Epilogue: Glow

Epilogue TSMA

Epilogue: Glow

I am but a firefly caught in his jar and when he looks at me, I can’t help but glow.”―Kellie Elmore

June 14, 2005

Dear Diary,

It’s been only a year since I met Eric—and a year and two days since I met my first vampire. So much has changed.

One of those things is you! I’ve finally decided to use a laptop for “you.” And—I have to say that this might just turn out to be a good idea. I type faster than I write anyway, so I can say more to you this way.

I know that I’ve been writing about the changes happening in my life as they’ve come, but I want to put them here—to record them in my “new” diary.

I was happy enough a year ago. I was content with my job, and I felt loved by my family and friends. However, my happiness seems to grow exponentially as each sun sets—as Eric rises.

Eric—my bonded, my partner, my mate.

My soon-to-be husband.

Tonight we will be married and pledged in the place where our eyes first locked. Pam has managed to make Fangtasia look elegant and romantic—though I would be content to marry Eric in an alleyway. But Pam had fun making all of the arrangements, and Eric and I had fun teasing her.

I hear Godric in the “guestroom” even now. Older than Eric by a thousand years, he can rise much earlier.

When I first met Godric, he was sad in a way that nearly broke my heart. And as soon as Eric and I completed our bond, I could sense just how much Godric’s anguish broke Eric’s heart as well. But Godric’s spirits seemed to enliven as he spent more time with Eric and as he let himself talk about—and grieve for—Fintan.


It was fate that connected Eric and me—just as it had connected Fintan and Godric so many years ago. And—if my being around helps Godric to feel closer to Fintan’s spirit, then all I have to say is this: Fucking A!

Strangely enough, it is Gran who has seemed best able to get Godric to return to what Eric calls his “old self.” For a two thousand-year-old vampire, however, “old” is a relative term.

As odd as it may sound, Godric and Gran have been able to share their grief about losing Fintan in a way that goes beyond age or “species” or gender. Both loved—and still love—Fintan with all of their hearts, though neither of them had been able to share Fintan’s life as they’d wanted.

Speaking of Godric—tonight will also be his two-month anniversary as the king of Louisiana and Mississippi.

Yet another change.

When she’d been told of it, Sophie-Anne had seemingly “accepted” Eric’s claim of me, but she’d continued to try to find ways to “get” me. Those ways had included trying to get Eric in trouble with the Authority by having him sell V for her. She’d also aligned herself with Russell Edgington, who ended up being the vampire who’d been responsible for Eric’s family being killed!

Bill Compton had inadvertently given us that information when he and his maker had shown up at Fangtasia with several tattooed Weres one night. Bill had decided—after almost a year—that he was offended because Eric had taken me from him.


I’m guessing that Bill’s sudden courage came with the fact that he’d aligned himself with a three-thousand-year-old monarch.

Eric had been happy to find a reason to end the annoying Civil War vet, though he did arrange for Gran to “question” him before he staked him. Poor Bill—for nights, he had answered every question that Gran had thrown at him about the Civil War. Bill had hoped that he’d receive mercy. In the end, he did. Eric ended him quickly.

Lorena’s end was slow and satisfying, according to Pam and Thalia. I just counted myself lucky that I wasn’t that particular duo’s victim.

As for Russell? Well—he had no idea that Eric carried a grudge until right before he met his final death. Between Godric and Eric and—I’m proud to say—ME, Russell was taken out in a surprise attack, as was Sophie-Anne.

Eric and I worked together to kill the Mississippi monarch. I shot him with my light and Eric staked the motherfucker. Though we had experimented with our “dive-bombing” in other situations, we dealt with Russell on solid ground. Eric had needed to look his foe in the eyes as he’d ended him.

Meanwhile, Godric had the pleasure of killing Sophie-Anne and her children. Later, he told Gran that the fighting had invigorated him.

With his new lease on life firmly in place, Godric agreed to be a king for the first time in his existence. Gran, I believe, calls herself his “social secretary” and is currently fielding “courtship calls” from several states. Both Eric and I hope that Godric finds someone with whom he can establish some kind of intimacy.

What else should I catalogue about the last year? Well—there were other job changes in addition to Godric’s.

Jason quit his job with the road crew about nine months ago. He’s become a sheriff in Bon Temps and is dating Tara. About damned time! Tara has been in love with my brother since she and I were fourteen years old! And Jason has been “waiting” to date her until his “wild oats were sown.” Happily, he and Tara seem to be really content with one another.

As you know, Diary, I quit my job as a waitress at Merlotte’s, and I’ve been working with Eric at Fangtasia. As he promised, he taught me all about bartending, and that’s what I do at the club—four nights a week. And I love it—especially now that Chow has replaced Longshadow.

Chow keeps me laughing all night long. He calls me the “counselor” and we share snide remarks about the fangbangers who try to entice Eric. Of course, Clancy is now on “throne duty,” but that doesn’t stop Eric from getting propositioned several times a night.

It’s just taken some people a while to learn that Eric is most definitely “off the market.” He is mine!

One of those desperate fangbangers tried to stab me in the ladies’ room. Of course, I heard her plans, and she ended up running right into Pam when she attempted to follow me.

Of course, we’ve had other issues too. A few Fellowship of the Sun fanatics have come into the bar—trying to cause mischief—but between my telepathy and Eric’s glamouring, we’ve managed to trace them back to their leaders. The last I heard, Steve Newlin was probably going to get life in prison for crimes against vampires.

My fairy relatives have also found me, and I’ve established relationships with Claudine and Niall, though both Eric and I are wary of the latter. Claudine has opened her mind to me, and I know I can trust her. Niall—on the other hand—clearly has his own motives for doing everything, which is why Eric is always there when I meet with him.

As for Niall’s enemies? Well—we’ve found a few witches who have helped to strengthen my amulet so that it automatically “stuns” fairies with bad intensions against me. And let’s just say that Eric and I have enjoyed several mornings frolicking in the lake in the sunlight after he’s drained a fairy with designs to hurt me.

Maybe it makes me a horrible person, but I hope more fairies come—because Eric is beautiful in the sunlight.

Well, Diary, I think that’s gonna be it for me for now. Pam has ordered that I leave Eric’s side before he awakens so that my amorous vampire doesn’t make me late for our own wedding. Of course, what Pam doesn’t know is that I’m just as likely to be responsible for our tardiness, and I don’t intend to leave our room until I get a proper “good evening” from my mate.

Nope. I think that I’ll run a bath and see if I can talk my vampire into consummating the marriage before the wedding.

I’ll let you know how it goes later. Meanwhile, I’m going to get myself wet and wait for the fireflies to swarm me.

Godric’s POV

“Oh no—you’re not,” I said from the doorway.

“Shit!” Sookie exclaimed, as she blushed a fierce red and closed the lid of her laptop guiltily. “I was talking aloud while I was writing again—wasn’t I?”

I chuckled. “Já, dóttir mín. And, if I allow you to go through with your wicked plans, then Pam will stake me.”

Sookie rolled your eyes. “You aren’t afraid of Pam—are you? You’re her king,” she reminded.

I chuckled again and shook my head. Sookie was now a constant source of joy in my life. She was so much like my beloved Finn—from the way her chin would jut out in defiance to the glint that would overtake her brown eyes when she was amused by something.

Finn truly did live on in her, and—even more wonderful—she’d brought intense joy to my child’s life as well.

“Okay,” I said, “I will admit that I am more concerned about worrying Adele than angering Pam.” I tilted my head a little. “Adele will likely be arriving at Fangtasia soon—correct? And she plans to help your childhood friend Tara prepare you for the wedding—if I am not mistaken.”

Sookie deflated a little, and I could tell that I’d convinced her to leave for Fangtasia now, rather than to try to steal a few minutes with my child before she left.

She gave me a mock glare, but got up, pulled her robe around her almost defiantly, and went into the closet she shared with my child. She emerged moments later in a T-shirt, yoga pants, and flip-flops. I marveled at the way clothing went through cycles. I was just glad that men were no longer expected to wear “tights” anymore. Whether they were called “yoga pants” or “tights” or “hose,” I had no interest in such constrictions any longer.

Sookie gave my child a look of longing.

“I will make sure he gets to the church on time,” I said with a smirk.

She grinned at me. “Fangtasia isn’t exactly a church.”

I shrugged. “Tonight—it will be the most sacred place in my state.”

She sniffled. “I wish he were here.”

I knew of whom she spoke: my Finn.

“Fairies believe that they dwell in the Summerlands after they die. If he is there, then he is watching over us even now,” I said, hoping that was true.

“That’s a nice thought,” Sookie said with a smile.

“He would be proud of you.”

“I don’t know where I’d be today if it weren’t for Fintan and my Gran helping me to see my telepathy as a gift.” She glanced at Eric. “I don’t think I would have him.”

I smiled. “Then I am even more thankful for your grandmother and,” I paused, “your grandfather.”

Sookie glanced toward the nightstand. I knew what was there already. I could smell the metal of the dagger I had once given Finn. I could smell our blood on it—as well as Sookie’s and Eric’s blood.

“You’re sure that we can use it for our pledging?” she asked.

I smiled at her. “It is yours now—yours and Eric’s. And that is what Fintan would have wanted too.” I sighed. “His blood is yours, and my blood is Eric’s. It is right that you two have the dagger.”

She smiled. “I’m glad you’re here with us, Godric.”

“As am I,” I said.

And I was glad. A year ago, I’d been looking for a way to end my existence—looking for a final way to atone for the many lives I had taken over the years.

Now I was a king of two states. And I’d realized that I had many reasons to stay in this world. Two of them were in front of me: my beloved child and his beloved chosen one.

“You should be on your way before he awakens,” I said.

Sookie, once again, looked at my child longingly and then looked back at me.

“Tell him that I can’t wait to see him?” she asked.

“I’m sure he will feel the same way,” I said as she kissed my cheek before leaving the room.

I could hear her movements as she went upstairs and greeted her guard; I tracked the noise of her vehicle until she was out of the neighborhood.

I sighed as I looked at my child. Eric had always been better equipped at surviving a long life than I. He had the ability to adapt—to change—to find things in the world that gave him a reason for being.

But his greatest “reason” was the woman whom he was to marry that night. I knew that just as surely as I’d known that Finn had been my greatest “reason” to live. But he was not my only one—not any more.

I just hoped that my child would never lose her. They were already lucky—blessed. While Finn and I had been forced to hide our love and spend decade upon decade apart from one another, Eric and Sookie would be able to dwell together.

“Godric,” came Eric’s voice as he awoke.

“Your beloved has instructed me to make sure that you are on time for your wedding,” I told him.
Eric smirked. “I suspected that she would be here when I awoke.

I chuckled. “She almost was. Now prepare yourself. You are to be married and pledged tonight.”

My child looked almost giddy as he rose from Sookie and his bed. He hurried toward the bathroom, and—within moments—he was in the shower.

I chuckled again. I could tell from Eric and my bond that he was excited and a bit nervous: the standard groom.

I turned and went to my room to finish readying myself. I snuck a peek at the lone picture I had of Finn. I stroked his beautiful face with my finger. I felt—somewhere deep inside—that he was happy that I’d found the strength to carry on with my life without him.

“I love you,” I whispered to the picture, hoping that somehow—someway—my beloved himself would hear me.

I smiled. Finn had been an unabashed science fiction fan—with his favorite human author being Frank Herbert, who’d written the Dune stories. I enjoyed science fiction because it was a kind of preview of the world to come, so Finn and I had shared many hours reading together.

I couldn’t help but to recall a quote by Herbert: “Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.”

“Thank you, my love,” I said to Finn’s picture before I put it back into my bag. My beloved’s granddaughter had come into my child’s life. She’d changed him and—by extension—me.

I was awake again.


A/N: Well—there it is: the “little” story that I’d thought I’d lost. I know that some of you will be disappointed that you didn’t get to see various things. But—when I wrote this story—I’d just planned a short “romance” that would end with Eric and Sookie together. I’ve gotten a few PM’s and anonymous reviews that have complained about the diary format and have lamented the lack of action. Sorry if you didn’t enjoy the story, but I never set out to write action in this one, just as I didn’t set out to write angst. Again, sorry if you are disappointed. Sadly, I cannot please everyone.

That said, I have been truly moved and floored by the overall positive response that I got for this story! Most of you enjoyed seeing Sookie and Eric’s first interactions in a universe where the Sookie’s character was very different. This was always the main goal of this story, and I’m so pleased that most of you enjoyed what I did! I’d love to hear what you think about the ending!

As I said before, I might try to write more in this universe later, but I’m kind of happy where this one is for now. 

Once again, many thanks to Seph and Kleannhouse for your contributions.

And, as always, thanks for your support and for reading my work!

Much love!


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58 thoughts on “Epilogue: Glow

  1. *pffft* If they don’t like it then they don’t have to read it – saves more for ME to love! Srsly, I loved this. Yes, it WAS fast, but it was also sweet, hot, intense, and very, very well done. Fukkem. I give it an A+++!

    (And while I would ADORE reading more of it, maybe when Godric meets his future beloved?, I totally understand why you’d see this as the perfect place to end it. Either/or, I’d read more…!)

    KUDOS! ❤

  2. Loved loved this story! But then again, I love all your stories. Fantastic!This story was actually amazing ! Best TB story I’ve read in a while ! Greetings from Germany. Anna

  3. my ‘disappointment’ stems from the fact that this story is over… I loved this story. I would not be disappointed if you wished – later on – to write epilogues (hint hint 😉 )

  4. Thank you, this was a lovely respite from the angst of Touch the Flame and Uninvited…AND it is short enough to re-read when things get tense 😰 That is sometimes easier than trying to remember where my favorite parts of the Back and Forth series are…although I will admit to having read Bill’s end in that series about 10 times LOL


  5. I’ve really enjoyed this story and I like the fact that you ended it with Godric’s POV. That was a nice touch.

  6. i loved it for once sookie and eric aren’t being beatin to an inch of there lives and godric didn’t die what a great story come on people if you don’t like it stop reading it know one twisting your arms I loved it thank you kat until next story

  7. I loved this story and how Sookie and Eric met. I think it has to be one of my favorite meetings between the two of them. Thank you for finding and posting this story. 🙂

  8. So beautifully written ! I liked how this Sookie embraced her gift not seeing it as a curse ;so glad Godric is alive inthis story as kIng of Louisana and Mississippi You’re the best Kat Take care….

  9. A lovely ending to a very satisfying story.
    Bill taken care of ..check
    Sophie Anne taken care of ..check
    Rusell taken care of…. check
    Godric with a renewed sense of purpose and loving life again…check
    And they are suspicious of Niall’s true intentions…check

  10. Sad to see the end of this but really enjoyed it. Good to see a Godric that is happy with “life”. 🙂

  11. I enjoyed the format of the diary, it was different. I also enjoyed the ending, there is something wonderful about the simple perfection of the story as you have it. However, it is the original idea that has me clamoring for more, gran coming clean with Sookie to help her with her gift earlier. That is one inexplicable thing that has not been covered enough in ff. there are so many other things that I always complain about and it almost feels bad to complain about Gran or criticize her when she was so much better than the others, but it never made any sense that gran kept it a secret. I never read the last two and a half books, but as far as I know it was never given any explanation as to why she would keep Sookie in the dark when she knew she drank Mr C’s blood, oh well no complaints. Anyways, I think this story is great in its entirety, but I would love if you would explore this type of Sookie and Gran relationship at some time in the future because I know how much you will think through all the various changes and those parts of her that would remain, etc… Thank you to everyone writing, editing and bannering this story so quick! It was enjoyable to read it right through like that.

  12. As much as I enjoy me some angst and action, it was nice to take a break.
    That was a brilliant story. Hmm, with people that are not expecting the diary format… Do you think it might be helpful to put some kind of note on the first page, letting new readers that the story is big in neither angst or action. As you said, it’s a simple love story partially told through diary entries 🙂

    As for my self….
    It’s. .. Over. …sniff

  13. How could anyone complain? They’d complain if they were hung with a gold rope…..I teared up through Godric’s PoV —loved the character and he was gone too soon on TB…….
    Great story! Loved it!

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    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Just finished re-reading this story, still loved it and wouldn’t mind a sequel so see how everyone is doing in the future, maybe Godric could even turn gran so they both can keep a little of Fin with them both and they would make a good pair as really good friends, maybe even lovers, after all love transends age.

  16. Amazing ending to an amazing story! Really hope that there will be more stories in this universe! Maybe focusing on Godric as well? Really love how you incorporated him into this story, so beautiful!

  17. The epilogue was great! LOL @ Godric catching Sookie’s diary entry and making her leave for Fangtasia. Gran as his social Secretary – awesome. I’m so glad he’s found reasons to keep living, and so happy that Sookie and Eric have a HEA.

  18. Great ending to the story. I get the feeling if you could de-age Gran/Adele you would ‘ship her with Godric. Or. Am I reading too much into you writing? (snicker)

    Liked the diary entries. Gave a unique perspective of the Sookie character.

  19. Well!! You’ve done it again. I didn’t get a chance to start this til the end of the work week – then I couldn’t put it down – and THAT was a problem. See – I was the delegate for my Girl Scout Service Unit for the annual meeting on Saturday AM. You know – GIRL SCOUTS. Wholesome?? I got to the meeting early and yep – got to chapter 8 – you know the one – while I was sitting there in the auditorium surrounded by other you know – wholesome women and girls. Thank goodness I read on my phone and you’d have to look VERY closely at my screen to see it. Least I hope so – maybe my almost 50 year old eyes are deceiving me and I’m being reported right now to some Girl Scout Council – but I still couldn’t put it down. If I’m fired from scouts – well then I have that much more time to write and read. Could be a win win.

    SO – back to the story – you know, the reason for my comments. LOVED it – and I was sad to read that some were bothered by the diary format while I was sitting here saying – if I use that style is it plagiarism or more of a compliment by imitation?? I thought it was a wonderful, sweet, quick read for the end of my hellish workweek. Anytime Bill loses is a win to me.

    FYI – I didn’t finish the story while waiting for the meeting to start – so I sat in my car and read to at least finish my chapter before I had my long drive home. How I wish I had something that read to my for that drive.

    Anyway – thank you as always for sharing your talent. Sorry for the long review at the end – and sharing more of my life than you ever really wanted to know.


  20. Loved the story…my absolute favorite sci-fi series is Dune…there are two quotes that always come to mind for me from that series…”the sleeper must awaken…” and “fear is the mind-killer..” love the reference!

    1. Glad you like it. I, too, am a fan of Dune, but not as much as my hubby. I love that quote, however. I keep a book of faves, and that is one of the first I wrote in it–way back in 1999. LOL.

  21. Another FF site I belong to calls non-angst, happy-ever-after fics as “Therapy Stories”. This is a super one. I’m sure I’ll read it again when I need a boost. Thank you.

  22. I love this story. It shows how things could have been so much different if only Sookie had been told from the start about her heritage. If you ever want to add to this universe, I will be here reading it! 🙂

  23. Totally enjoyed this delightful story. I loved that the main characters were witty, strong and intelligent. It was nice to read something that still had a place for Gran, Godric and Fintan. Definitely will be re-reading this. Loved it

  24. I’m very late in the game but I have to say that I read this all in a little over 1.5 hrs. I loved this piece of fluff. After the angst of the UN-iverse I needed a bit of fluff. 😃 so thank you! This was really a great story. Then again all you write is!

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    1. This is one of my very few go to stories that actually soothes me when my spirit is flagging and I’m feeling ragged. All of your stories are excellent and I’ve enjoyed most of them more than once, but sometimes certain ones speak to us more than others. I wish I had your verbal talent and facility to express how much your time and talent is appreciated. Thank you.

  28. Awesome fic! My favorite part was when Eric described the different types of love and how he knew he felt them for Sookie!

  29. Just re-read this lovely story, for the third, fourth, or is it fifth time? As others have said, it is sweetly satisfying. But I would dearly love to read some flashbacks of meetings someday: Sookie meeting Godric, Bill and Russell meeting their end, Adele meeting Eric… I know you would make them fascinating and fun.

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