Chapter 52: Somewhere Only We Know

A/N:  The title of this chapter comes from Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know.”


Eric was kneeling on the floor in front of Sookie before she’d finished speaking her last word, his two large hands gently cradling her face.  “Sookie,” Eric said gruffly, “there can be no going back this time.  If we do this, I need it to be permanent―for both of us.  I couldn’t take another breaking of the bond.”

Sookie smiled and rested her hands on Eric’s cheeks, mirroring his actions.  “You told me last night that you wanted to be a husband to me, and now I’m telling you that I want to be a wife to you.  I’ll bond with you by vampire blood and magic.  I’ll bond with you by fairy blood and magic.  I’ll marry you by human law as soon as this state lets me.  And I have already given you my heart, Eric, and that’s the biggest bond I could ever make.”

Eric looked deeply into Sookie’s eyes.  “I want to kiss you now, min kära.”

“Then kiss me, my love.”

Eric moved his face the short distance to Sookie’s at a slower pace than she could imagine him being capable of, given the passion that was roaring in his eyes.  Sookie literally felt him trying to savor the moment that would be their first real kiss in so many ways.  Sure, they’d kissed in his office the night he thought he was about to die, but he’d forced the issue.  And they had kissed an awful lot after he lost his memories, but the man in front of her was now a complete Eric.

When his lips were just an inch from hers, he stopped, as if to ask permission one last time.  She answered by closing the final gap.

Their kiss began slowly as their lips melted together―tasting, delighting, and remembering.  They each seemed to part their lips at the same time, and their tongues began to explore each other’s mouths in soft caresses.  Sookie’s hands burrowed into Eric’s soft hair, and he nudged her body back further into the couch, his hands gently traveling over her cheeks and into her hair.

Sookie moaned as Eric pulled back from her right as his fangs came down.  Unafraid, she reached up with her fingers and gently stroked his exposed fangs as she had in a dream once.  Eric’s eyes grew even darker as he practically growled, “Sookie.”

She brushed her finger along his bottom lip and whispered, “Eric, take me to our bed―now.”

Our bed,” he repeated as he rose with her in his arms bridal style.  She lifted her lips to his again, knowing that he could make his way there even with the distraction.

It took him only seconds to get them up the stairs and into the bedroom.  Once there, he set her gently onto the bed and drew her shirt off of her, only breaking their kiss for a moment to let the fabric move between them.  Their lips crashed together once again, more insistent now, and their tongues played more roughly, but Eric was careful to avoid taking her blood, despite the fact that he didn’t seem to be able to retract his fangs.  The vampire had never felt such uncontrolled desire.

One of Eric’s hands held her to him as the other traveled over her neck to her collar bone. He lay down next to her, turning her toward him gently so that their lips could keep up their current pursuit.  She arched into his roving hand, helping it find its way to her breast faster.  For a moment, his touch was a gentle flutter over her bra, but then he stretched his whole hand over her breast and squeezed it gently as Sookie arched into his touch even more and pulled his lips more powerfully into hers, winding her fingers through his hair.  She felt on fire.

Eric heard Sookie’s heart beat faster and made very short and destructive work of her bra, before gently tugging, squeezing and pulling on one nipple before moving his hand to take care of the other one.

Needing more, Eric pushed Sookie onto her back and broke their kiss.   His eyes were blue molten pools, and Sookie writhed under him as his lips attacked her cheeks, her neck and her shoulder before making their way back up to her ear where he whispered, “Tonight, min kära, I’m going to make love to you until you are screaming for me to stop,” he paused as his lips trailed over her forehead to her other ear, “and after that, I’m going to fuck you until you can no longer scream at all.”

Sookie moaned out an “Eric” as his lips traveled down her other cheekbone to her neck.  Both of his hands had begun assaulting her breasts by now with a mixture of tender and more passionate strokes.  At this point, Sookie’s body was under his complete control.  The only lucid thought she had was that she wanted―no needed―to get him out of his shirt so that she could feel his flesh on hers.  She managed to drag her fingers from button to button of his flannel shirt, luxuriating in each new patch of cool flesh she exposed.  After having unbuttoned everything, she went to slide the garment from his shoulders only to be held up by the fact that his hands were still roving over her breasts.  She grunted as her over-stimulated mind tried to solve the problem of how to remove Eric’s shirt so that he wouldn’t remove his hands from her body.

Sensing her frustration, Eric quickly took off the offending garment and chuckled as Sookie sighed in relief as she found much more of Eric’s cool skin exposed to her hot hands.

As soon as the shirt was out of the way, Eric’s lips found Sookie’s neck again and then trailed down slowly before he was finally at her breasts.  Sookie cried out in frustration when Eric stopped the motion of his talented hands and raised his mouth from her flesh.  “Look at me, lover,” he said, his voice pure sex.

Sookie opened her eyes and took Eric in.  He seemed to be hovering above her now, his hands on either side of her body and his mouth inches away from her aching nipple.  “Please,” she managed before he rolled his tongue around her nipple, keeping eye contact with her the whole time.  Sookie whimpered as Eric purred, “I want you to watch what I do to you, lover.  I want you to see how you make me long to worship your body.”

Sookie tried to keep her eyes on Eric’s actions as his mouth closed fully over one of her nipples his tongue sweeping it into a cool embrace as his lips sucked gently.  One of his hands went to her other breast and Sookie couldn’t help it when her head lolled backwards briefly.

Eric’s other hand now stroked Sookie’s stomach, drawing slow lazy circles around her belly button.  Again, Sookie found herself trying to raise into Eric’s touch, as his circles began to travel lower and lower, causing her skin to burst out in goose bumps as his fingers brushed the top of her jeans.

“I need you to . . .” Sookie lost her thought as Eric’s fang scraped her breast but did not draw blood.

“You need me to do what, min kära?” Eric asked, his voice low in promise of what was to come.

Sookie moaned a bit and then managed to grunt, “touch me.”

Eric smiled into her breast and took it more feverishly into his mouth, causing her to groan wantonly and throw her head back again for a moment.

He used one of his hands to unfastened her jeans, and then he pushed his hand into them even as she tried to wiggle to give him more room.

“Please,” Sookie muttered again, unable to get Eric’s hand close enough to her center despite her movements.  Eric raised his lips off of her breast and licked lazily from her nipple all the way back up to her ear again with the flat of his tongue.  He took the lobe between his teeth.    “Do not forget to watch me, lover,” he whispered before moving once again to take her lips with his own.

Sookie gave in completely to the kiss, pulling on Eric’s shoulders as hard as she could, trying to meld their lips together.  His fingers reached and then began to caress her folds slowly through her underwear.  Ablaze with passion, she used her tongue to stroke his fangs, pricking it slightly so that Eric could taste her.

Finally the first new drop of blood was passed between them―her blood and her choice.  Eric’s low growling sound at the taste of her blood filled the room as he sucked in her offering.  When she finally had to break away to catch her breath, Eric looked at her with fire in his eyes, which had turned a darker shade of blue than she’d ever seen them.  She felt like she might explode beneath his gaze.

Eric said nothing as he moved lower and used both hands to take off Sookie’s jeans, shoes, and socks.  She writhed under him clad only in a pair of red, lacy, and very wet panties.

“My favorite color,” he growled, looking at her with desperate desire.  He gripped the sides of her underwear and dragged them off of her body.  Despite his anxiousness to be inside of her, he moved all the way down her body until he was at her feet and began to kiss her, slowly moving upward to ankle, then knee, and then thigh.  He worked up her outer thigh to her hip as Sookie twisted under him, wanting him to settle into the place she desired most.  But Eric denied her as he painstakingly worked his way down her other leg in pleasurable torture.

Sookie tried to keep her eyes on Eric as he worked her body into a frenzy.  She felt as if her temperature had been rising slowly and was now to its boiling point.  She longed for Eric’s cool lips and tongue to leave their current location, her ankle, and go to where she needed them most―to put out the flames within her.

“Please,” she whispered again.

In moments, Eric’s mouth was hovering above her sex, and the flat of his tongue slowly stroked from her entrance all the way to her clit.  Sookie groaned and threw her head back again as Eric licked a few more long sweeping strokes before he flicked his tongue back and forth on her clit.  She began to squirm under him, and he moved one hand to her belly to hold her down even as his other hand began to stroke her folds.

“So sweet,” he crooned as he moved his tongue from her clit to her entrance, sucking in all the juices that were flowing from her.  He worked his tongue into her entrance slowly, even as his lips gently kissed her folds.  “Look at me, min kära,” he said, pausing at his task.

She raised herself up on her elbows and locked her eyes into his.  “Please,” she gasped.  He rewarded her plea by increasing both the intensity of his tongue and the pace of his fingers, which were drawing circles around her clit.  Sookie would have surely come off the bed if he hadn’t been holding her down.

Eric moved his tongue back to Sookie’s clit as his eyes again captured hers.  She saw unbridled lust in them―lust, which she was certain was reflected in her eyes as well.  He put his fingers at her entrance and penetrated her with two of them, searching for the spot that he knew would push her over the edge.  He curved his fingers towards her clit just as he sucked it hard, and Sookie came undone, exploding in an orgasm that shook her whole body.  She screamed Eric’s name as her juices poured into the vampire’s waiting mouth.

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Sookie had shut her eyes tightly in the height of her passion and now heard Eric’s voice speaking softly in her ear.  “Min kära, are you ready for me?”

Sookie registered that she must have lost awareness for a few moments as she was coming down from her high because Eric had obviously had time to strip off the rest of his clothing.  She suddenly became acutely aware of his naked body above hers.  His cool skin―covering her own heated flesh―brought her back to cognizance as he looked earnestly into her eyes.

“I’m ready,” Sookie managed as Eric lowered his aching member toward her equally ready entrance.  He spent a few moments sliding the head of his very hard shaft up and down her sex, letting it soak in her juices as well as stimulate her clit. Only when their eyes locked did he thrust inside of her.

He paused for several moments, as he felt himself completely inside of her.  “Home,” he whispered as he captured her lips.  “You feel like home.”

Sookie gasped at both his length and his words.  She marveled at the way his size seemed to have been made just for her, touching her in all the right places and in all the right ways.  Breaking their kiss, Sookie gasped, “Move―please move.”

Eric didn’t disappoint.  He began to glide in and out of Sookie slowly.  From their time together before, he knew that she enjoyed for him to go deep inside of her, so he took her right leg in his arm and thrust deeper.

He was rewarded with a deep moan and an, “Oh God, Eric, yes!”  He smiled, realizing that he had hit what he was aiming for.

As soon as he knew he was striking her G-spot, he was relentless, hammering into it over and over again.  She responded by raking her nails down his back in her ecstasy.  She wrapped both legs around him tightly, encouraging him to go even deeper as he sped up the pace.

Eric was pressed as far inside Sookie as he was capable of getting, which was far considering his length, and she took everything he had as if they were two missing pieces of the same puzzle.  He thrust, and she met his thrusts roughly.  Yet the caresses of Eric’s hands remained always gentle, alternating between cupping her breasts or her face before traveling south to rub her clit in order to bring her to the brink of completion again.

He nuzzled her neck and Sookie turned it toward him.  “Bite, if you want,” she whimpered.

“Yes, I want,” he gasped.  “But not yet.”

He continued to thrust into her as a huge orgasm swelled up in her.  Sensing she was close to exploding, Eric kissed her again and shifted his body slightly, offering her a different angle and even more penetration.  She gasped and then yelled out his name again as she orgasmed; her hot sex contracting against his was enough to send him into similar pleasure.

They both shook for several moments as they came down from their highs.  Eric’s cock was still buried inside Sookie’s warm body, but he managed not to crush her.  He turned their bodies so that they were both on their sides and facing each other though still very much connected at the center.  Sookie leg was slung over Eric’s.

Eric was the first to be able to say coherent words, though they were hardly eloquent, “So. Fucking. Good. Sookie. So. Fucking. Mine!”

Sookie smiled into Eric’s chest and nodded her head in agreement even as she tightened her leg around him.  She could feel that he was still hard inside her, and she moved her hips a bit and returned, “So big, Eric.  And so mine!”

“Yes!” Eric said, as he began to slowly move in and out of Sookie again.

Sookie looked up into Eric’s eyes as he moved inside of her.  “I need you so much, my love.  Please.”

Eric knew that Sookie was not just talking about sex, and―never pulling out of her―he flipped them over so that he was lying on his back and she was straddling him.  She grinded her hips around him, making slow circles with them and keeping his cock embedded within her fully.

Eric growled and reached up to take both of Sookie’s breasts in his hands.  “You’re beautiful like this,” he managed.

Sookie put her hands onto Eric’s chest for leverage and began to lift herself, riding him slowly and building them both up again.  Eric moved his hands to her hips to help her move faster.  Their eyes never left each other’s and seemed to speak a language that was all their own.

He raised himself into a seated position under Sookie, and she wrapped her legs around his hips and ass.  He lifted her hips up and down slowly as the tip of his cock dragged across her G-spot over and over.

Still looking at each other, the couple moaned together in shared pleasure as they moved slowly―back and forth.

Eric spoke, “There will be no going back, min kära.  I need to hear that you are certain one more time.”  He stopped his movements and held Sookie’s hips still.

Sookie nodded, “I know what I want Eric. I want you.  I need you.”

Eric moved his lips to Sookie’s and kissed her passionately as he began to slowly move inside of her again.

Sookie thought that she might break apart in sheer ecstasy as he stretched her center, and she molded to him.  Eric had never felt such exquisite tightness and warmth during sex before Sookie, and from a thousand years’ worth of experiences, he knew that nothing would ever compare to her.

He pulled back from the kiss and braced himself for what was next by putting one hand flat on the bed behind him.  He brought his other hand to his mouth as Sookie tracked his movements and licked her lips in anticipation, all while slowly continuing to grind into him.  Eric bit his hand and turned the open wound to Sookie.

“We will be one,” Sookie whispered as she took Eric’s hand firmly into both of hers, pulling it to her mouth.  She kept her eyes locked on his as she bit a little into the already-opened wound, sensing that he would like that.  Then she began to pull his blood into her body.

Eric yelled out in another language as Sookie bit him and began to drink his blood; he felt his magic―the same magic that would connect him to her again―flowing into her body.  He thrust into her harder as she drank, unable to control his passion at the simultaneous invasion of his cock, blood, and magic into the woman he loved more than his own life.

When Eric began to thrust into her more forcefully, Sookie drew in a sharp breath, even as she drew in more of his blood.  But it was the combined storm of lust, desire, frenzy, and love in his eyes that almost sent her over the edge again.  As she felt her orgasm approaching, she looked at his beautiful, expressive face and tilted her head to the side, offering her neck to him.

Eric moved his face to Sookie’s neck after sharing one more meaningful look with her and whispered, “We will be one,” as he bit into her gently.

The feeling that passed between them in the cubby when they started the bond the first time was ecstasy; Sookie could only come up with one word―“heaven”―to describe her current feelings.

Sookie and Eric were literally one in every way two beings could be one.  As they simultaneously took blood from each other, their bodies still joined and moving, they were one being―two halves of the same soul, finally fused together.

Feeling a carnal impulse, Sookie bit again just as Eric’s wound threatened to close, and the feeling of that, along with her exquisite blood now flowing through his own body―nourishing and enriching him―sent Eric over the edge.

As the first burst of his seed hit her walls, Sookie joined him, her muscles constricting around him and milking him even more.

There, entwined in each other’s arms, sitting together in a lovers’ embrace, and still connected, their blood mixed and traveled through their bodies.  And just as their orgasms began to subside, the vampire magic in him and the fairy magic in her collided in both of them―in a blinding rush of white light.  The empty spots left within them from the scorching spell were filled.

The crashing together of their two magics sent both of them into orgasm again.  Each yelled out in what sounded like a mixture of triumph and relief, and then they collapsed forward into each other’s bodies―still seated, still connected, now sated.  Both had their eyes shut tight as their minds tried to take in the profundity of their connection.  Neither succeeded in doing so.



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