Cast: Given Unsought

As always, Sephrenia gave me some of her valuable time as I was working on this story.  Not only did she create the story banner, but also she made character banners for both the “new” characters and the ones that I wanted to “re-cast” like Sophie-Anne.  All other characters were imagined with the True Blood actors in place.

I’ve collected Seph’s character banners below, along with some casting notes.  I hope that this helps you to enjoy the piece more.


AmeliaAmelia Broadway, played by Ellen Page

In this piece, Amelia is very kindhearted and also strong.  I felt that Page would be a good choice for her.

AndreAndre, played by Jamie Campbell Bower

I picked this actor because he looked the part of the Andre I was envisioning for this story.  Andre is not a bad guy, but he’s not exactly “good” either.  I also wanted to choose someone who looked “young” and had a little edge.

HennesyHennesy, played by Lauren Cohan

I chose Cohan because I love her on The Walking Dead.  I think that she would make a tough, badass Were!


Olivia, played by Keri Russell

When it came to picking Eric’s love interest, I wanted an actress who conveyed intelligence.  Of course, she also had to be beautiful.  I haven’t liked Russell in everything she’s done, but The Waitress is excellent, as is her work in The Americans.

Quinn_GUQuinn, played by Vin Diesel

I’ve visualized Quinn as different people in my pieces, depending on his role.  In this piece, I picture Diesel because I think he’d be a good villain, yet I could also understand why Sookie would be attracted to him.



Sigebert and Wybert, both played by Clive Standen

Generally, I picture Sigebert and Wybert as pretty unattractive.  But I wanted to give them a little bit of sexiness this time–and a bit of allure.  Yes–they are rough around the edges, but in this incarnation, they can also be kind and tender at times.

Sophie AnneSophie-Anne Leclerq, played by Lauren Ambrose

First of all, I love Ambrose as an actress.  She conveys the “youth” that I think Sophie-Anne would have.  And I think she has enough “edge” to pull off the vampire queen.  Also, this version of Sophie-Anne is more in line with the books.  And she’s sympathetic to Sookie’s plight in the work.  She becomes a friend to Sookie.  Evan Rachel Wood is a great Sophie-Anne on the show–in my opinion.  But she’s a villain, and it’s hard for me to imagine that actress as otherwise–thus the “re-cast.”

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