Funeral (Complete)

Story Summary:

Funeral is a True Blood story that picks up following Episode 7 of Season 6. Nora has just died, and—at Bill’s request—Sookie has brought Warlow back to the human realm. Will the death that surrounds Eric and Sookie cause them to choose life—that “other” life they could have together?


All publicly recognized characters, images, lines of dialogue, and plot lines are the sole property of their creators. I own only my own imagination as it involves the characters I love; however, even my imaginary constructions would be impossible without True Blood and the Southern Vampire Mystery series. My work is not-for-profit and intended only for the enjoyment of the writer and readers. No copyright infringement is intended.

Acknowledgments & Dedication:

I want to dedicate this story to all Eric & Sookie fans, who see what this couple “could” be if their “makers” would let them reach their full potential. And I want to acknowledge CDB33. This story is for you—because every once in a while, things should go the way YOU want them to go.

Recognition for Funeral!



Funeral .pdf

Hello! Here is the complete .pdf!  
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I'd love to hear your opinion!

Chapter 1

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