Chapter 36: In a Dream

A/N:  Extra disclaimer―As I talk about the dreams, I’m going to be using some dialogue (or reporting the dialogue) from some of the dreams from the show.  I just want to remind everyone that I own nothing in relationship to the show or the books.  Okay―now on with the chapter!


Sookie and Jesus sat in silence for a couple of minutes, contemplating Sookie’s dreams about Bill.

“What about your dreams about Eric?” Jesus finally asked.

Sookie brightened a bit, her blush returning.  “Well, Eric tricked me into drinking his blood in Dallas by getting me to suck bullets out of his chest.”

“Yuck,” Jesus exclaimed, though his eyes twinkled because of the little spark he saw in Sookie’s eyes.

“And I dreamed about him that same night―or morning actually.”

“What was it like?”

“Well, it was odd.  We mostly just talked.”


“Yeah.  We were in bed―um―naked, and we had obviously just done it when the dream started, but we were talking.  The dream actually started in the middle of a conversation we were having about me becoming a vampire.  I thought I’d make a terrible one, and he thought I’d be perfect.”

“Did you feel threatened by him at all―like he was planning on turning you into a vampire?”

Sookie made sure for a second and then shook her head, “No, he was kind of being playful about the whole thing; we both were.  He said that I could trade the sun for the moon and stars, but I told him ‘no’ and that I wanted them all.”

Sookie and Jesus both smiled at that.

“He called me greedy and smiled at me.  He said that he loved that about me.  And all the while he was just holding and kissing my hand like it was the most natural thing in the world, like he’d done it a thousand times before.  It felt nice; it was comfortable.  Then, he said that I’d make a good vampire because I was ruthless when it came to the people I loved, and after that, I heard Lorena.”

“Who’s that?”

“She was Bill’s bitch of a maker; she showed up a few times in the dream, reminding me about Bill.  She was kind of toying with me, I think; she made me feel guilty for being with Eric in my dream when I should have been with Bill.”

“What else happened?”

“Well, Lorena went away for a while, and Eric and I started talking again.  Basically, I told him that he was a big faker with his cold-hearted act, and that he did feel.”  Sookie backed up a bit, “He had told me earlier―not in the dream, but in real life―that he didn’t know what love was, that he didn’t feel love, not even for his maker Godric.”

Jesus nodded.

“And so after I told him he was a faker, I said that he was deep and that he did feel―that there was love in him.”

“What did he say?” Jesus asked, engrossed in the story.

“He said that he felt love only for me.  Then he started to kiss me,” Sookie blushed.

Jesus chuckled a bit, “Nice kiss, huh?”

Sookie nodded and finished the last gulp of her tea.  “I thought a kiss couldn’t get better than it was in that dream.  In fact, I thought it was so good because it was in a dream―that there was no way one could really be that good, but that was before I . . . ,” she paused, fanning herself with her hand.

“Before you kissed him for real?” Jesus supplied.

“Yeah―in his office the night before he faced Russell.”  Her voice grew a little quiet, “He was sayin’ goodbye to me with that kiss; he thought that he was gonna meet his true death.  It felt like he was tryin’ to tell me a million things in that kiss―to share a thousand years in it.  I tried to fight against it at first―since I was still sorta with Bill―but I couldn’t.  That kiss felt like supernova goin’ off in my mouth, destroyin’ everything before it and makin’ something brand new.  The crazy thing is that every kiss with him has felt like that.  The feeling of kissing him is almost too much to take in at times.”  She’d unconsciously drawn up her hand to rest over the empty spot inside of her that she’d begun associating with Eric.

Jesus smiled at her.  “That’s what it’s supposed to feel like, you know.  I spent a lot of my late teens and twenties accepting and exploring my sexuality.  I had quite a few partners in that time and several serious relationships, but no one has ever stirred me up like Laf.  It’s like you said―the first time I kissed him, there was a kind of combustion, but there was also amazing synergy there.  And it just gets better and better.”

“Yeah, synergy is a good word for it.”  Sookie reached out her hand and took Jesus’s.  “I’m thankful more and more every day that you and Lala found each other.  You’re a good man, Jesus―a really good man.”

“Lafayette is the best thing I’ve ever had in my life.  I feel like I can be my whole self with him and that he loves me for that whole self.”

Tears started to form in Sookie’s eyes.  “That’s exactly what I’m lookin’ for―someone to love my whole self like that, not just love me for my blood or my telepathy―and not in spite of them either.”

Jesus nodded.  “Well―in that case―we need to get back to talking about your dreams so that you can figure things out.”  He prompted, “You had just started kissing Eric in your first dream with him.”

Sookie picked up the story, “Yeah, he started kissin’ me and movin’ against me.  And then Lorena came back saying that I didn’t care about Bill, but Eric interrupted her, and told me, ‘This is the beginning’,” Sookie used air quotes around the last part.  “Then we kept kissin’ even as I heard Lorena laughing in the background; I felt so guilty once I woke up in bed next to Bill―because a really big part of me wanted it to be Eric there.”

Jesus took a minute before saying, “Sookie, your answer to this next question is important, so really think about it.  Did you feel any kind of threat at all when Eric said, ‘This is the beginning’?”

Sookie took her time before answering, “No.  It felt more like a promise, like he was saying that it was the start of something good.  He was looking right into my eyes when he said it too.”

“What did you see there―in his eyes?”

“Lust, for sure,” Sookie answered quickly, “but something else too.  I thought I was imagining it at the time, but there was love there.”

Jesus nodded and then asked, “You never took Lorena’s blood, right?”

“Yuck!  No!” Sookie cried out.  “Gross!”

“Then she must have been the part of your subconscious that wanted to cling to your love for Bill.  Either that, or she may have been Bill’s blood trying to interfere with your dream about Eric.  I’m not sure.”

Sookie looked meditatively at Jesus.  “You think that my dream about Eric was the second type, don’t you?”

“What do you think?” Jesus asked, not wanted to unduly influence Sookie.

“Well, we talked a lot, more than I ever did in the dreams with Bill,” she smiled and bit her lip as she remembered the dream.  “And we were actin’ like we were a normal couple, kind of flirtin’ and squabblin’ in bed.  It was nice.  It was only at the end that we―um―you know, started to have sex, and even that was nice, you know romantic.”

Jesus turned serious, “Did he bite you at all?”

“No,” Sookie answered immediately.  “His fangs didn’t drop the entire time.”

He nodded.  “What about the second dream?”

“Well it happened the day we all returned from Dallas.  It started with me walkin’ down the hallway of our hotel in Dallas.  I noticed Eric’s door was open, and I went in.  His face and chest were covered with blood; he’d been cryin’.”

“Do you know why he would have been crying?” Jesus asked.

Sookie nodded.  “Yeah, that happened before the dream.  His maker had just basically committed suicide.  Godric had surrendered himself to the Fellowship of the Sun to be sacrificed.  Eric, of course, didn’t know this, and mounted a rescue, usin’ me to get information from the Newlins.  Then I was kidnapped, and Godric saved me from this guy that was gonna rape me.”

“What?” Jesus exclaimed.

“Yeah, Godric was just in time though, and then Eric showed up.  Godric ordered us to leave, but they captured us, and Eric agreed to sacrifice himself if Godric and I could go free.”


“Yeah,” Sookie said again.  “But then, Jason shot Steve Newlin with a paint ball gun.”

Jesus looked startled and then couldn’t hold in a laugh.

Sookie smiled too.  “I know it sounds weird, but at least the paint ball did stun him for a minute.  And then all the Dallas vampires and Bill came in, and then Godric, who was super powerful, was there.  After that, I got the silver chains off of Eric, and Eric was gonna kill Newlin until Godric stopped him.  We all eventually left and went back to Godric’s nest, but then a bomb went off , and that’s when Eric tricked me into drinkin’ his blood―oh, he’d saved my life from the bomb too.  He sort of shielded me.”

Jesus nodded, trying hard to keep caught up with the story.

“And then I had that first dream, like I said, and then we all had a meeting with Nan Flanagan, and Godric―did I mention he was a sheriff?”

Jesus shook his head starting to get a little confused.

“Anyway, Nan came and basically stripped Godric of his title.  I thought Eric was gonna kill her, but then Godric just seemed to give up, and he told Nan to make Isabel, his second in command, into the new sheriff.”

Sookie paused giving herself time to catch her breath and giving Jesus time to get caught up with the story.  Finally she asked, “With me so far?”

Jesus nodded.  “I think so.”

“So that’s when Godric said he was goin’ to the roof, and both Eric and I just knew. He was goin’ up there to kill himself, to meet the sun.  Bill tried to confront Eric about givin’ me his blood, and he even hit Eric, but Eric was so . . . ,” Sookie paused.  “He seemed so lost.  And then he left to go to the roof, and when I finally got up there too, I found Eric literally begging for his maker to stay with him.”

Sookie looked closely at Jesus.  “Please don’t tell anyone about that part; I don’t think even Pam knows.”

Jesus nodded, “I promise Sookie.”

Sookie continued.  “Thanks.  Well, Eric had to leave the roof because Godric ordered him to since it was so close to dawn by then.  As Eric walked past me, I grabbed for his hand.  And I told him I’d stay with Godric until it was over, and I did.”

Sookie let out a sigh, the emotion of that morning coming back to her.

“So the dream happened after that?” Jesus prompted after a minute.

“Yeah, it started as if I was just comin’ back down from the roof after Godric died.  In real life, I went to my room, the one I was sharin’ with Bill, but in the dream when I passed Eric’s room, his door was open, like I said.”

“And he’d been crying,” Jesus prompted.

“Yeah,” Sookie said quietly.  “I went in to him, and he was all slumped over, bloody tears staining his cheeks and his chest.  He looked broken.  He acknowledged that Godric was gone, and his voice sounded so weak that I couldn’t help but reach out for him.  I kissed both his cheeks even as he looked up at me in surprise over what I was doin’.  I wanted to kiss his mouth too, but I was pullin’ away when his hand stopped me.  He pulled me back to him, and we started to kiss.  It was tender, almost like we were both grievin’―him for Godric and me for my Gran.”  Sookie stopped for a minute and realized that in that moment with Eric, she’d actually felt the full force of her grief for Gran as much as he’d been feeling anguish over Godric.  She shook her head as she realized that that was the closest she’d come to really sharing her grief with anyone, and it was all in a dream with Eric.

She continued, “I can’t really describe it, except to say that it felt like I was right where I should be, getting and giving comfort.”

Jesus nodded.

“Then Eric laid me down on the bed, and he was over me, looking down, his eyes asking permission for somethin’.  Then his fangs came down, and I was startled.”

“Scared?” Jesus asked.

“No, just a little startled.  I reached up and traced his fangs with my hand actually.  And that’s when I realized what kind of permission Eric’s eyes had been asking for.  I lowered my hand and tilted my head to the side, letting him know that it was okay to bite me, that I wanted him to.  And then I woke up.”

“So you basically asked him to bite you?”

“No, he asked―well, sort of.  And I gave permission.”

“But you never felt scared?”

“No, I was mostly just wanting to comfort him, but I have to admit that I wanted him―um―sexually too, especially after I felt his fangs.  There was something extremely intimate in that act.”

“They work as erogenous zones for vampires,” Jesus supplied.

Sookie’s blush came back in full force.  “Good to know,” she managed.

Jesus finished up his tea and sat back in his chair, waiting for Sookie to speak.  The events of the night during which he and Lafayette removed the blood bond were at the edge of his thoughts, but the glamour kept them from spilling out.

Sookie was finally the one to speak.  “Despite the fangs, I am pretty sure that was the second kind of dream too.  I felt attracted to Eric, for sure, but I didn’t feel any inkling of fear at all.  I simply wanted to be there for him, and strangely enough, I felt like he was there for me too.”

Jesus nodded, “What about the third dream?”

Sookie responded, “Actually that one happened lots later.  It was after Bill had been kidnapped and he was back again.  It was also after he nearly drained me accidentally in the back of that van.  He had given me his blood again, but strangely enough, I didn’t dream of him.  I dreamt of Eric.”

“What happened right before you had that dream?”

“Well, Eric had come to visit me the night before, but Bill basically cut him off.  I was still mad at Eric for some stuff he’d said in Jackson.”

“But you’d forgiven Bill for almost killing you?” Jesus said in disbelief.

Sookie looked contemplatively at her bare feet.  “Yeah, I don’t know why, but I was a lot angrier at Eric.”

“It could have been Bill influencing you with his blood,” Jesus posited.

Sookie nodded, almost ashamed.  “I think it was.  He gave me a lot in the hospital, and like I said before, we had―uh―already had sex again.  We were even kind of back together at that point.  But I didn’t dream of Bill then, so I guess that’s somethin’.”

“Yeah,” Jesus agreed.

“Wait!” Sookie exclaimed, sitting up straight.  “I just thought of somethin’.  After I had Eric’s blood in Dallas I didn’t dream about Bill again until after I’d come back from the fairy realm.  Maybe my tie with Eric was somehow keepin’ Bill from sending me dreams.”

“Maybe,” Jesus agreed.  “But then again, you had dreams with Bill in them once you’d had both of their blood again, so Eric’s blood in you obviously couldn’t counteract Bill’s completely.”

“You’re right,” Sookie said meditatively.  “But maybe everything changed once Eric and I formed a bond.  Eric said that bonds give vampires even less power to manipulate or influence a human, so maybe since I had a tie with only Bill at that point, he was able to send me dreams again.”

“I don’t know, Sook,” Jesus said, “but it’s all something to think about.”

Sookie nodded and then picked up her previous train of thought.  “So Eric came by the night before the third dream and seemed to be sayin’ goodbye.  He was resigned to the fact that Russell was probably gonna kill him.  The dream happened later that night―no it was probably the next day when I finally fell asleep.”

She continued, “In the dream, I was sleeping on Jason’s couch, and I woke up.  Eric was there, sittin’ on the other side of the couch, actually up on the arm of the couch.  I told him that I knew it was all just a dream, and he said that I might as well enjoy it.  I asked him if his blood would ever wear off so I’d quit dreaming of him.”

“What did he say?” Jesus asked.

“He said that it wasn’t just the blood; he said that I also had feelings for him.”

“What then?”

“Well, I pretended to be disgusted, and then he kissed me.  He told me that he knew I liked it when he kissed me.  He also said that I knew that I couldn’t trust Bill.  He said that it wasn’t his blood talkin’ then; it was my own survival instinct.”  To herself, Sookie added, “Fairy Sookie equals common sense Sookie?”  Then she continued out loud, “Then he seemed to be goin’ in for a bite, and I woke up as Jason came in.”

“And it turned out that Bill was keeping something from you?”

“Yeah, the fact that he’d been sent by the queen to procure me by makin’ me fall in love with him and the fact that he had hired the Rattrays to beat me up so that he could give me his blood.”

“Did the dream make you scared?”

“Well, I think I was nervous about Bill keeping somethin’ from me.  I knew he was, but I couldn’t figure out how to make him tell me.  But I wasn’t scared of Eric.”

“Even when he went to bite you?”

“No,” Sookie shook her head, “not even then.  The thing is, I wanted him to―at least in the dream.”  She blushed deeply.

Jesus nodded.  “You said you had three dreams after you got back from the fairy world?”

“Yeah,” Sookie confirmed, “I had exchanged blood with Eric by then, and we’d formed our bond.”

“So Eric would not have been able to send you a dream, Sookie.”

She nodded, “I had the dream right after I’d taken blood from Bill again―after I was shot by one of the witches.  But both Eric and Bill were in that dream.”

“Both,” Lafayette said, looking for confirmation.

“I know!  It’s confusing, right?  If Bill sent the dream, then why would it have Eric in it.  It even started off with only Eric.”

“What happened?”

“Well, I woke up on my couch, and I was wearing this scanty red robe with matching underwear.  I looked like a naughty version of a lady in the 1950s,” Sookie said, embarrassed again.  “I heard a knock at the door, and it was Eric.  He swept right into the room and kissed me, despite the fact that it was daylight.  He was kissing me while I was lying on the dining room table, and then all of a sudden Bill was there too!  I ended up telling them that I loved them both, and the funny thing was that they could both hear my thoughts and each other’s.  I sat them down and told them that I wanted them both―that I was tired of being good little Sookie and that I was gonna have them both.”

“You did what?”

“I know―out of character, right?  Well, I said they’d have to share me, and they didn’t agree to that initially, but when I took off the robe, they both started kissing on me, and then they both bit me.”

“Wow, that sounds pretty hot actually,” Jesus said.

“It was―except for the fact that I’d never want to have a threesome like that in real life―but there was one thing that was a bit off about the whole dream.”

“What was that?”

“It was the way they looked about the whole thing, I think.  Bill looked like he’d won somethin’―like he’d just won a game or somethin’―when I proposed that I have them both.  And Eric, well, he just looked hurt―like he’d just lost somethin’.  And even though he kissed me and bit me right along with Bill, his touches were more about longing rather than just pleasure, at least I think that’s a good way to describe them.”

“Was there any fear?”

“No―at least not with Eric.”

“And Bill?”

“I’m not sure.  It was just the way he was looking sorta smug that bugged me, made me nervous.”

Jesus sighed, “To be honest, Sook, I think Bill sent you the dream, but you imported Eric into it yourself.  That explains the lust and the anxiety in the part about Bill.  It also explains the hurt in Eric’s part.  From what I gather, any member of a bonded pair would be heart-broken to ‘share’ like that.”

“Yeah,” Sookie said tearing up again.  “And that kinda explains the second dream after I got back too.”

“What happened in that one?”

“I dreamed it the morning before I came over here.  It was one of the reasons why I wanted the vampire blood gone so much.”

Noticing a tear winding its way down Sookie’s face, Jesus squeezed her knee again.  “This one upset you a lot, didn’t it?”

Sookie nodded, and Jesus gave her a minute.

Finally, Sookie spoke up, mustering her courage.  “The dream really freaked me out, more so every time I think about it.  It started out with me sunbathin’.  And then Bill was there, and he started kissin’ me on my face and then my chest.  He had pulled down my top when I noticed that Eric was also there.”

“Did he join in this time?”

“No.”  Sookie continued sadly, “He just stood there, lookin’ at the sun.  He called me ‘min kära.’  That means ‘my love’ in Swedish.  He told me that he was being punished for takin’ my blood with Russell without my permission and for drainin’ my fairy godmother.”

Sookie was sobbing in earnest now, her words coming between cries.  “He just stood there as Bill continued to―have sex with me.  And I knew Eric was sufferin’, but I didn’t do anything.  I had two flippin’ orgasms for gosh sakes!  And Eric had to stand there miserable.  He said it was his punishment to have to stand by while I loved someone else, while I loved Bill.”

Jesus moved next to Sookie on the lounge chair, holding her to him as she continued to sob.

“And Bill told Eric that I would never love him now that he had his memories back, and I tried to argue, but Bill was in me at this point, and I just let him keep goin’, and you should have seen Eric’s face.  It broke my heart, but I wasn’t able to do anything but lie there and let Bill . . . ,” her voice trailed off as she broke down in her sobs.

After a few minutes, her crying subsided a bit.  “Bill bit me in the dream―a lot―and when I opened my eyes after we’d finished having sex, Eric was gone.  He’d left me.”

Jesus asked astutely, “Are you afraid of that, Sookie?  Afraid that he’s going to leave you?”

My Eric, the one that lived in my house for almost a week―the one that I fell in love with and the one that loved me―has already left me,” Sookie sobbed.

Jesus placed his arm tightly around her shoulders.  “No, Sookie,” he said with a strange mixture of sternness and caring.  “I don’t believe that any more than you do.  Just let yourself think about it for a minute.  He’s still there; maybe he’s got a bit of the old Eric too―okay maybe more than a bit―but the person who has come here for the last few nights to be with you is not someone who has left you.  I may not know everything about vampires, Sookie, but I do happen to know what a man looks like when he loves you.  And Sookie, Eric does love you.”

Sookie nodded, drying her tears with her hands, “I know.  I know he does.  I’m just being dramatic, I think.  The dream I just told you about has been eating at me.

“What about it made you so upset?”

“It was the look on Bill’s face―that triumphant look again.  That look wasn’t about love and it wasn’t about me; it was about him―him winnin’.”  She paused, “But most of all, I’m bothered by the look on Eric’s face―the hurt.  And I didn’t do anything to stop that hurt!”

Jesus asked carefully, “Sookie, do you love him―Eric?”

Mustering up her courage again, Sookie nodded.  “Yes,” she said quietly.  “I love him.  I love him more every day.  I love him more now than I did even when his blood was in me, more even than when he had amnesia.  I feel like I have been spendin’ so much time with him, between the dreams and him bein’ here.  But all I can think about when he’s not here is that I want him here.”

“Sounds like love to me,” Jesus smiled.

“Yeah,” Sookie admitted.  After a minute, she added, “And, of course, you know about the third dream, the one when I called Eric to me?”

“And he came to you,” Jesus said.

“Yes he did,” Sookie said confidently.  “He always does.”

The two were silent for a few minutes.

Sookie finally spoke up, her voice edged with fervor, “Did you know that his first visit last night was because he just needed to be with me―for moral support―because he was nervous about somethin’?  And then when that was over, he came back to tell me everything was fine.  And then he’s been basically telling me bedtime stories for the last two nights and has been stayin’ with me until I fall asleep, just like Gran used to do when I’d had a nightmare.  Did you know that he hired Alcide and Bubba because he knew it was the only way I wouldn’t say no to protection?”

Jesus laughed quietly, “I could guess that.”

Sookie continued, her tears now falling for a different reason, “Have you ever noticed that he bends over a little when he talks to someone shorter than him―which, let’s be honest, is almost everyone?  And he hates it when I cry.  Dream Eric wanted to know my favorite flower, but the funny thing is that real Eric had already planted some in my yard even though he didn’t know.  And he visited my Gran’s grave when I wasn’t here, and he took her daisies, which were her favorites.  He cares about things like that!  He brought me water when he settled me into bed the other night, and I didn’t even have to ask.  He just knew that I’d want it!  And every time I think about him, I feel that emptiness in me, like I lost somethin’ profound when I got rid of our bond.”  Sookie touched the spot near her heart where she felt the void after the bond was gone.  She hadn’t drawn breath during her last few sentences and had to pause.

“You love him,” Jesus said again.

Sookie laughed and buried her head into her hands.  “I am in love with Eric Northman,” she said as if testing the words.  “Blood tie or no blood tie, bond or no bond, I know that I love Eric.”

“What about Bill?” Jesus asked after a minute or two.

Sookie looked up and shrugged her shoulders.  “I don’t think so.  I don’t know for sure though.  I have a plan for the next two nights.  Tonight is Bill’s turn, and Wednesday is Eric’s.  I am plannin’ to ask them questions and see if I can get honest answers.  I’ve asked Eric a lot of things already, to be honest, but there are more questions I want to ask.  But mostly, I need to see how Bill will answer, and I need to know if I still feel any love for him at all.”

“What did you feel about him when you saw him the other night?”

Sookie shook her head, “I don’t know.  He seemed concerned for me, and he told me about all the dangers I was facin’.”

“That’s why Eric gave you protection, right?”


“Did Bill offer to do something like that?”

Sookie shook her head, “No, he offered me his blood again.”


“I know.  The worst part is that he had me so scared that I was thinkin’ about givin’ in for a second or two.”  Sookie threw up her hands.  “I don’t know what to think about Bill.  But I’m so grateful to you for sittin’ here and listenin’ to me about all these dreams, Jesus.  Now that I’ve talked about them, I can see that there has always been a difference between my dreams about Eric and my dreams about Bill.  That means that the kinds of ties that they formed with me were also different.  I think that it’s safe to say that Bill’s motivations were selfish when he gave me his blood, and Eric’s were not―even in Dallas.  Before I took Eric’s blood, my dreams about Bill were usually at least a little frightening, even disturbing at times.  With Eric, the dreams have always been more about a relationship between us.  They’ve been about me caring for him or him tryin’ to warn me about Bill.  Even in Eric’s daydream that he told me about―he came to me when he could feel that I was upset.”

Jesus nodded.  “And I think the last three dreams before we did the severing spell are also meaningful.  Bill, for lack of a better word, seems a bit untrustworthy; as you said, he seems to be treating the fact that he got you in the dreams like some kind of game prize.”

Sookie continued, “And Eric seems destroyed by the fact that I have chosen―or may choose―Bill.”

She looked at Jesus for a moment and then said, “I have to ask one more thing about the spell you did to break the tie and the bond.  As you know, when I took Eric’s blood the last time, I’m almost certain that we formed a bond, but I want your opinion to be sure.  He still had amnesia at the time, and I’d just taken off the silver chains I’d used to keep him from going into the sun during Antonia’s spell.  He was weak, and I wanted to give him my blood because I loved him and didn’t want to see him suffering like that.  Right after he took mine, he broke the skin in his own hand and offered me his blood.  He said that if I drank, we’d be one, and I drank.”

Jesus said solemnly, “Sookie, that sounds like a bond―for sure.”

Sookie nodded in agreement.  “I just need to make sure one last time that the spell you and Lafayette did worked on that kind of bond just like it would a regular tie.”

Jesus nodded.  “Yes.  As I said before, any kind of tie, even a bond, would be removed by the spell.  The spell we did literally burns out all vampire blood; that’s why there’s so much pain ―so all vampire blood is removed no matter why or how it got there.”

“Thanks,” Sookie said.

They were silent for a while as Sookie took in the implications of their discussion.  She now knew that most of Eric’s appearances in her dreams had not been instigated by him.  She also knew that because Eric had made the second kind of tie with her and then a bond, he had been unable to manipulate her all this time; he’d been telling her the truth.  She also knew that the last three dreams had originated from Bill, and Eric’s presence in them had been caused by her somehow.

“Thanks,” Sookie said to Jesus.  She got up and stretched.  Looking down at her cell phone, Sookie saw that it was 2:43.  “I need to take off, Jesus,” Sookie said.  “I can’t tell you how much it’s meant that I could stay here the last few days.  It’s made things a lot easier on me.  And your letting me talk to you about these dreams and doing all this research has helped more than you’ll ever know.”

Jesus returned, “It was no problem, Sook.  We’d have you here all the time, if you wanted.  You are Lafayette’s family, and that makes you mine.”

Sookie reached out and gave him a huge hug.

“Okay, what do we do to break the privacy spell thing?” she asked.

“Just walk outside of the circle.”

Sookie apprehensively walked beyond the circle; the only indication of magic was the little jolt of electricity she felt.  She turned to see that Jesus was no longer there.  She looked around, confused about where he was until he also walked out of the circle.

Sookie gasped, impressed by Jesus’s spell.  “Well that thing works like a charm,” she whispered, going into the house.  Her bag was already basically packed from the night before, so she was ready to go after giving Jesus a final hug and thanks.

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  1. Thank goodness Fairy Sookie aka Common Sense Sookie is in charge now. I’m so glad you let Jesus live. Sookie needs an unbiased friend to confide in and Lafayette needs his loving!

  2. About half way through this chapter you have Lafayette speaking instead of Jesus while they are in the privacy circle…“Yeah,” Sookie admitted. After a minute, she added, “And, of course, you know about the third dream, the one when I called Eric to me?”

    “And he came to you,” Lafayette said.

    This is not a complaint, just thought you would want to know is all…

    Loving this whole fic, by the way…

  3. That was so emotionally charged and draining too . What a handy thing that privacy spell was I can only imagine Alcide butting in with blood suckers this and untrustworthy vamps that .

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