Chapter 30: In Costume

In Costume

“You look beautiful,” Leonie grinned as she took in Sookie’s appearance. The fairy had styled Sookie’s newly-blond-again hair into golden ringlets and then had put most of them into an elaborate up-do. Sookie was determined that it was going to stay its natural hue this time!

Sookie’s dress looked like it was straight out of the Victorian era. The bodice was crimson and pulled tightly against her frame; capped, ruffled sleeves and a V-shaped neckline complemented her shoulders and collarbones. The back bustle of the dress was also made out of crimson material—as was the rest of the dress. However, the main part of the skirt and the train had been bunched together with lace so that a darker effect was created. A similar darker effect, created with beads, had been crafted in the middle of the bodice, accentuating Sookie’s waist.Sookie's dress (2) Sookie's dress

Sookie smiled at the fairy. “You look beautiful too.”Leonie's dress

Indeed, Leonie did look spectacular. She wore cornflower blue silk and looked like a Grecian goddess.

“Brady thought so,” she winked.

Sookie chuckled, even as she made sure that her costume was ready to be transformed. As lovely as it was, the skirt would be impossible to fight in. However, with the pulling of a few strategically-placed ribbons, the skirt would drop, revealing pants that were made of an amazingly supple fabric that felt like a second skin. Leonie had called it fairy leather.

Sookie knew that as soon as her skirt was off, her weapons would be revealed. Of course, her main weapon was her light, but Sookie also carried several stakes made of very strong wood. She and Eric had trained with the stakes so that Sookie could use them for both offense and defense.

Given the fact that Brady was the one in charge of checking the guests for weapons—most of their allies would be hiding arms inside or under their elaborate costumes. No doubt, Russell’s people would have found ways to sneak weapons in as well; however, Sookie knew that her side had an advantage because they could both bring in what they needed and count on weapons that had been hidden in the room by Brady and Maggie as well.

Glancing back at Leonie, Sookie couldn’t help but wonder where her weapon might be—given the fact that the material of the dress seemed almost sheer.

“Obviously fairy magic,” Sookie muttered.

“What, dear?” Leonie asked knowingly as she handed Sookie her mask.

“Nothing,” Sookie grinned even as she put on her mask. It was gold with a large crimson flower on one side; the mask covered the top half of her face, ensuring that she’d not be recognized. Even so, she was wearing blue contacts to make the disguise even more effective.sookie's mask

“I’m ready,” Sookie said, looking in the mirror—even as Leonie put on her own mask. It was made of black lace and peacock feathers and complemented her dress perfectly.

“Me too,” the fairy said.

Leonie Mask

“I think your dress weighs more than my armor,” Eric quipped as he watched his child put the finishing touches on her outfit.

“It probably does,” she intoned, even as she pulled up her heavily-beaded bodice so that it showed off the tops of her breasts to perfection.

“Now—lace me up,” she ordered.

Eric chuckled and did as “commanded.”

“I thought you were a Viking. Put your back into it,” Pam said impatiently.

Eric pulled again until he heard one of Pam’s rib crack.

“Perfect!” the vampiress purred.

Eric rolled his eyes. Of course the crack would have already healed, but—obviously—there was no known cure for his child’s vanity.

Ostensibly, Pam had insisted that Eric dress in her room so that he’d be surprised when he saw Sookie. But Eric had seen Sookie’s costume many times during their training sessions—though he’d never seen her fully made up. Still, the Viking knew why Pam had wanted him near and alone. And he couldn’t blame her.

After all, he’d missed her too.

His dottir was decked out in white from head to toe—white with crystal beads everywhere. Her strapless gown paid her curves every compliment imaginable. And the diamond necklace around her neck made her look like a queen. Her elaborate mask, complete with headdress, completed the breathtaking image.

Pam's outfit“You have a fan—you know,” Eric said with a smirk.

“A fan?” his child asked as she expertly applied her lipstick.

“A king,” he teased.

“Which one?” she asked, sounding bored.

He chuckled. “Peter Threadgill.”

“Ah—the redneck,” she intoned, though Eric noticed that her eyes sparked a little interest.

“I think he might prefer the term ‘hillbilly,'” the Viking chuckled.

Pam grinned. “How do you know his interest?”

“He is a member of the Authority and asked Roman to ask me to ask you a favor.”

“So—he passed a note in study hall?” she sassed.

Eric chuckled. “Something like that.”

“What does he want?”

“A share in Sophie-Anne’s death,” he responded.

“That cunt is mine! Fuck him!” she said quickly.

“I think he’d rather enjoy both your cunt and a fuck,” Eric grinned as he adjusted his own costume.

Inspiration for Eric's Masquerade outfit“A little literal—isn’t it?” Pam asked, gesturing toward the warrior outfit Eric wore. “Viking?”

“No. Brady tells me that it’s inspired by a video game.”

“God, he’s such a geek, Eric! You really should choose better friends.”

Eric’s eyebrow rose as he finished securing his breastplate.

“Fine—he’s a good friend,” Pam relented. “But he’s still a geek.”

Eric chuckled. “I think he’d gladly accept that label—along with many others.”

“Now that looks Viking,” Pam said, gesturing toward Eric’s helmet, which lay on her bed. It was made of metal and would cover his head and face. On the sides were downturned horns.

That is because you have no idea what real Viking armor and helmets looked like,” Eric chuckled. He ran his fingers over his breastplate. “This would have been beyond the skills of my village’s blacksmith—though ours was better than most. And these,” he added, pointing to the horns, “would have been made fun of by my people—rightly!”

Pam rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Don’t you think it looks too stereotypically Viking?”

Eric scoffed. “Russell will know the difference, too, and he wouldn’t expect me to go,” he paused, “campy.”

“Well—let’s see the whole effect,” she said, pointing to the mask.

Eric indulged her and put it on.

“You do look like you’re a character in a video game,” she intoned.

“And you look like a frigid ice bitch.”

“So—at least one of our costumes is accurate then,” she grinned.


“So—the King of Arkansas wants in my pants,” Pam commented.

“Hmm.” Eric’s eyes shone. He’d known that she would be interested. After all, Peter was well known for being an irreverent, audacious bastard. And he was rumored to have a big cock. When Pam “went man,” he was just her type.

“And—he wants me to share Sophie-Anne with him.”


“Well—I always did love a good threesome,” she finished.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Pam said after adjusting her breasts again.

Eric rolled his eyes as Leonie entered.

“You need to see Sookie,” the fairy said.

“She needs me?” he asked with some concern, getting up from the bed where he’d been siting.

“Just see her,” Leonie grinned. “You might need to,” she paused, “do things before we go—given her appearance.”

“Do things like fuck,” Pam said crassly, even as she looked the fairy up and down.

Leonie chuckled. “Perhaps.” She winked at Pam. “Sorry, doll, but I simply must see a dog about a bone.”

Pam rolled her eyes—yet again. “Why must all the beautiful fairies around me prefer dicks to chicks?”

“Peter Threadgill prefers you,” Eric smirked.

“Not. A. Fairy!” Pam yelled, adjusting her breasts yet again.

Eric chuckled as he left his child’s room to go see his wife. Indeed, he had missed Pam—very much. His reunion with his child had been quite emotional—especially when considering the two vampires involved. There had even been a hug—though a short one since Pam had almost immediately noticed that others were present. And Gods forbid that she be seen actually showing affection.

She’d been horrified that her mascara had run with her blood!

He chuckled.

However, that laugh and the vampire’s thoughts stopped—as did his feet—when he saw his mate. She looked . . . .

She looked . . . .

Eric didn’t have a word for how she looked. He’d seen her in her dress as they’d practiced together, and that had been quite enough to arouse the lust in him. But now she looked . . . .

She looked . . . .

“We can’t,” she said sternly, even as she was taking him in with pure lust in her own eyes.

“We can,” he said in a feral tone as he walked toward her.

Their bonds were not helping either of their control.

“Do not mess up my hair,” she ordered.

“I won’t,” he growled.

“Or my makeup.”

He paused. “Lipstick?” he asked.

“Other than that,” she compromised.

He grinned.

“Do NOT tear this dress!”

“Oh—I have experience with these,” he said, his fangs popping out.

She hit him with her light—not so gently. He had to step back a few steps because of the impact. Thankfully, his armor absorbed most of it.

“I don’t want to hear about any other experiences you’ve had,” she said threateningly.

His eyes narrowed as he took in the predator before him.

His mate.

His perfect fucking mate!

“No experience compares to you,” he growled softly.

“Then come experience me, Viking,” she growled back.

And he did.

Without mussing her hair.

Or tearing her dress.

The vampire had talent.

There was no denying it.

A/N: Hello all! I hope you enjoyed this chapter, despite the fact that it’s a bit short. I almost cut it out (I’m as anxious for battle as many of you are), but I really wanted to keep the section where Pam and Eric have a reconnection. Plus, our hero and heroine insisted upon a little more lovin’.


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27 thoughts on “Chapter 30: In Costume

  1. Love the costumes! Pam’s is perfect for her, Ice Princess indeed! Sookie’s costume is beautiful and Leonie’s is ethereal as a full fairy’s should be. Where do you find all of these costumes, and which give you the inspiration? I had no doubts as to Eric’s talent! Another fabulous chapter from you & your entire team!

  2. The mental imagery conjured here, it clears all memories of Askars in drag out completely. ;D

    Love that Sookie and Eric found a bit of time for a bit of nookie before the big battle. Really looking forward to reading about it.

  3. Excellent. The costumes are wonderful. I can’t blame them for wanting a little nookie before the big battle. There is some fear that it may be their last time. Pam and Threadgill might be a good combination.

  4. I am in love with this story. It’s amazing to me that I am so desperate to get to the ball, but every new chapter is just flawless. They are important to the story and SO enjoyable to me the reader. Really nice job choosing their costumes, as well. I can’t wait for the next chapter!

  5. 12 more filled-with-goodness chapters plus epilogue! Awesome. Glad Eric and Sookie took an “us” time out. Good for them! Besides…Eric in that costume? I’d be a drooling puddle on the floor.
    It sounds like Pam’s in for a treat when the battles won! Or maybe I should say Peter’s in for a treat! After all, this is Pam we’re talking about! 😈

  6. I usually read from your fanfiction site; however, I just had to come check out the costumes…they are perfect! Eric’s Skyrim costume rocks! Eric’s comment to Pam, “And you look like a frigid ice bitch.” And, Pam’s remark regarding their attire, “So—at least one of our costumes is accurate then,” too funny!

  7. Love the visuals and the dresses are role perfect! The Eric/Pam interaction was sublime – their relationship was the best part of True Blood even if they did ruin Pam’s character in the end. Great chapter, so glad my brain is taking things in again as I’ve really missed this.

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