Chapter 11: Two As One



Instead of our two bonds, there was now only one bond in me, but the one seemed so much greater than the two had been.

It was a fusion—made up of the parts of what had been there before, but somehow new too.  Through the new bond, I could sense—I could feel—my mate more strongly than I ever had before.  I could sense her wellbeing and her emotions as if they were mine.  However, I could also feel them distinctly.  I knew that I could call her to me and that she could do the same.  I knew I would always know where she was—no matter how far she was from me.  But—even more than that—I somehow knew that I would now be able to feel her emotions even if she was in the Fae realm and I was in the human realm.  I somehow knew that I would be able to travel with her to Dùraig and stay as long as I wished—and probably even go into Faerie proper itself if need be.  I intuited that everything that our two bonds had done before had been amplified and adapted to work more efficiently as they had literally become one.

A beautiful one.

I had known before that our bonds were unique and special.  I now knew that there would never be another bond like ours because there would never be another woman like the one I held in my arms.

Sookie’s fingers were tracing the twin fine lines that now ran parallel above my heart.  Our wounds from the daggers had healed, but had left behind scars—even on me.  I smiled as I traced my wife’s matching marks, knowing that our scars would stay with us always, signifying the place of our new bond.

“You have finally managed to mark me, wife,” I said, feeling my lips turn up into a smile.  However, the teasing that I had intended to be in my tone was not there.  What was there were awe and gratefulness.  For a thousand years, my body had always returned to exactly how it had been when Godric turned me—no matter how many wounds befell it.  I stared down at my chest, which had looked the same to me for a millennium.  My wife had now changed me on the outside as well as on the inside.  I was Sookie’s Eric.  And she was mine.

“I wonder if the A.P. felt this way when she bonded with Artegal,” Sookie mused dreamily as she continued to trace my new scar with a loving touch.

“I am sure it would have been something like this,” I responded.  “But Fae and demons are of the same lineage, so they would have had only one bond between them.  We are unique in that we had two bonds: vampire and Fae.”

“Had,” she said in a whisper.

Had,” I returned.

“And now they’re together,” she sighed and snuggled into my chest, kissing the twin scars.

“Two marks on the outside and one bond on the inside,” I said as I kissed the top of her head.

We both sat in silence for a few minutes, her tracing my marks as if to make sure they stayed branded into my skin and me contemplating what I had just said.  They led to a paradox that I now knew as a truth: only two could make one.  Yet—in order to be together forever—the two had to remain separate in some ways, just like the parallel lines running above my heart.  We intersected inside of our bodies—inside of our bond—even as we remained parallel to one another, forever running our course together.  It was a mathematician’s nightmare: two lines could not be both parallel and intersecting.  However, Sookie and I had already broken the laws of magic many times.  Why not mathematics too?  I smiled and kissed her forehead as she once more kissed my scars.

“I love feeling you even stronger than I did before,” she sighed.

“Mmmm,” I responded as I buried my nose into her silky hair.

“I wanna try something—okay?” she asked.

“Okay,” I said, as I pulled back from our embrace a little so that I could look at her.

I saw mischief and curiosity in her eyes as they once more took hold of mine.

Suddenly I heard her voice telling me that she loved me even though her lips had not moved to speak.  Her voice—her beautiful, musical voice—was coming from inside our new bond.

“Try it,” she said into the bond even as a huge smile broke out onto her face.

I closed my eyes, pictured myself inside the bond with Sookie, and then spoke, “Jag älskar dig också, min vackra fru.”  [“I love you too, my beautiful wife.”]  I opened my eyes in wonder.

She giggled.  “Ha!  Hunter’s already taught me those words.”

“Damn—then I can have no more secrets,” I teased, still speaking into the bond.  It was easier the second time.

“Only the ones I let you keep,” she teased back.

Gods, I loved her.  I bent down to kiss her hard.

“I like this new skill,” she moaned, speaking into me even as she returned my kiss with fervor.

“Me too,” I returned.  Indeed—it would come in handy.  “Now kissing and talking can happen at the same time.”

Her giggle broke our kiss.  She swatted my arm playfully as her unabashed joy filled the bond.  My own happiness swirled around hers.

She closed her eyes and screwed up her nose a bit so that I could see that she was concentrating.

“What?” I asked.

“My telepathy still can’t pick you up—thank God,” she said out loud.

I concentrated on trying to hear her thoughts.  “And I am still not a telepath,” I laughed.

She ran her tongue along her incisors.  “Still no fangs,” she teased.  “And sadly, I think you’ll have to keep doin’ the flyin’ for us.”

I chuckled.  “I think we share only the powers that we need to share, min kära.  I have always thought that.”

She nodded in agreement.  “And I’m bettin’ that we can do only what we did before—but just better.”

I nodded.  “I think you are right.”

She bit her bottom lip.  “Well then?” she asked with a blush.

I could not help but to smile at the red in her cheeks.  “Well?” I asked.

“Well,” she said coyly, “if we can do everything better,” her voice trailed off as her lust ratcheted up in our new bond.  The strength of it fueled my own desire for her.

“You wish to test the everything, lover?” I asked, feeling my cock grow hard against her.

She gasped a little as she felt me against her thigh.  If anything, her blush increased.

So beautiful.

She nodded.  “I think our talk is over,” she whispered, her voice lower than usual.

“Nothing else on the list?” I teased a little, even though my own lust had now thickened my voice as well.

She bit her lip.  “Just one more thing.”

“What’s that?” I asked even as her lips met mine.

“Take me to bed,” she said into the bond.

Yep.  I was definitely going to enjoy our new ability.

Purple border


As soon as I’d made my request, Eric picked me up.  My robe, which had already been loosened from my upper body, fell to the floor and was quickly forgotten.  My arms immediately twined around his neck and my legs wrapped around his waist as his lips played with mine in a kiss that was as powerful as it was soft.

It was perfect.  He was perfect.  He was mine.

I felt the whoosh of stirred air against my back as Eric flew us to our bedroom.  However, the gentleness of his kiss—of his touch—contrasted with the speed of his movement.  Instead of falling onto the bed in a heavy—though heavenly—heap of tangled limbs and then fucking each other until one or both of us was literally fucked into the mattress—as I’d thought would happen—Eric laid us down delicately, using his ability to fly to hover over me so that I wouldn’t feel his whole weight.

Our kiss lingered for what felt like an hour.  It was a deep kiss, and our tongues were just as active as our lips were.  We tasted and moaned into each other, reveling in the closeness of our bodies and the feeling of the new bond within us.  In truth, I felt as if I could kiss him like that forever and be happy, and he seemed just as content.

The desperate fire that had raged inside of me as we’d bonded with the two daggers had been put out by my mate, and now I was simply enjoying the sensation of being loved—the sensation of being bonded to Eric in a new way that eclipsed even the bonds that we’d had before.

“I love you,” he told me inside the bond even as he continued kissing me.

“I feel it,” I said back to him, glad that I didn’t have to break the languorous embrace of our lips to talk to him.  “Do you feel how much I love you, Eric?”

He allowed his body to sink onto me a bit more, though he still didn’t seem heavy against me.

“I do,” he said out loud as he broke our kiss for the first time in what seemed like ages.  His eyes captured mine, his blue orbs a jumble of love, playfulness, and awe.  “I am going to break a promise I made to myself involving you, min kära,” he said in a rough whisper.

“What’s that?” I asked as my fingers roamed freely over his broad shoulders.

“I was going to kiss every inch of you tonight,” he reported.  “Worship. Every. Inch.”

My breath hitched as his eyes went from my eyes to my lips.  “And now?”

He smiled.  “And now, all I want to do is to kiss you here while I make love to you.”  He placed his lips softly onto mine before deepening our kiss again.

“That’s fine by me,” I said into the bond when his lips seemed unwilling to part from mine so that I could indicate my agreement with his new plan.  “You can kiss the rest of me tomorrow night after you get your surprise,” I added into the bond, even as I swirled my tongue around his fang.

He half-groaned and half-chuckled into my lips, but did not break the embrace of our mouths.  His lips vibrating against mine and his joy in the bond felt like pure bliss to me.  Eric’s hands moved through my hair and over my upper body in smooth and tender caresses.  I groaned when they left my skin, but moaned when I heard what I figured were Eric’s boxer-briefs being ripped in half by those same strong hands.  That supposition was confirmed a moment later as I felt his hard length against my entrance.  Without needing to check, he knew that I was ready for him, and he gently lowered himself until he was sheathed all the way inside of me.

I welcomed him as a part of myself.

I had lost count of how many times I had made love to Eric.  And—as cheesy as it might have seemed—every single time we had been together had been making love, even when we were against a wall fucking each other’s brains out.  No matter how fast or slow or rough or gentle our couplings were, we had loved each other every time we’d joined.

As they had formed and then strengthened, our two bonds—fairy and then vampire—had enabled Eric and me to feel even more pleasure as we’d made love.  They’d allowed us to experience more intensity, for they had given us the pleasure of feeling each other’s emotions.  But nothing had ever been as profound as the love-making that we were sharing now.

Eric had always been able to find and then stimulate the most pleasurable places on and inside of my body.  Even as his soft kisses continued, his gracious plenty was stroking my spot—the spot that always brought my body to flames.  But this time, it seemed like every pleasure had been amplified.  He was stoking and dousing the fire within me at the same time.  And I knew that I was bringing heat to his cool flesh as he moved in and out of me at a slow and steady pace.

 Purple border


The physical stirring of my body by my mate was the same as it had always been.  But it was also more.

Her body gripped mine tightly with its soft heat, even as the moisture flowing from her sheath allowed me to slip into and out of her easily.  Our couplings had always brought with them the most amazing contrasts that my body had ever experienced.  Simply put, her pussy was built to hold my cock; as profane or unromantic as that statement might have sounded to some, I had had a thousand years of experience to know the truth of it.  Her womanhood gripped me in a way that was almost painful at times.  Sweet pain.  However, she was always so wet for me and so warm that I never had difficulty entering her.  Sweet pleasure.

It struck me that we were joining in the most basic of ways.  I was on top of her body, moving in and out of her.  Her legs were wrapped around my thighs, though she was not gripping me with them as she usually did when we were in this position.  Usually, I would be thrusting into her harder or faster, but right now, my body wanted only to stay inside of hers for as long as it could before retreating and then delving into her again.  It seemed that my cock wanted to linger inside of her just as my lips were lingering on hers.  And I was fine with that plan.

The pleasure I felt building up slowly in her mirrored my own, and I knew that we would eventually reach a point when our orgasms would spill over, but the sweet water that would consume the flames burning inside of us was rising slowly.  Eventually, it would overflow and then fill us both, but it would do so in a prolonged trickle and not a flood.

Instinctively, I knew that was what we needed right now.  Maybe that was all that we could withstand since our fused bond was still so new to us.  And so fucking strong!  Anything more might have been too much, or it might have been too little.  It was hard to say.  It was another paradox.

But it was a beautiful one.

The bond itself crackled with intensity as Sookie and I slowly became accustomed to feeling each other so penetratingly within it.  Every emotion she had was a living entity inside of me.  Everything she thought into me was heard.  Every enduring feeling she had for me was molten lava engulfing me in its grip.

It was fucking amazing.

Trying both to prolong and to survive the profundity of our joining, I centered all of my pleasure on her lips and tongue.  Through our kisses we could say that we loved one another over and over again.  Between the bond and my lips, I was telling her how much she meant to me—how much she would always mean to me.

It was simple.  She meant everything.

I was careful to make sure that my kisses never became too rough.  I did not want to steal her breath so that she would have to pull away.  I wanted her mouth to relax into mine—to stay with mine.  And it did.  It was heaven.

Certainly, we were both receiving pleasure from the feeling of the lower halves of our bodies joining, but that pleasure was—for once—secondary to what I was experiencing elsewhere inside my body.  Before Sookie, sex had always been a purely physical thing for me—except with Godric, though that too had been different.  I had had sex with Godric mostly because I was compelled to be closer to my maker, not because I was attracted to him physically.

With Sookie, sex had always been both physical and emotional; thus, my enjoyment of the act and especially its meaning for me had grown exponentially.  However, now, it felt as if my mind was just as active in our coupling as my body was.  It was not as if my mind had turned off when I had been with her before, but any man with a dick could tell you that the “big head” generally listened to the “little head” when an imminent orgasm was on the horizon.  Vampires did not become immune to this propensity.

However, my “big brain” seemed hyperactive as I kissed my wife.  My body was also hyper-aware.  Everything was felt, and every feeling was cherished.  Everywhere that Sookie’s flesh touched mine was hotter, just as everywhere that mine touched hers was cooler.  I could not help but to wonder if this was the way things had always been between us before—if I was only able to recognize the sensation now that we had created our new bond.  I knew that Sookie had enjoyed the cool of my flesh even as I had always enjoyed the heat of hers, but I had never been able to truly comprehend the perfect contrast—the perfect complement—until now.

I sighed even as she sighed below me.

“Perfect,” I heard us both say into the bond at the same time.  I felt her smile into our kiss even as I was smiling.


I noticed that her hands were already exactly where I most wanted them to be.  They were gripped into my shoulders, her fingernails pressed into me with the perfect balance of need and pain.  Those fingers told me that she wanted me.  They told me that she wanted me closer.


“Perfect,” came Sookie’s voice into the bond.

“Perfect,” I spoke into her mouth, not knowing if she could make out the word, but knowing that she had heard me anyway.

 Purple border

We had been making delicious love for three hours, forty-two minutes, and twelve seconds when I felt the walls of Sookie’s womanhood pulse around me, signaling her release.  Her orgasm was strong and long-lasting.  And she took me with her.  I filled her with seed that would not bear fruit no matter how much I wanted it to—no matter how often I wished that it could.

However, at the same time, I felt elation because I was filling the mother of my child.  I would give my life to have another child with Sookie, but the one that we already had together—and make no mistake, Hunter was ours—would always be enough.  More than enough.

It was just another paradox about Sookie and me.  I knew that I would always regret not being able to give her additional children made from our DNA.  No matter how much magic we had together, there were some things that no amount of love could accomplish.  But—at the same time—I would never take for granted the child that fate had given to us.  We had somehow managed to have the best child in the world—a child that was destined just for us—without being able to produce children of our own.  That too was the work of magic.

Sookie’s body continued to grip and then release me as she took what seemed like every ounce of cum I had from my body.  Again and again, I gushed into her—until neither of us had anything left to give.

Yet I felt so fucking full!

Finally we were sated.

I let my body fall onto hers for a moment before moving to her side.  Immediately, she cradled me so that my head was lying on her chest.  I listened to her heart beat, even as contentment flooded my own un-beating heart.

It was still an hour before sunrise, but as soon as I felt her breathing even out and knew that she was sleeping, I slept too.

And while the sun was still down, I dreamed of her.




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