Special Features: B&F Universe


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awards and noms

Back and forth Universe interview

b and f special features

1. nwalmnn’s Artwork for Back and Forth

nwalmnn's library

2. Cast: Back and Forth (With Pictures and Actor Names)


Special Features

1. Sephrenia’s Character Banners for Come Back to Me

Banner for Kat's Page

2. Cast: Come Back to Me (With Pictures and Actors’ Names)

Cast of CBTM

3. Inspirations: Come Back to Me


2 thoughts on “Special Features: B&F Universe

  1. hi I just discovered your stories on fanfiction site and followed your link to your site here.

    Can I just say I spent a whole day reading Back & Forth in almost one sitting. It was very captivating.

    Now on to Come Back to Me.

    You are a brilliant fanfic writer and your prose and style really help me capture the moments and feelings of both Eric and Sookie in the story. Just wanted to say thanks.

    Sometimes when I see the amazing plot developments of our beloved TB fic writers, I wonder why the TB TV show writers can’t seem to come up with a less convoluted and more character driven plot like what you’ve done. I feel like I’m drowning in the new plotlines, sub-plotlines, sub-sub-plotlines of the last two seasons:) But then if my wish came true, only us EricxSookie shippers will like the storyline, which isn’t fair I guess.

    1. Thanks so much for reading! I’m glad that you liked B&F and hope that CBTM is also good for you. Indeed, sometimes TB gets a little convoluted. I kind of get bored when the Sam story comes on now. And why isn’t Alcide involved in the fight Eric’s involved in. Sigh. Oh wait–it’s b/c he’s too busy trying to kidnap Emma (who–let’s face it–should probably be with Martha). Oh well. Again, glad you like my stories!

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