When I first began posting Back and Forth, I was terrified that no one would like it.  However, this story has be welcomed much more than I could have ever hoped for, and I wanted to take a minute to give you all a heart-felt thank you.  Writing fiction and things like this story are my pastime―what I do when I need a break from my daily obligations or stresses.  Writing like this is also one of the things that I do for pure, unadulterated fun!  But before this, my writing has been only for me.

Posting the story was a leap for me, but I am so happy I made it.

I want to thank all who read and commented on this story publicly (both here and on  Many gave me interesting feedback that caused me to think.  In the sea of wonderful reviews that I received, I was often encouraged and heartened.  It is always a gift to hear that other people like something you do―that others are listening.

I felt gifted by each review.

I hope you will join me for the sequel.

Go to the sequel, Come Back to Me


2 thoughts on “Postscript

  1. Hello Beautiful Kat!
    I’m currently rereading the Back and Forth Universe pt1.

    I thought I’d drop a line as I think I’m nearing the end. I’m listening to it thru a text to speech app. Not perfect intonation, but better than the old 80’s electronic voice 🙂

    I love this. I love that Jesus survived, and was able to find the spell to break the bonds. It’s been so long since I’ve read it, that I can’t remember what is going to happen lol. The sookie, Jason, Jesus and Laffy drinking session was funny. Especially their guessing games on who’s thoughts Sookie was answering 🙂

    I’m about to listen to their wedding, and I can’t remember if Bill ends up causing more problems but I have to admit surprise that her new ‘bad intent’ wards didn’t push him off her property when he found out she was Eric’s. Oh and his consistent oblivion over her ability to see thru his crap after the breaking spell would have been amusing if it wasn’t pathetic 😜 .

    Sigh. I do love the dream Eric, and the Fae bond. I love the way you have created these two separate and wonderful bonds and found a way for them to wind together and strengthen each other, as well as strengthening Eric and Sookie 😄

    Well, back to the housework. And listening to Eric and Sookie preparing for their official pledging.

    Btw. Completely forgot he loves 🍑 Its cute.

    Hugs and merry XMas and happy new year.

    I’ll probably review again soon 🙂


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