Multi-Part Series

Below, you will find an index of my series in alphabetical order.

(You can access the series/individual stories by clicking the pictures.)

The Avalanche Companion Stories

avalanche companion


TB Universe–Follows Season 6

As of now, there are only two companion stories–“Snjóflóð” and “Avalanche.”  However, eventually, these two stories might be precursors for a re-envisioned version of Season 7.


(Complete) While all hell broke loose in Louisiana, Eric Northman went home to Sweden to heal from his sister’s and maker’s deaths. Will his decision to isolate himself lead to his own death? Companion piece to “AVALANCHE.”

avalanche 2


(Complete) While Eric was recovering from the burns he sustained at the end of Season 6, Sookie was trying to learn from her past mistakes and move on. But how can she move forward when her heart belongs to a vampire who seems to have fallen off the face of the earth? This is a companion piece to “Snjóflóð,” which should be read first.


The Back & Forth Universe

BandF Universe Banner


TB/SVM Universe–Follows Season 4

Though “beginning” in the True Blood world, this is really a TB/SVM crossover (since there are some SVM characters and “original” characters introduced too).  It currently has two main parts and several other companion pieces.  The third main part is now in progress.  (They should be read in the order given below.)


(Complete) When Sookie realizes that her feelings for both Bill and Eric might have been caused by their blood, she takes drastic steps that will change her life―and the lives of Eric and Bill―forever.

backandforth(banner by Nwalmn)


(Complete) This is a sequel to Back and Forth. Now that Sookie & Eric have found their way to each other at last, Bill might just be the least of their worries. How will they deal with the threats that will try to separate them forever? Will their bonds survive?

Come+Back+to+Me2(banner by Sephrenia)


(Complete) An “interlude” set in the middle of Come Back to Me, Sojourn tells the story of Eric & Sookie’s necessary re-connection and healing after their fight with Russell.



(Complete) “King of Fools” is a one-shot, set in the Back & Forth and Come Back to Me universe in that it tells a humorous story about the fates of its villains. It is a short comedy, written in honor of the Fangreaders Awards.

King of Fools


(In Progress) Earned is the third major story in the Back & Forth Universe.  It jumps forward in time and focuses on Hunter’s coming of age–just as much as it continues to explore the romance of Eric and Sookie.

Earned WP 2

(banner by Sephrenia)

The Comfortably Numb Universe

The CN Universe


SVM/TB–ALL HUMAN–Alternative Universe

This trilogy is in the SVM world (though there are some True Blood characters introduced too). This series includes three stories: Comfortably Numb, Touch the Flame, and Burn out the Pain.

cn(Complete) This is an all-human story set mostly in New York. Eric & Sookie are two individuals incredibly beaten down & emotionally stilted due to the cruelty of their parents. Can they learn to love themselves & each other, even as outside forces try to rip them apart? Will their love survive, or will they be faced with a life in which they succumb–once more–to numbness?  

Comfortably Numb final(banner by Sephrenia)

ttf(Complete) This is the sequel to Comfortably Numb.  Eric and Sookie may have decided to fight against Appius’s influence in Eric’s life, but that doesn’t mean smooth sailing for them.  New challenges and tragedies will befall them.  Will they find a way to stay together through them?  Or will Appius drive them apart–or worse–as the “touch the flame”?

Touch the Flame Story Banner(banner by Sephrenia)

Burn out the Pain(Complete) Part 3 of The Comfortably Numb Trilogy, Burn out the Pain continues the story of Eric and Sookie’s journey to find happiness. When secrets are revealed about Sookie’s family, Eric defies Appius. However, will the cost be the person Eric loves the most when Appius refuses to let Eric win?

Burn Banner(Banner by Sephrenia)

The Enduring Series



SVM World–Post Dead Ever After (ignores the Coda)

This series begins 3 years after Dead Ever After. It includes three stories–all of which are complete.

enduring(Complete) Set 3 years after Dead Ever After, Eric gives his POV about the events that led Sookie and him to their fates.  (Spoilers: All Books.  The series continues with “Uncovering.”)

Enduring(banner by Sephrenia)

uncovering(Complete) Set two months after “Enduring,” “Uncovering” looks at things from Sookie’s point of view.  A series of happenings allow her to uncover the motivation behind Eric’s ambiguous behavior as well as her own enduring feelings for him.  But is it too late to do anything to help him get out of his contract with Freyda? (series continues with “Resolving.”)

Uncovering(banner by Sephrenia)

resolving(Complete) This third (and final) part of The Enduring Series begins two months after “Uncovering.”  Eric and Sookie–it seems–have allies they’d never anticipated.  Can they trust in the supernatural world to help them reclaim what has been lost?  And–more importantly–can they finally trust each other enough to let themselves “fall” to love?

Resolving(banner by Sephrenia)

The Gift Horse Series

gift horse series


SVM world–Post Dead Ever After

 This series of short stories is a continuation of the existing canon.  It begins more than 7 years after Dead Ever After.  So far, there are 5 completed stories, and others are planned.  Stay tuned!

gift horse(Complete) “Gift Horse” was originally just a one-shot for the Sookie’s Secret Santa exchange.  I wrote it as a gift for Suki59.  It picks up more than seven years after the events of Dead Ever After.  It’s Christmas Eve, and Eric offers Sookie a gift–a gift that will change her and her family’s fates and, perhaps, give Eric and her another chance at love.  (The second in the GH series is “Scrooged.”)

Gift Horse(1)(banner by Sephrenia)

scrooged(Complete) This is the second one-shot in the series begun with “Gift Horse.”  Will Eric finally get to kill Bill?  Or is Bill right that Felipe and Freyda will come to his rescue?  And how will a phone call from Sookie potentially change everything for Bill and Eric?  (The Gift Horse Series continues with “Black Christmas.”)

Scrooged1(banner by Sephrenia)

black christmas(Complete) This is the 3rd part of the Gift Horse Series (following “Gift Horse” and “Scrooged”).  It is set during the night of the Queen of Oklahoma’s Christmas ball. Will Freyda’s white gown be red by the end of the night? And at what price comes Eric’s revenge? (The GH Series continues with “Boxing Day.”)

Black Christmas1(banner by Sephrenia)

boxing day(Complete) This is the 4th short story of the Gift Horse Series.  With Sookie’s unborn child, Matthew, being “stubborn” and “waiting” for Eric to show up to be born, our Viking rushes from Oklahoma to Sookie’s Mississippi safe house.  Will Russell be the key to Eric getting there in time?  And how will Sookie cope with Pam as a “birth coach?” (The GH Series continues with “Ice Queens.”)

Boxing Day(banner by Sephrenia)

iq title 2(Complete) Part 5 of the Gift Horse Series, this story focuses on Pam and Thalia as they work to tie up loose ends in Louisiana before rejoining Sookie and Eric.  This story begins on the night that Matthew is born in Part 4: “Boxing Day.” (The GH Series will continue when I find the time.)

Ice Queens WP(banner by Sephrenia)

The INNER-Verse



TB–A Season 5 Rewriting

There will be two parts to the series.  The first, Inner, is complete.  The second, From the Inside Out, is in progress. 

Inner title(Complete) A True Blood Season 5 “revision” from Eric’s POV, but with an Eric/Sookie endgame in mind.

Inner(banner by Sephrenia)

From the Inside Out2(In Progress) When Billith rose, Eric yelled “RUN!” and Sookie did. But what if, he didn’t run with her. What if he turned to face his foe—to give his beloved time to escape. What if she stopped and ran back to him. What will happen when Eric and Sookie decide to face all of their foes together? (Set after my story Inner, but it can be read independently.)

From the inside out WP

(banner by Sephrenia)

title innerl2(In Progress) A collection of Interludes/Outtakes/Side Stories to From the Inside Out—all told from NON-Eric POVs. All of these further the narrative of the Inner-Verse, however, so I hope that you won’t skip them. “Where/When” they belong in the overall universe will be included in a headnote for each.
Inner Ludes(banner by Sephrenia)

The Time Stories

the time stories


SVM–post Dead Ever After (no Coda)

This series consists of only two stories, Time after Time and its side-story/epilogue, A Heady Draught.  

Time after Time title(Complete) What if Sookie was given the chance to change her story with Supernaturals? What if she had full knowledge of the events that could come to pass? Could she save the people she loved the second time around? Would she look to anyone in the Supernatural world for help—or would she attempt to avoid that world altogether? (Note: This story picks up a little more than a year after Dead Ever After.)
Time after Time(banner by Sephrenia)

A Heady Draught title(Complete) A Time after Time side-story, this piece explores Karin’s background, her involvement in Appius’s death, and her encounter with Sookie and Eric two years later.  It should be read after Time after Time and serves as a kind of epilogue to that story.

A Heady Draught

(banner by Sephrenia)

The UN-iverse



TB Universe–Begins in the middle of Season 3

Though beginning in the True Blood world, this story is more of a TB/SVM hybrid (since it contains some SVM and original characters).  There are three stories in this series: Uninvited, Uncharted, & United.

Uninvited(Complete) Uninvited explores a different direction for the True Blood story following the van incident (S3).  As Sookie lies in the hospital fighting for her life, Eric must pretend to be the ally of his greatest enemy, Russell, in order to save Pam’s life.  What if Russell looks into Eric’s blue eyes and recognizes the young man he saw so long ago?  What if Eric has to run for his life?  Will he leave Sookie behind–at the mercy of Russell and the vampire who almost killed her?  Or will he take her with him?

Uninvited Story banner(banner by Sephrenia)

Uncharted(Complete) Uncharted is the sequel to Uninvited. Eric and Sookie must marshal allies as they evade Russell and his minions. Eric begins to formulate how to bring Russell down, even as Sookie learns more about her Fae powers. However, the greatest obstacle faced by Eric and Sookie might be letting themselves love each other without questioning “why” they love.

Uncharted Banner(banner by Sephrenia)

United(Complete) Finally ready to unite “personally” by accepting the Fae bond and finishing the vampire bond, Sookie and Eric now concentrate upon uniting their friends to war against Russell and his allies. Two powerful forces will collide in Rhodes, but could the Fellowship bring them both down? (Follows Uncharted)

United Story Banner WP(banner by Sephrenia)

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