Tenterhooks (Complete)

Tenterhooks title

“My very heart-strings are on the tenters.”—John Ford’s Broken Heart


A “What if” story starting in the middle of Book 4. What if Sookie had said “yes” when Eric suggested they return to “their home” before the witch war? What if she’d chosen her own desire to “keep” him over her impulse to ensure that his memories were returned? (Story inspired by a reader who would like to remain anonymous.)

Original Prompt:

Could you please write a story starting in Book 4? I always wondered what would happen if Sookie said “yes” to Eric before the Witch War, when he offered to give up everything to stay with her. We all know that she says no and that he loses his memories of her. But what if she’d said, YES, turned around the car and driven back to her house?


I own no characters or plot-lines related to True Blood or the Southern Vampire Mysteries. I write for my own pleasure (and yours) only and make no profit from my work.

Many thanks to:

Three people helped to make this story possible.
1. My friend (who wants to remain anonymous) for the inspiration
2. Sephrenia for the banner art
3. Kleannhouse for the beta-ing

Tenterhooks .pdf

Above is a complete .pdf for this story.  I hope that--if you use this
 format--you will return to this site to leave a comment when you
 are finished.  I'd love to hear what you think!


Go to Chapter 1

Please comment and tell me what you think!

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