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This site is devoted to my fanfiction and other ramblings!  I write
 fanfiction based on True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse novels
 by Charlaine Harris.  I am an unabashed fan of Eric and Sookie.
  To me, their potential as a "super couple" is limited only by
 my imagination. 

I hope that you enjoy the stories here and leave behind your 
opinions & comments.

You can access my stories in one of four ways:

  1. You can select the story you want from the click-down index on the top of the page (completed stories are now indicated, as are works in progress–WIP).
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  3. You can browse by clicking the picture (below) of the category you are interested in.  You’ll find summaries of the stories, and can go from there.
  4. You can browse stories by clicking the “story index” button below.  There you will find an index of all of my stories, but with more simplified graphics and descriptions so that you can move through them more quickly.

I hope that you like the changes!

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All publicly recognizable characters, settings, lines
of dialogue, titles, images, etc. are the property of their respective
owners.  Only the original characters and original plots of my stories
are the creation of the author; however, no profit has been made from
this work.  The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators,
or producers of any media franchise.  No copyright infringement is 
intended.  The characters and events in my stories and fan art have been
inspired by True Blood and The Southern Vampire Mystery series.  Both
Alan Ball and Charlaine Harris are responsible for the people and places
that I play with in my stories.  Even the characterizations and characters
that I create in my pieces would not be possible without the originals
to play off of.

115 thoughts on “Home

  1. Well, hullo Kat, fancy meeting you here… I made a profile just so I could use this pic I took in Tivoli!

  2. Good to see you here! At least you’ll be able to really let your hair down and get a little wild if you wish – and we sure wish –your faithful fans!


  3. Now I can find your stories in two places..From what I’ve read, this is a nice site and it has a lot of capabilities that fanficion doesn’t..plus they don’t censor what you write..

    1. SO true. It is nice to know that the actions/complaints of a few people who could just stop reading if they found work objectionable could cause my work to have to be taken down. Sigh. But now it’s in two spots, so I have a safety net.

  4. Love all the pictures!!! I’m already a fan on FF!! I check my email all day just to see if there is an update!!

  5. Hello! I don’t know if I’m writing this totally in the wrong place, but I just wanted to say that your stories are wonderful! Here in Sweden (if you don’t have all those expensive channels on tv) season 4 starts airing after new years, so we are a “little” behind… So, please continue writing, it’s a very good replacement for the tv-show, maybe even better 😉

  6. Hi Ms. Kat, I’ve been MIA and haven’t been able to catch up on your side story to CBTM. I can’t wait to find some time to hunker down and read all of it. Hope your holidays are a very merry and have a very happy new year.

  7. i just went through the whole page again. LOVE IT , i don’t know when you find the time. with the new job i am so tired at night… hopefully this weekend i can write… KY

  8. Hey Kat! The Non-Canon awards are branching over to our group, and they asked me to interview authors and review stories for their site. I plan to feature an author, doing the interviews, then giving reviews on their stories for the time after. Would you be willing to do this?

    1. Sorry not to answer this before. I’m back-tracking through emails since I was under the weather for a while. Sure. I’d be happy to help however in order to bring attention to our fanbase.

  9. Just a quick note Kat: in the epilogue of Life From Death, there’s a mistake in this sentence – “Don’t let being right one time go to her head, Viking,” she warned playfully.
    Shouldn’t it be – “Don’t let being right one time go to YOUR head, Viking,” she warned playfully.
    Just thought I’d be a nit-picky fan and let you know 🙂 Still think you’re one of the best ff writers out there 🙂

  10. I have loved all your stories. I love the fact that your Eric isn’t a emo wimp over Sookie’s stupidity and she owns her cluelessness when she finally catches a hint. I was wondering if you had ever thought of doing a do over story set after the horror that is this season. As Sookie gets her normal life, with bills and boredom. But as with normal life, it’ s not a fairytale. She never finds real love, loses her job at Merlotte’s/Bellefleur’s, loses her house, becomes a donor b/c she has no skills, meets up with Eric randomly and he treats her with her valued distant courtesy. She makes a wish….and BOOM back to wherever point to fix her screw up.

    1. Interesting concept, but I probably won’t go in that direction. But I am working on a do-over, retelling the whole Eric/Sookie story from the very beginning, but it will be a long way off.

      Thanks for reading my work!

  11. Congratulations on placing 1st in the Historical Fiction contest! Your story was magnificent and my favorite of them all! (seems I was not the only one who felt that way!)

        1. NO worries! I was glad to get the news! It made my day! I absolutely adored your story too! The stories in the contest were so strong that all of them deserved to win! And that’s a win-win for readers!

          1. Thank you! I agree. I think the site’s going to be great for our fandom and I really enjoyed every story. I’m so excited to check out the work of some of the writers I am less familiar with! Congrats again! 🙂

    1. Eric told me to tell you that you’re awesome. And–since I was editing a scene that contains him naked–all of his “parts” were “active” in that praise.


  12. Eric sent me to tell you that he and I both love your wonderful stories 🙂 And Congrats on the YWBA nominations you deserve them!!

      1. Sorry, I meant winS…again, you deserve them all! Your stories are incredible and you are one of the writers who inspired me to begin writing as well. For that and hours and hours of reading, I thank you!

  13. You are one of my favorite fanfiction authors. I haven’t had any updates in quite a while. I sure hope everything is okay. patsy

  14. So excited you are still writing and completing your wonderful stories. So many are not and its sad. I love your work.

  15. i hope everything is alright with you i haven’t seen any updates i a long time and was wondering if you are ok any way have a happy holiday hope to see you updateing soon

  16. *twitchily shifting from foot to foot*. So…..it’s um….Saturday *eyes shift to the side, nervously chews fingernails*. And….usually on Saturdays….you…um…have something for us?… *tic develops next to eye, continues shifting from foot to foot*. So….um…do you? *starts trembling slightly all over* You know, do you have something for us? Just a little bit? To…tide us over?

  17. Hope everything is ok Kat? Is “The Trunk” just late this week? I’m not sure where you live so am a little worried you were caught up in the hurricane. Hope you’re ok.

  18. I just wanted to check and see if everything was okay. You didn’t post a chapter of The Boot this weekend and just wanted to check on you. Did you have a lot of papers to grade? Take care and hope to see a new chapter up soon.

  19. Your faithful readers are worried we haven’t seen a new chapter for your story The Boot in two weeks. Are you okay? Have any of the California fire affected anyone in your family? Hope you are well, and we’ll still be here when you are able to get back to your writing.

  20. Hope you were able to get your computer issues resolved. Have had good experience with the Geek Squad, so hopefully they are helping..take care

  21. Hope everything is ok with you as we haven’t heard from you this week. Hope your Fibromyalgia isn’t acting up? If it’s as valady1 just said, then I hope your computer problems are getting fixed ok.

  22. I really hope you’re okay and healthy. A little worried since we haven’t heard from you in a few weeks. I hope all is well and that we see you again soon.

  23. Hi Kat,
    I just wanted to check on you, and see how you are doing. It’s been Over 2 weeks without an update on the Engine. Hope your headache has gone away. We will all still be here when you are feeling better and able to post again.

  24. I miss you, it’s been so long since you last posted. I hope everything is okay with you. Please let us know that you are okay.

  25. Can you give us an update on when you might be back. Or, if your not or something. Your missed. Stay safe and healthy.

  26. Just checking in on you. It’s been almost a month since the last update of The Engine and with COVID raging, I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.

  27. Just checking in to make sure you’re ok? Thinking if you and missing your wonderful updates. But with covid around it’s a worry not hearing from you for so long. Hopefully you’re safe and healthy. Look forward to hearing from you even if it’s just a really quick “I’m ok” update. 🙂💕

  28. Will you be updating the Engine soon? Missing your awesome stories. Hope everything is good. Thanks.

  29. I miss your stories and hope you are well.It has been along time since we heard from you I hope you haven’t stopped writing for svm or true blood.

  30. Really hope you are okay, Kat. I’d be so happy to see an update from you, even if it’s just to say you never feel inclined to write another word of fan fiction! Even without knowing you directly, I think a lot of us feel a close connection to you thanks to all of the wonderful writing you’ve shared with us. Please know you are in our thoughts.

  31. I’m genuinely worried about you atm. It will be a year next month since we heard anything from you. Hoping you and yours are safe and sound. Sending positive energy.

  32. Just re-read Who’s Your Daddy and realized that it has been awhile since we have all heard from you. Hope you and yours are well I know it’s been a heck of a ride for my family the last couple of years.

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