitkath70:  Thank you so much for your words of encouragement about this story.

kittyinaz:  Thanks for all the comments you gave me!  I’m so glad you liked the story.  You were always so quick to let me know what you were thinking that it made me know you were anxiously waiting for new updates!  Sorry for adding to your Kleenex budget.  😉  I loved how I could leave you “speechless,” but not.  😉  (But the Snoopy dance?  LOL)

kleannhouse:  Kristie, your comments were always thoughtful and full of support.  I appreciate how you defended and engaged with this story.  I grew to count on hearing what you thought after every chapter, and I loved reading your opinions and speculations.  Thanks.

lacevas:  I’m glad you enjoyed story.  I appreciated your support.  Thanks.

LadyLuxx:  You gave me great encouragement when you said that you loved this work more with every chapter.  Thanks.

LadyRandz:  Hello.  You posted as a guest, so I was unable to tell you how much your kind words meant to me when I was feeling down (after the blitzkrieg from the anonymous reviewer).  I’m so glad that you enjoyed my story and that it helped you get through your days during a difficult part of your life.  Thank you very much for sharing a little of yourself with me.

leslieljs713:  Thanks for reading!

LilyT93:  Thanks for the support—especially after the lemony chapters since I have trouble with those.  I also appreciated your support for the story in general and for me personally.  Thanks for “dusting off the review button.”  That comment made me laugh.

llagrand:  Thanks for your encouragement!  You made a point to tell me all the stuff you would like to see happen as the story continued.  I appreciated that.  Thanks.

Loretta57:  I appreciated your support a lot.  You once said that you would miss this story like a “good friend” when it was over.  And that was quite a compliment!  Of course, without it, you will get more done.  😉  Thanks.

lori p 100:  I always looked forward to your kind reviews.  You gave me an insight into your emotional response to the story, which I was very grateful for.  I’m glad that you enjoyed my attention for the little details.  When you called this story “the wonderful world of Kat,” it made my day.  Thanks.

LostInSpace33:  Your reviews always stuck out to me because you would point out the specific moments you enjoyed and because your sense of humor showed through.  Thanks.

lovesam:  You were very kind to let me know that you liked how I was putting this story together.  It was encouraging when you said that you could “see” the action when reading.  Thanks.

lunjul:  Thanks for reading and commenting!

Lynnks:  Thanks so much for your words of support!

mac3774:  Thanks for your comment about Thalia!  She is one of my favorites too.  I appreciate your support for this story.

mandymouse:  Thanks for coming out of the “lurker” world and telling me that you liked the story!  I appreciated it.  I hope you follow me to my next stories too.

marilyn59:  Your defense of this story meant a lot to me!  Thanks.

media-savant:  Thanks for sticking with me!  I appreciate your saying that you thought that nothing was superfluous in this story.  Since it was so long, that was saying something!  And thanks also for your encouragement about the action chapters.  Your reviews often touched my heart and made me feel proud.  Thanks.

Megan Consoer:  Thanks for reading and supporting the story.

MeganDW2552:  I wanted to thank you for taking the time to PM me with your encouragement.  I laughed out loud when you said you were “anxiously awaiting” my “next long, drawn out” piece.  Thanks.

MelinaFan1989:  Thanks for reading and for your support of this story!

melissacl:  I appreciate your support.  I liked how you would point out specific moments that you liked in your reviews.  Short and sweet.  (And thanks for your support when I introduced Freyda just so I could kill her.  LOL)

Millarca666:  For some reason, your reviews really stood out to me.  It’s impossible to “know” someone from a simple review, but I always imagined you as a bit of a “badass,” so I listened to what you had to say.  You once wrote me a PM that made my day.  In it you said that CBTM was “fresh and engaging and vibrant.”  Wow.  Thanks.

Mindy:  Thanks so much for your insightful comments about the story!  Also, I appreciate how you always told me the specific things that you enjoyed.  It made me feel great!  It also showed that you were reading the story very closely, and that was awesome.  And you’re awesome!   (Go Machiavelli!)  😉

minkarlek:  Thanks for your kind words and support of the story!

misfitvampirequeen:  You made sure to support me when I was down.  I appreciate how you were so into this story that you even wanted another sequel.  Thanks.

missingjasamalways:  I appreciate the words of encouragement you gave me.  You made a point to tell me what you liked and what you looked forward to about the story, and that made me feel great.  Thanks.  (“Smalls” – LOL!)

missrissa81:  Thanks so much for letting me know that you liked the story!  When you said I was a “fantastic storyteller,” it really made my day.  The word “storyteller” really resonated with me b/c that is what I truly want to be.

MissRon:  Sorry I didn’t give you that miraculous pregnancy, but that is Eric and Sookie’s tragedy—don’t you think?  I hope you aren’t too disappointed.  By the way, I laughed out loud when you said this:  “I stalk my inbox and squeal like a twilight fangirl when i see a new chapter has been posted.”  I still snort when I read this comment.

Mistress-Cinder:  Other than adoring your avatar, I also appreciated all of your kind reviews and comments!  You especially made me smile when you said that you’d like to attend Eric and Sookie’s wedding because it was a true celebration.  That’s what I was going for after such a long story.  Thanks.

Momentyne:  Thanks so much for sending me a lengthy note of encouragement when I needed it most.  It touched my heart when you said that my story was a “work of art.”  (P.S.  Eric hates typing with his phone too.)  😉

moonstarlady57:  It is always a pleasure to get kind words from people who admit that they don’t review much.  It tells me that something I did stood out to you and made you break your habit!  😉  Thanks.

Morrigan28:  I apologize for your sleepless nights!  But I’m honored that they were caused due to your anticipation over what was coming next.  Thanks for your consultation over Aussie slang.  I told my uncle that he was an old fogey b/c the slang he used was so dated.  He asked me what an “old fogey” was.  LOL.  Thanks for reading!

MsEllie:  I appreciated having your support.  I’m glad you thought this was a “good read.”  And I was happy to invest those hours in the story.  I appreciate your hours too.  Thanks.

MsNorthman:  You made sure that I knew you loved the story by reviewing often.  Thanks.

MSR82:  I appreciate your support and kind words for me and CBTM!  Your comments were often short and sweet, but I was glad to know that you were enjoying the story.  Thanks.

murgatroid-98:  You wrote me a lot of reviews and I always enjoyed getting your opinions.  I appreciated how—after all the main drama was over—you seemed to just sit back and enjoy the end with me.  You said that Sookie and Eric were forming a “microcosm of what life could be for everyone,” and that was exactly what I was going for.  Thanks for seeing that.

mybonded:  Leeann, You took the time to “defend” me from “evil” and to support me and not just the story.   You also always took the time to comment and tell me what you thought of my writing.  (BTW:  I did buy stock in Kleenex—LOL.)  This may sound random, but I love the company that I keep on your list of favorite stories.  I always felt really honored to be there since you seem so selective.  Thanks.

mycajunlover:  I love how you totally don’t care how long this piece is and how you even asked for a sequel.  You are so greedy, but it made me feel good.  Thanks.

myvikingboyfriend:  From one writer to another, thanks so much for the support.

ncmiss12:  You were with me from the first of B&F.  I always enjoyed your speculations about what might be coming.  As I think I said before, sometimes I liked your ideas better than mine!  You are very creative.  Thanks for engaging with my work.  It is appreciated!

New Orleans Vamp:  It is always nice to have a Louisiana reader!  I’m glad I didn’t make any mistakes about geography that you called me on (LOL).  I appreciate your reading (glad you did okay through Isaac).  You made my day when you told me this story was the “highlight of your week.”  Thanks.

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Nwagoner:  Your words encouraged me to draw out the ending “sappiness” as I’d always intended instead of cutting some of it out.  Thanks.

Oceanwriter:  Your words were poetic at times, and I treasured them.  Thanks.

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onthegp:  Thank you for sharing your opinions with me when you were not happy with a direction I took (the Lillith thing).  I hope that that section of the story ended up okay for you, and I hope that you continued to read despite the violence that took place in that part of the story.  I certainly appreciated your feedback.

opalheart12:  Thanks so much for letting me know that you loved the story and especially the characters that I adapted and made up.  I was honored when you said that CBTM had become an “integral” part of your life.  Thanks for telling me that.  I also appreciate your sequel ideas.  Though I don’t have plans for a full sequel right now, who knows what may happen in the future?  But I’ll miss these characters too.

opi91:  Thanks for letting me know that you liked this story!  It was quite a compliment for you to say that you were enjoying it more than True Blood!

Padore:  Your reviews were often interesting and challenging, and I learned new things from you.  You made interesting connections between what I was doing and other things.  And you always made me smile.  Thanks.

Pamela Thornton:  Thank you so much for your reflective and thoughtful observations about the story!  I appreciated your sharing your opinions.  And—as I said above—I definitely have more stories in the works.

peppermintbark:  Thanks so much for all of your reviews!  I always looked forward to them.  They always gave me a good idea of the things you enjoyed.  I think that I blushed once when you said that the love story I made for Sookie and Eric was “epic and eternal.”  That was a great compliment!  You often wrote quite long reviews and really made me think and that made my days better.  I loved them.

pk22477:  First, I would never want to be on your bad side!  😉  Your defense of me was so kind.  Even as I worried that I was drawing things out too much, you told me you wanted more.  It helped me to remember that a lot of people were still reading and enjoying the story.  Thanks.

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Wooth:  Thanks for the well-timed PM.  You made me laugh by calling yourself a “lazy whore” for not reviewing.  I appreciated your support—whether you were a “lazy whore” or not.  LOL.  Thanks.

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Xia Cheyenne:  Thanks for letting me know that this story helped you deal with your life at times.  That’s one of the reasons why I shared it here.  Other stories have helped me get through my days too.  And, coming from a fellow writer, it was a big compliment.  Thanks for saying that you would never give up on this story.

Yeesalu:  Thanks so much for your support.  I’m glad you liked the Russell payoff.

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And I know there are many others out there.  Not everyone reviews, but—as I’ve said before—I “feel” you all out there, and I appreciate you all so much!  As I write this sentence, CBTM has over 400 followers on FF(dot)net and others are reading on my WordPress site.  And I know others will start reading as soon as I hit that “complete” button or will find this story later.

I hope you will follow me to my other stories!  It is a privilege having readers as loyal as you.

All I can say is THANKS.

13 thoughts on “Author’s Note: Thank You

  1. You are as always weclcome! I’m sorry I didn’t review as much in the end, but RL was getting depressing and it was all I could do to read and write my own. Your updates helped during that time. Thanks and as always, I look forward to your future work!

  2. I think that it is so sweet that you took the time to thank all of your fans like this. I do not think I have ever seen an author do anything quite like this. I loved loved loved the two stories so much. I hated that Sookie and Eric had to be kept apart but understood the reason why. You are amazing.

  3. Have just finished reading the story…my lord, loved it so so much! Sad to see it at end but very excited to read and follow your next compositions. Thank you so much for all you hard work, i truly love the way you write. Never expected a thank you either – you’re most welcome. Will be sure to keep reviewing and, I’m sure, praising. 😀

  4. I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading this story… I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and shared this everyone that would listen. You’re talent is a gift and thank you for sharing it. I look forward to reading more…

  5. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story I have to say that I’m gonna miss it I’m super excited about “Uninvited” and the other stories you mentioned as well. Looking forward to any and all future updates you are AMAZING!!!!!!

  6. Fantastic!! Read all in six days(Back and forth, Come back to me and Sojourn) You are amazing as a writer I liked how you mixed TB narration with the books SVM … If only Ch or TB writers had your talent Keep updating your stories Thanks I’m starting to read Funeral tomorrow I’ve heard from others that it better than season 6 of TB Take care

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