Chapter 11: Intimate Decisions


Hearing Sookie mention the need to stop Victor caused my own wheels to start turning in that direction, and we were quiet for a few moments—something that I didn’t mind since my bonded would be staying my bonded and since she was currently resting quite safely in my arms.

“I’ll always want to work,” Sookie sighed, breaking the silence.

“I would never try to stop you,” I responded.

“But you have always hated me working at Merlotte’s,” she accused.

“I have,” I owned.

“Why? Because it is beneath your status?” she asked somewhat bitingly, though—if anything—she pushed herself more tightly into my embrace.

“No!” I responded quickly. “It is beneath yours, dammit!”

Gods! Sookie Stackhouse could rile me quicker than any other.

But, at least, neither one of us was pulling away.

“I don’t need to put on airs, Eric,” she said firmly, “even if I do have money in my bank account now.”

“Who is telling you to do so?” I asked with frustration. “But you could do things other than being a bar maid.”

“Like what? I don’t have the luxury of an education or a thousand years of experience,” she reminded.

“You could make your telepathy a business,” I suggested. “If you did so, you could make vampires and other Supes come to you. You could take control of your gift.”

“Wouldn’t such a thing make me even more coveted?” she asked.

“Perhaps, but it would also build you a group of allies, customers, and contacts. Many vampires already owe you from Rhodes. Russell Edgington also has a soft spot for you. And so does Stan Davis of Texas. Trust me when I tell you that one of the reasons why Victor and Felipe haven’t already tried to kidnap you is because some very powerful vampires have been very vocal in their high esteem for you.”

“But what if I don’t want to use my telepathy in my job?” she challenged.

“Then don’t. You can do anything you want to, now, Sookie,” I insisted. “Anything you like! Hell, if you like working at Merlotte’s so much—if it truly satisfies you—then stay there. But, please let me have you guarded, especially if you are determined to let your fairy lineage be known!”

“Dammit, Eric! There’s no ‘if.’ That’s already been decided! We are going to do everything possible—together—to get you out of the thing with Freyda, even if I have to stake her myself!”

Her chest was rising and falling noticeably because of the fervency of her words. The bond was thrumming with love and determination. Her eyes were daring me to contradict her.

I’d never wanted her more!

My fangs clicked down and I found myself on my knees in front of Sookie.

I was panting. She was panting.

And when I scented her sweet arousal, all bets were off. I pushed her dress up and then tore her panties off, being careful to rip with both hands so that I didn’t hurt her. And then I dove in to taste her. Oftentimes, I was patient when I worked Sookie with my tongue and my fingers; I enjoyed bringing her to the edge of release again and again—until she begged and threatened and kicked and yelled. And the minx had learned to do the same with me when her mouth honored my cock with its attentions, but now was not a time when I was willing to be patient with her.

I was too highly wound! I’d gone from fearing the worst—that she was determined to destroy our bond—to hearing the best news in the world: that she was ready, willing, and able to fight for us.

For me.

“Mine!” I growled as I nipped at her clit and pushed two fingers into her so that I could stroke her.

“Eric!” she yelled out as I added a third finger and vibrated my tongue quickly against her clit as only a vampire could do. She came hard and I enjoyed the taste of her release for a moment before turning my head to bite into her femoral artery.

The mixture of her blood and cum was almost enough to make me orgasm, but I held myself back as I sealed the small punctures I’d made and then lapped up the rest of her release.

Sookie was still experiencing aftershocks as I tore my shirt off and lowered my pants.

“Do not tear this dress!” she panted right before I was going to do just that.

She knew me too well.

And I fucking loved that!

Loved her!

I growled out of my need to touch Sookie’s bare breasts, but—instead of tearing her garment—I took out my needs on my bonded’s still-clenching pussy as I pushed my cock into her. Sookie had become used to my size over the previous months, and she moaned with passion as I began to move my hips at a hard, steady pace.

“Faster,” she panted.


I brought my hands up to fondle her breasts over her damnable dress.

I could feel her hardened nipples through both her dress and her bra.

“Fine! Tear it!” Sookie yelled out.

I grinned and ripped her pretty sundress before doing the same with her bra.

Her breasts spilled into my waiting hands, and then I bent forward to take one of her ripe nipples into my mouth.

“Don’t you dare slow down,” Sookie growled as she grabbed my hair and moved my head so that I would attend to her other breast.

I didn’t slow down at all, and it wasn’t long before her walls fluttered around my cock. And then she fell over the edge again with me following suit.

However, I was not sated.

And neither was she.

“More!” she growled as she nipped at my neck.

I obliged, lifting her into my arms and pushing her against the wall. I held my hands under her ass so that my thrusts into her supple body wouldn’t knock her into the wall uncomfortably. And then I fucked her like the beast I was.

My pounding would have been too hard for most women, but Sookie was part fairy, and she kept asking—no begging—for “more” and “harder.”

Despite my nature, there wasn’t a bone in my body—including my hard-on—that would have hurt her, so I confirmed through the bond that she was enjoying herself and truly longing for more.

And then I gave in to her pleas.


Truth be known, her commands were my wishes too, which proved—for the thousandth time—that Sookie Stackhouse had been made with me in mind.

“Mine,” I whispered as I emptied into her body again. I stayed inside of her—unmoving—as I brought one hand to her clit.

I stroked as she mewled.

I could tell that she was close to cumming as she wiggled in my arms.

“Yes. There!” she whimpered.

She squirmed and then orgasmed against my “mostly” spent cock—though “he” was threatening to rise again.

So that she could “ride” again.

However, I held back as she continued to quiver and shake in my arms. She was—in that moment—”mostly” human. And I was her mate, and that meant that I would put her needs above my own.


Gently, I pulled my cock from her body and lay her down on the couch before jetting into my private bathroom to warm a washcloth for her. I also grabbed one of the dresses I’d had Pam stock for Sookie in my small closet—and the requisite undergarments that I knew my bonded would want.

Sookie Stackhouse just wasn’t a “commando kind of gal.”

She was just catching her breath when I began cleaning her thighs and pussy with the rag. She sighed as she looked at me through half-closed lids.

“Amelia made me promise that we wouldn’t do that,” she smiled.

“Do what?” I asked with a smirk.

“Have sex instead of talking.”

“We had sex after talking,” I corrected.

She sat up a little and put on the bra I offered her.

It was white lace and framed her perfect breasts as if they were art. I wanted to rip it off of her immediately, but I refrained.

She was still too tired.

“Zip me up?” she asked, when she noticed that I was staring at her reverse striptease like a deer trapped in headlights.

“I’d rather not,” I sighed, even as I completed her request. She waited until I was re-dressed—ogling me the whole time, I might add—before she blind-sided me.

“I want to live with you, Eric. I’m tired of being afraid of committing to you fully, and that’s what I want to do—commit to you with my whole self! I accept your marriage proposal, but I don’t want to wait. I want to start acting like your wife—tonight. I’m glad we’re pledged, Eric—and not just because of all the political bullshit either. I’m glad because I love you!”

I was stumped for words for a moment.

“Where?” I finally asked, only able to get out the one word.

“Your house is better.” She contemplated for a moment. “I’ll invite Claude and Dermot to stay at the farmhouse if they want, and we’ll be able to see how they react. If you’re right about the fact that Claude is just using me for my mojo, then he’ll complain and try to talk me into moving back. And—if Dermot really is into me,” she cringed, “I think we’ll be able to figure that out, too.”

“Sound reasoning,” I managed, still somewhat at a loss of words.

“In the meantime,” she continued, “I think it’s time that I prioritize us—you. Maybe putting you first was all I ever needed to do in order to trust that you would do the same for me.” She shook her head. “Heck—even with the money issue—I’ve been inconsistent. Just today, I offered Hunter’s dad some money from Hadley’s estate, but his pride made him turn it down—even though I know it could make his life easier.” She sighed and looked down, the bond brimming with her guilt. “I let my pride get in the way of us—again and again. And I became a hypocrite in the process.”

“You became normal in the process,” I corrected, taking her in my arms. “What about your job? Will you commute?”

She shook her head. “No. I’m going to quit.”

“You don’t have to—for me,” I said.

“I’m quitting for me, though you are the one who helped me to see that I could be more, so I guess you’re somewhat to blame,” she added with a smirk. “I’m gonna look into college. I’ve been thinking about doing that anyway. I liked doing Sam’s books when he was away. I liked working with the numbers and organizing things. It was,” she paused, “relaxing.”

“Numbers don’t think back,” I whispered.

“No. They don’t,” she confirmed.

“You know—Pam hates doing Fangtasia’s books; she views it as punishment, but I hate doing them too, so I make her take care of them. You’d be doing both of us a big favor if you took them over.”

She shook her head. “I’m not qualified yet.”

“Pam and I could teach you the basics. I’m sure that it wouldn’t take you long to learn on the job. You’d have work you enjoy, and I would be better able to protect you.”

“What if we got tired of being with each other both at home and at work?”

“If we did, we could talk about it—and make changes,” I suggested.

“You mean—actually have an adult conversation about something? An open and honest one?” she asked facetiously.

I chuckled for a moment before she joined me in laughter. It was nice to be able to laugh about the dysfunction of our conversations in the past.

“I’m going to have to buy Amelia a present,” I shared.

“You and me both,” Sookie returned. “Speaking of which, we should thank her,” she added with a blush.

“Speaking of the witch, we should,” I concurred with a wink.

A/N: Okay. So I thought that some sexual healing was needed. Next up, they will be reporting to Amelia and beginning those thankyous that are owed to her.





40 thoughts on “Chapter 11: Intimate Decisions

  1. Awesome. The email linked to chapter 10. Once my brain kicked in, DUH!, I finally figured out to just go to the menu and find the story then the right chapter, lmao.
    I can’t wait to see how you resolved the Freyda issue :D.

      1. Lol, I thought that one was just me :D. Ah well, we still found the chapter. I’ll just need to remember not to copy and paste the link from the email for minions in the morning, lol.

          1. I know :D. Thank you. Why is everything coming through as polldaddy the last little while? It’s not just your site, I’ve had it happen on others as well.

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      1. Thanks. I didn’t watch Angel (though I watched Buffy). I first saw Amy Acker on Alias. And then Person of Interest. I thought she’d be really interesting, and she fit the spirit I wanted to work with in this piece. Funnily enough, my Amelias have a tendency to change. I was picking Rachel McAdams for a while. Then I went to Emily Blunt (she’s my Amelia in the GH series and the UN-iverse). Then I picked Ellen Page for the INNER-Verse. And Amy for this story. I think my Amelia is based on my mood. 🙂

  3. Healing is good, Eric’s healing is even better! So happy that she is finally seeing things that she’s ignored in the past. Can’t wait to see Amelia’s reaction and to see how they get rid of the Freyda, Felipe and Victor problems.

  4. Glad I thought to go to the story and get to this chapter..
    When these two are in synch, they are pretty much unstoppable. I look forward to what they do now to get Freyda out of their lives, and being their HEA.

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    And accepting help from the person she loves, her husband! A partnership, including money! So very good!!

    Three guess what Amelia is going to notice first… The dress!!!

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