The Gift Horse Series (In Progress)

This is an *in progress* series of stories.  “Gift Horse” started as a Sookie’s Secret Santa gift to Suki59; however, I’ve had many requests to write more for this story.  One request in particular, from the person who stepped in to beta “Gift Horse” when I was worried that I wouldn’t get it done in time–Kleannhouse–swayed me.  Plus, the person responsible for most of the art for my stories, Sephrenia, kept bashing me upside the head with what she called “inspiration,” but what looked like a baseball bat to me.  See?

InspirationNeedless to say–I heeled.

So–let me welcome you to the “Gift Horse” world!

Story Progress so far:

  1. “Gift Horse”
  2. “Scrooged”
  3. “Black Christmas”
  4. “Boxing Day” 
  5. “Ice Queens”
  6. “Romjul”

You should read the stories in order, but–unlike the “chapter stories” I write–I will (hopefully) leave each one-shot with a natural ending so that I can stop at any time (if inspiration stops hitting me).  So–without further ado–here you go (access a story, by clicking its banner).

All banners made by Sephrenia!

gift horse

(drama, angst) On Christmas Eve, more than seven years after the events of Dead Ever After, Sookie gets a surprise visitor: Eric Northman. He’s brought her a present. Will she accept it? And—if she doesn’t—will she and her family make it to the New Year with their freedom intact? (SVM Canon/Spoilers for all the books)

Gift Horse(1)

Gift Horse won a 2015 You Want Blood Award!!!!  Thanks to all supporters!


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“Scrooged” is the first follow-up to “Gift Horse.”  It is set on the same night: Christmas Eve/Christmas seven years after Dead Ever After.  Will Eric get to kill Bill?  Or is Bill right to believe that his allies, Freyda and Felipe, will rescue him?  And how will a phone call from Sookie change everything for both Eric and Bill?


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black christmas

(suspense, tragedy) This is the third part of the Gift Horse Series.  It is the night of the Queen of Oklahoma’s Christmas ball.  Will Freyda’s white gown be red by the end of the night?  And as what price comes Eric’s revenge?  (Spoilers–all books)

Black Christmas1

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boxing day

(comedy, drama, romance) Now that Eric has eliminated Freyda, can he reach Sookie before her child is born?  And–is Pam really going to try to be a Lamaze partner for Sookie?  What could possibly go wrong with that?!?! (Spoilers–all books)

Boxing Day

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iq title 2

(“buddy” story, comedy, horror) Part 5 of the Gift Horse Series, this story focuses on Pam and Thalia as they work to tie up loose ends in Louisiana before rejoining Sookie and Eric.  (This story begins on the night that Matthew is born in Part 4: “Boxing Day.”)

Ice Queens WP

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Romjul title

(Interlude; Family Drama) Part 6 of the Gift Horse Series—Set in Sweden–Eric and Sookie—along with Thalia, Karin, Pam, and Sookie’s children—travel to Sweden, seeking refuge from the lingering threat of Felipe de Castro. There, they will encounter new allies, including Olaf (Thalia’s vampire sibling who is mentioned in “Scrooged”) and Ricca (a beautiful witch who will capture the attention of one of Eric’s vampire children).


7 thoughts on “The Gift Horse Series (In Progress)

  1. I’m excited to get to the 3rd installment of GH – but I just had to stop and tell you how much I LOVE the banner for “Scrooged”. Bill’s pouty face is precious. It’s how I always see him in my head when ready both your stories, other ff and especially Book Bill. This is the look I pictured for him during the takeover when he’s (dangerously) declaring he will “die for Sookie” to Victor while ‘glaring’ at Eric…and again while forced to spill his guts about Sookie being his job…and when he’s scuffling his feet and calling raping Sookie in the trunk an “unfortunate incident”…and well, you get the idea. For me it’s Bills “every day” face 😉

  2. Great stories of course! I don’t expect anything less form you now. Can’t wait for the next one. Of course I’m also eager for the next part of the un-series to be done, and the next in the back and forth universe, and…anything else you can write for me…I mean us:)

  3. I know you’re in the thick of 2 other story’s right now, but I hope you add another part to this series soon. I want to see what happens next!!!!

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