Bonus Features, Chapter 203

More wedding visuals & audio! 

Again, I hope these add to your ability to visualize what I’m talking about. 

Click the first box to listen to the music I listened to as I wrote the wedding scene.  The last song is what I imagined Sookie walking down the aisle to.  (I’m not a “Wedding March” fan.)


You might notice the little “joke” at giving Batanya the last name “Smith.”  I am imagining that Britlingens don’t do last names.  Also, I put “Claude Hale” here (using Gran’s maiden name and the name Hadley used in the story) because one might think that “Brigant” would be recognized.  Eric and Sookie would be cautious.

6 thoughts on “Bonus Features, Chapter 203

  1. Even before reading one word of the chapter, I turned on the music, read the bonus features and started crying. I’m such a mess right now 🙂 Your stories have just sung to my heart….

  2. I posted earlier asking if there was anywhere where all the bonus features were put together, I am so glad I went hunting, you have obviously put so much effort into putting all this together, so Thank you x

    1. Hi. I’m glad you found them. I was just trying to decide how to tell you where to look since I didn’t want people to get “spoiled” before applicable. Down the sides of the home page, there’s a list of all “pages” and the ones with Bonus features are pretty clear. The MISC tab collects a few things like playlists. I have to say that I spent quite a bit of time “planning” this wedding for them, but it was a lot of fun too.
      I’m glad you enjoyed!

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