Chapter 11: Now We’re Cooking


Chapter 11: Now We’re Cooking

The afternoon and early evening passed quietly for Eric and Sookie as the rain continued to fall outside. Desmond had left soon after their meeting. And Niall had gone to the Foresters’ home for their weekly game of bridge.

Given the fact that the game would likely last well into the night, Saturdays evenings were always a time of cooking for herself for Sookie, and she was glad to have the opportunity. Louise’s food was delicious, rivaling even Gran’s in a lot of ways, and the older woman was very generous about letting Sookie help in the kitchen. But Sookie enjoyed cooking her own meals too.

She hummed as she dropped another peeled potato into the pot. Eric was on carrot duty. Both of them were enjoying the simple domestic task that they’d done so often during their months together, and had been missing during their months apart.

One eye barely cracked open to watch Sookie, Ned was stretched out lazily on the smooth tile floor. The cat had been trailing Sookie around the house since she’d gotten home from the hospital as if he were worried that she might collapse again. However, he seemed torn every time that Eric and Sookie were in separate rooms. He had clearly missed his other “person” and grew restless whenever they were apart.

Eric could certainly empathize, and he reached down to rub the little cat’s belly.

Sookie chuckled.

“What is it?” Eric asked, looking up at her with a smile.


“What about us?”

“It’s easy—isn’t it? I mean—when it’s just you and me, it’s easy. Even the first time when you spoke to me at the museum.”

He smiled, “You didn’t speak back though.”

She shrugged. “Well—the speaking wasn’t easy. But I felt the connection between us. And I trusted you.”

“I’m sorry I broke that trust after you told me about de Castro and Madden. I’m still sorry that I grabbed you like I did when we were in the elevator.”

“For some odd reason, that didn’t stop me from trusting you—even though I half expected to be arrested the next day for corporate espionage,” she chuckled.

“I wasn’t sure what to do about you,” Eric said honestly. “All I knew was that the moment I first stood next to you, I wanted to keep standing there. No. I wanted to be closer. And that scared me.”

“Are you still scared?” she asked.

“Before—I was always scared of losing you,” he answered truthfully.

“And now?”

“No. I was without you for more than four months, and it was the worst time of my life—worse than any loneliness I faced as a child or any harsh word I ever had from Appius. But I’m not scared of losing you again because it’s not going to happen again. I’m not going to let it.”

She wiped away a tear as she looked at his face—so full of fervor and devotion for her and Johan.

He moved to stand next to her. “Don’t cry, min alskade. Please.”

She smiled and shook her head. “You can’t ask a pregnant woman not to cry.”

With a mischievous look on his face, Eric dropped to his knees and pushed her shirt over her belly. He put his hands over their baby. “Johan,” he said, “you need to stop making your mommy cry. It’s both of our jobs to make her happy.”

Another tear slipped from Sookie’s eye. “Doing things like that are not the way to get me not to cry.”

Eric sighed dramatically. “It was worth a try,” he said, placing a gentle kiss onto her belly. He smiled up at her. “I can’t wait until you are bigger!” he added enthusiastically.

She rolled her eyes. She already had a prominent belly jutting from her body, though Dr. Ludwig had told her that she was still a little on the small side for a woman about to begin her fifth month of pregnancy. Of course, that was before Dr. Ludwig had said that she’d likely grow quickly and soon given the fact that the baby she was carrying was a little larger than normal. Sookie couldn’t help but to hope that her body waited to have a growth spurt until after she and Eric got married.

“You know I’m going to be a whale—right? I mean—if Johan has even a few of your genes, he’s gonna be huge.”

Eric grinned and kissed her belly again. “I don’t know what it is, but every time I think of you huge and pregnant because of our baby, I feel like a caveman. You. My. Woman. This. My. Baby,” Eric said, in a grunt.

She giggled. “Neanderthal.”

He chuckled. “I can’t help it. I’ve always felt this sense of possessiveness over you, but because of Johan it’s doubled.”

“Possessiveness—eh?” she asked him with a twinkle in her eyes. “That does sound very cavemanish of you. Of course, I have to admit that I have always felt the same about you. Even when I didn’t think it was possible to be with you forever, I always felt that you belonged to me.”

He smiled up at her. “I did. I do.”

“I guess that makes me a cavewoman.”

“A feminist cavewoman?”

“Equal ownership,” she laughed.

Eric kissed his son again and then talked to Sookie’s belly. “One day, I will teach you to paint on walls and build fires and hunt food, while your mother invents the wheel.”

Sookie giggled and ran her fingers through Eric’s soft hair. However, her laughter hitched as he moved his kisses a little lower.

“You know how else I feel like a caveman?” he asked, his tone now husky.

She shook her head and muttered something incoherent as he dragged one hand down to cup her mound over her clothing. She could feel his breath on her exposed skin even as he used his other hand to push down her flannel sleep pants to expose more of that skin.

“I feel like a caveman because I want to pick you up over my shoulder and take you to a bed of furs and make love to you until the only thing you can yell out is my name.”

“Eric,” she moaned as his hand over her clothing began to rub. In a moment of coherent thought amidst the movement of his truly gifted fingers, she reached over and turned off the pot in which the potatoes had been boiling.

He smiled at her action even as he kissed lower. “It’s been too long, my lover,” he said, his smooth voice causing her to shiver a little.

Knowing that he would lose control and take her on the kitchen counter if he didn’t take her to bed that very moment, Eric stood up abruptly. However, instead of throwing her over his shoulder, he picked her up bridal style so that he didn’t crush his son.

She giggled at the suddenness of his action, even as he began walking purposely toward their bedroom.

“You know—soon I’ll be too heavy for you to carry.”

He shook his head fervently. “No. Me. Strong. Man. You. My. Woman. Me carry.”

“You Tarzan, me Jane?”

They both chuckled until she noticed that her lips were right next to his beautiful neck, so she put those lips to good use.

“Oh God,” he moaned, his voice immediately losing the mirth it’d had moments before as she sucked and nibbled on his neck. He quickened his pace to the room they were sharing. “Sookie,” he moaned. “Promise me that you will tell me if I do anything that hurts you or Johan. Promise me that you will stop me if you get tired.”

“Eric,” Sookie panted. “Just make love to me. Don’t worry. I know that nothing we do together will ever hurt me or our son,” she assured.

He nodded and lay her onto the bed gently.

For a moment, he seemed a little uncertain, as if all their months apart—along with his worries about her pregnancy and heath—were stifling him.

“I promise,” she said. “If anything seems wrong, I’ll stop you.”

He sighed with relief but didn’t move toward her.

“Just kiss me,” she whispered, looking up at him.

The fervor in her eyes caused him to comply immediately, taking her lips with his until both of them were left breathless.

“I’ve missed you so goddamned much,” he said, as he let her up for air and began to place kisses onto her cheeks and chin and neck. It was not long before her hands were snaking under his T-shirt, and—not long after that—the garment was the first piece of clothing to be banished from their bodies. Soon they were totally bare, except for the light splint still on Sookie’s wrist and the small bandage on Eric’s hand. They had slept together since they’d been reunited; however, out of necessity—so that they wouldn’t do something potentially dangerous to the baby before the doctor gave them the all clear—they’d been sleeping in pajamas.

They each took a moment to look at each other.

“You’ve lost weight,” Sookie said with concern. Indeed, Eric was a little lankier than before.

“Don’t worry, Lover,” he said drawing his hands to cup both of her cheeks. “I’d lost my appetite for a while, but now I’m getting it back.”

Sookie nodded. “Well?” she asked a bit self-consciously.

“You’re beautiful,” Eric said, putting his hand over her stomach. “You are beautiful as you carry our son.”

She smiled as their hands began to explore each other’s bodies, reacquainting themselves with the old and discovering the new about each other.

Eric kissed along the column of her neck, to her collarbones, to her breasts. And then he gently cupped them into his hands and took one into his mouth. In the last week, he’d read that women’s breasts tended to be sore during pregnancy, so he was tuned into listening to any hesitation that Sookie’s body conveyed.

“That feels so good,” Sookie said with a moan, her fingers finding their way to his soft hair and giving it a little pull to get him to move to her other breast.

He smiled against her flesh.

Sookie seemed content to take things slowly, and Eric lavished soft kisses and caresses onto her breasts until he was reacquainted with them properly. Next he set about exploring that which was “new” about her body. He placed a light trail of kisses over Sookie’s belly; the flesh there was soft from the lotion that she—and now he—rubbed on it twice a day so that she could avoid stretch marks.

“It’s strange,” Sookie half-whispered and half-whimpered.

“What’s strange?” Eric asked.

“You kissing me and getting ready to have sex with me—all while our son is right there.”

“Bad strange?” he asked, kissing her stomach again as he looked up into her eyes.

“A little weird, but not bad,” she whispered. “This is how we made him—after all. I suppose I just thought that I’d feel self-conscious about the way I looked or about doing it with him inside of me.”

“But you don’t?” he asked, making sure. “I would never want you to feel uncomfortable.”

“Oh—I’m comfortable,” she sighed happily. “Very comfortable, as a matter of fact,” she added with a purr.

He chuckled and continued kissing her round stomach. She still hadn’t gotten too big, but Eric loved seeing the evidence that their son was nestled inside of her. He too sighed happily before moving his kisses downward, but they stayed just as gentle as before as he reached her folds. He spread her legs a little and gazed at her beautiful body for a moment before using his mouth to pleasure her. He loved the taste of her and took his time savoring, even as she began writhing below him. Her hands stayed latched in his hair, and she said nothing except his name in whispers and moans as he brought her closer and closer to release. When he knew that she was on the cusp of her orgasm, he concentrated his mouth on her clit and entered her with first one and then two fingers, moving them in and out of her body in steady, though slow, strokes that matched the action of his tongue. When he curved his fingers inward, she came hard against his hand and mouth, and he kept pumping slowly to prolong her pleasure.

“Eric, I need you,” she whimpered, even before her walls had stopped pulsing. “Please, I need to feel you inside of me. I need you closer.”

Eric felt a tear slip from his eye as he kissed his way up Sookie’s even more beautiful and bountiful curves until he was at her mouth. Though her belly stuck out of bit, he was able to keep from putting pressure on it by holding himself up with his arms. His height gave him a great advantage, and he was still able to kiss her as he entered her from above—though he could tell that they’d be able to enjoy this position for only a little while longer before her belly was too big.

He took care to enter her slowly, giving her body time to adjust and savoring the feeling of being “home” inside of her again.

Feeling her around him caused another tear to fall from his eye.

“Are you okay?” Sookie asked breathless, breaking their kiss.

“Better than okay,” he smiled as they both enjoyed the feeling of being fully connected once more. “I missed you so damned much, Sookie.”

“I missed you too,” she said as she cupped his cheeks with her hands. “So much.”

“I’ll never let you go again,” he vowed.

“And I’ll never go,” she promised.

He began to move as she wrapped her legs around his thighs as best she could. They made love slowly, reveling in simply being together and in allowing their bodies and eyes to say the things that words never could.

However, despite trying to prolong their lovemaking for as long as possible, the fact that they’d been apart for so long, plus the fact that he’d not had a release in almost a month—plus Sookie’s overactive pregnancy hormones—had them crying out each other’s names sooner than either of them would have preferred, though neither was complaining as the pleasure rippled through them.

“That was . . . .” She stopped and panted as she searched for a word.

“I know,” he said kissing her neck as he moved them so that she was on her side and he was spooning her.

“I can’t even think of a word for it,” she admitted, turning her head a little so that she could give him a little smile and a gentle kiss.

He sighed. “Neither can I. How can it be just as I remembered and so much better all at the same time?”

She giggled. “We’re just lucky, I guess.”

“Finally,” he whispered into her golden hair. “Finally.”

A/N: Hello all! I’m moving back to this story for a few chapters! Thanks so much for your patience as I go from story to story. I appreciate everyone still with me, especially those of you who are still commenting.

So after the emotion of the last few chapters as Desmond let Eric and Sookie know about John Northman’s codicil, I wanted this chapter to be fun and light. This is about Eric and Sookie reconnecting sexually, but it’s also about bringing “play” back into their lives. I try never to write a lemon without some narrative going on—either in characters’ thought or in talking. And I wanted this love scene to include the idea that Sookie and Eric are back to how they were before—even though they’ve both changed a lot (physically too). And—of course—I imagine any pregnant woman would share Sookie’s trepidation about being seen, so I wanted to have that in there too.

Next up: We’ll fast forward to the day before the wedding.

Until then,


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16 thoughts on “Chapter 11: Now We’re Cooking

  1. A much needed reconnection. They needed it and WE as the readers did too. I’m sure we should be bracing ourselves for what’s to come (and we are) – but it was nice to relax.


  2. Nice quiet time.
    Glad they had this moment. And glad Sookie thought to turn the potatoes off. Nothing worse than burnt potato smell, unless you count burn wall smell when they catch on fire. And yep. I know from experience thanks to my dad falling asleep one night.

    Wonder when Appius is going to find out his plans are ruined?

  3. so wonderful,they needed this time together,to be reconnected and to be close…hopefully in the next chapters we’ll see how all will be okay for our beautiful lovers .it’s going be worth the wait to see Appius fall..Take care

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