Vampire Characters: from TB

Some of TB’s vampire additions–notably Godric and Jessica–have been favorites of mine.  On the other hand, additions like Lilith and Violet Mazurski (Jason’s love interest in Seasons 6 & 7) could have been lived without. 

Alexander Drew

This character was in Inner, and I used the child actor from the show, Jacob Hopkins, for my visualizing.

Dieter Braun

For the INNER-Verse and UN-iverse, I pictured Christopher Heyerdahl, whom I think did a nice job on the show.

However, for Who’s Your Daddy?, which is my complete re-imagining of Season 5, I went with a different actor–Michael Fassbender–because, frankly, I was looking for more sex appeal for the role.  🙂


Though loosely based on Godfrey from the books, I count Godric as a show-born character (one of the additions I loved).  I always picture the wonderful Allan Hyde.

Jessica Hamby

Another great addition (in my opinion) to the True Blood world is Jessica.  I think Deborah Ann Woll did a great job with the role, and I’ve yet to picture this character as anyone other than Woll.

Kibwe Akinjide

If you watched Season 5 of True Blood, you know that Kibwe–played by Peter Mensah–was introduced as a member of the Vampire Authority.  In my Season 5 story, Inner, I pictured this actor.  I did the same for his role in the UN-iverse, though he was the King of Illinois in that universe.

I re-cast him for Who’s Your Daddy? when I began visualizing Djimon Hounsou.


Although I really disliked this character, I used her in Inner.  Jessica Clark was fine in the show, and I felt no need to re-cast.

The Magister

I loved this character on the show; too bad he was under-utilized.  I’ve used him in my stories and always pictured actor Zeljko Ivanek.


I LOVED this addition to the show.  I’ve used the character in several pieces, always picturing Tina Majorino.

Nan Flanagan

This was another interesting vampire added to the show.  I’ve always pictured Jessica Tuck when writing the character.

Nigel Beckford

I use this character in both of my Season 5 pieces–Inner and Who’s Your Daddy?  For both, I’ve pictured the show’s actor, Henri Lubatti.

Nora Gainesborough

I thought this was a really promising character.  I’ve used her in the Comfortably Numb trilogy, the INNER-Verse, and Who’s Your Daddy?  I picture Lucy Griffiths, the show’s actress.

Roman Zimojic

I loved this character–at least his potential.  For my Season 5 rewrites, I’ve continued to picture the actor from the show, Christopher Meloni.

I re-cast the character to Ray Liotta for the UN-iverse.  (This has been one of my favorite re-castings to date.)

Rosalyn Harris

I have used this character in both of my Season 5 rewrites, as well as in the UN-iverse.  I picture the actress used in the show, Carolyn Hennesy. (Who else loved her in General Hospital?)

Salome Agrippa

This was another added character in Season 5.  In Inner, I used the same actress as was in the show for my inspiration: Valentina Cervi.

When I started Who’s Your Daddy?, I re-cast Salome to Jessica Pare, who better fit my characterization. 


I have used this character for the INNER-Verse and pictured the actress from the show, Amelia Rose Blaire.

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