The Enduring Series (Complete)


This series of stories has three parts.  All are complete.

  1. “Enduring”
  2. “Uncovering”
  3. “Resolving”



Set three years after the end of Dead Ever After, “Enduring” is told from Eric’s point of view.  In “Enduring,” Eric’s actions and motives leading up to his separation from Sookie are examined.

Enduring(Click the Story Banner by Sephrenia to access.)


Set two months after “Enduring,” “Uncovering” looks at things from Sookie’s point of view.  A series of happenings allow her to uncover the motivation behind Eric’s ambiguous behavior as well as her own enduring feelings for him.  But is it too late to do anything to help him get out of his contract with Freyda?

Uncovering(Click the Title Banner by Sephrenia to access.)

Uncovering featured story


“Resolving” begins two months after “Uncovering.”  Eric and Sookie–it seems–have allies they’d never anticipated.  Can they trust in the supernatural world to help them reclaim what has been lost?  And–more importantly–can they finally trust each other enough to let themselves “fall” to love?

Resolving(Click the Title Banner by Sephrenia to access.)

Resolving Featured Story of the Week


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