Hello all! You may or may not be interested in seeing whom I “see” when I am writing my stories.

To be honest, keeping people straight from one story to the next can be a big challenge!  This is one of the main reasons why I “cast” the roles.

As for why I ask Seph to create character banners–it’s because I enjoy when other authors use them.  It often helps me to visualize what is going on and adds a layer of “fun” for me as a reader.  I hope “seeing” the characters adds to your reading experience on my blog.

Of course, I couldn’t create the wonderful banners on my own!  I appreciate Sephrenia more than I can say for the many, MANY hours she’s invested in helping to bring my stories to life.  Indeed, she’s been known to help me “cast” before!

Some actors/actresses remain consistent from one story to the next.  These “actors and actresses” are often the ones portrayed on the show–though there have been exceptions for certain stories.  For example, when I write Niall, I just don’t usually see Rutger Hauer because I began writing stories before the Niall character was brought into the show.  Also, if I radically change a characterization from the show (like with Calvin Norris), I often envision a different actor/actress.

For characters found in the books, but not the show, I often cast and then recast based on my characterization.  For instance, Amelia and Desmond Cataliades are portrayed differently from one story to the next.

For new characters, I obviously have a lot of freedom in whom to cast.  If the new person is going to have a major role, I often create an outline of sorts before I even think about “casting.”  Sometimes, after only a little bit of writing, an actor/actress pops into my mind.  Other times, I have to browse the Internet.  When I’m stuck between several potential actors/actresses, I sometimes use a poll and have readers decide for me.  Invariably, once I’ve “cast” someone, the characterization evolves to fit that actor/actress to a certain extent.

Two characters that I don’t foresee changing in my stories are Eric and Sookie.  For me, Eric IS Alexander Skarsgård.  It’s just that simple.  The Sookie casting is more complicated.  First of all, I really like Anna Paquin, and since I watched Season 1 before I began reading the books, I pictured her when reading–despite the fact that book Sookie is described differently (blue eyes, not brown; much more buxom; etc.).  Many writers recast her, and I’ve seen some really interesting choices for her.  However, ultimately, I picture Anna when I write Sookie, so she’s my girl!

If you want to know more about my casting choices, click below on the category you’d like to see.  (I categorized characters according to how I think of them most.  For example, although Tara becomes a vampire in the show, I generally think of her as a human.)

Be sure to leave comments if you have them!  I’d love to hear who you picture when you think of a character.  Heck!  I might even be influenced by your choices!

Please comment and tell me what you think!

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