Chapter 198: A Squeak, Part 2

When her breathing had returned to normal, she looked at him with dancing, teasing eyes—carefree eyes.  “There’s a squeak in the bed, Mr. Northman.”

He laughed out loud―a true, light-hearted laugh―the kind only she had ever elicited from him before.

His brow quirked.  “Are you sure that you were not the one squeaking, lover?  The bed—I believe—held together well enough, but I seem to recall you coming apart a bit, and I am certain I heard that squeak from your beautiful mouth.”

Sookie blushed but then shook her head innocently.  “I’m sure it wasn’t me.  Maybe it was you who was squeakin’―if it wasn’t the bed, that is.”

Eric chuckled.  The vampire bond conveyed his wife’s mirth, something he’d not felt for too damned long.

And he loved it.  He fucking loved it.

It had been too long since they’d been like this—free from worries or looming threats.  Eric wanted to bask in the feeling of his wife’s jollity.

He was still on his knees with her on his lap, and he moved one of his large hands in a long caress down her backbone.  She sighed at his tender touch.

“No—that’s not the sound,” he said like a detective eliminating a lead.

Sookie felt Eric’s merriment echoing her own in the bond and sighed again.

“Nope—definitely not the sound.”  He grinned and then ground his pelvis against hers.  His cock, which was still lodged inside of her body once again brushed her sweet spot, making her groan.

“Mmmm,” he said in a low voice, “I love it when you make that sound, but it’s not the one I’m looking for.”

He slipped his still semi-hard cock from her body, and she grunted out her disappointment.  He chuckled, “That’s definitely not it.”  He laid her down on the bed and moved next to her.  He circled her swollen—and now very sensitive—clit with his fingertips.  Sookie practically squealed in ecstasy.

“That’s closer,” Eric smirked, circling her nub a few more times as if he wanted to examine the sound even more.  She obliged with another squeal.  “Yes.  That one is close,” he concluded, “but not quite a squeak.”

In her ecstasy at Eric’s touch, Sookie missed the mischievousness in her mate’s eyes because her own were closed, but she picked up on it in his voice and through the vampire bond.  She couldn’t help but to love his friskiness.  And she certainly couldn’t help the way that her body always responded to his touch.  She also couldn’t help her need to arch into that touch even more.

Eric was working very hard to hide his “dastardly” plans from his bonds with Sookie.  He moved his fingers over her wet nether lips and then quickly plunged two inside of her entrance.

“Oh God!” Sookie exclaimed as his fingers moved inside of her.  When he filled her even more by adding a third finger, she bit her lip to keep from screaming and then muttered a throaty, “Fuck, Eric!”  That exclamation was followed up by a barely audible, “Don’t you dare fuckin’ stop, Eric Northman,” as Eric began to thrust his fingers in and out of her body.

His chuckling turned into his own moaning as he watched Sookie writhe under the expertise of his fingers.  Every inch of her glistened in sweat or arousal.  She was the most beautiful fucking thing he’d ever seen.  “Beautiful noises,” he groaned.  “But not what I’m looking for.”  He turned his fingers upward in a ‘come-hither’ motion and struck her G-spot.  Sookie shrieked as her head twisted from side to side.

Eric growled; something primal in him celebrated the fact that he could turn his woman into such a wonderful mess with only his hand.  His cock throbbed in jealousy of what his fingers were doing, and Eric had to shake his head forcefully to remember to focus on his plan to make his wife squeak.  Plunging into her sweet depths would have to come later.

He put his other hand into action.  In Eric’s head, there were two ways to proceed at this point.  His initial plan had been to tickle her when she was at her most aroused and vulnerable.  That would surely draw out her squeak.  Then again, it might distract her enough to prevent the beautiful orgasm that was rising under the tutelage of his fingers, and that was not fucking acceptable.  He wanted to see her come undone—wanted to look at her glorious face when she did.  As a matter of fact, limiting her pleasure was not something he felt capable of—not even to get the desired squeak.

His lips went up in a devilish grin as he decided on Plan B to try to elicit her squeak.  He gave it a 75% chance of success in getting the noise he was looking for, but regardless, it would certainly prompt some wonderful noises from her, and he knew that her orgasm would be epic.

Plan B it was.

He slipped his other hand from her belly―where it had been holding her still―to her clit and swirled his fingers in a vibrating motion even as he continued to strum her G-spot.  That earned him a mewl, but no squeak.

After a few moments, he moved that second hand slowly but surely to her rear entrance.  During their winter dreams, he’d gently stimulated this site many times, but he knew that—to her real-life body, at least—this would be the first time, so he was careful to lube up his fingers with the juices that were flowing freely from her opening.  His woman seemed to anticipate his target and moaned into her bitten lip as he circled her rear entrance with his moistened finger.

He growled.  “It is not your moan I want, my beautiful wife,” he said passionately―gruffly—as he slowly worked his finger into her nether entrance.  He kept up the measured pace and movements with his other fingers inside her tight pussy and made sure that he brushed against her G-spot with every upstroke.  He moved his thumb to her nub so that his wife’s favorite spot did not go neglected.

And—of course—he monitored their bonds in order to make sure that she felt nothing but pleasure.

Just as she began to pulse in her release, he pushed his finger farther into her rear entrance, attempting to stimulate her clit and G-spot from that direction too.

His attempt worked like a charm.  Her orgasm shook her roughly, and he watched her quake as her head thrashed from side to side.  And—yes—she squeaked.

Several times, in fact.

Eric smirked in triumph even as he celebrated the fact that he’d brought his wife to such pleasure.

Sookie throbbed around his fingers for several minutes, and then—gently—Eric removed them from his wife before pulling her onto his chest.  “Eric,” she whispered breathlessly.

He pulled her tight to him.  His name on her lips was the most beautiful word he’d ever heard.

“What the fuck was that?” she managed through gasps.

“A tantric orgasm,” he smiled, “and a few squeaks.”

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It took Sookie several minutes to stop shaking from the massive orgasm that the skilled touches of her mate had produced, but when she had, she sat up like she’d been prodded by a hot poker.  And she returned that favor by poking him in the chest, disrupting the contented look on his face.

“You!” she accused.  “You—were purposely tryin’ to make me make that noise.”

Eric’s mouth couldn’t help itself.  It smirked up in a half-smirk/half-smile.  “Not trying.  Succeeding, lover,” he grinned, though he immediately schooled his features and tried to look innocent as her hands found her hips.

She looked so beautiful to him: her hair tousled, her body still aglow from her release, her eyes bright and playful, and her lips pouty and full.

“Nope!” Sookie said.  “You are not gonna win this one.”

Aroused by her challenging tone, Eric couldn’t help the low growl that emanated from his chest.  His un-sated cock would also have growled too—if it could have.  It did, however, rise to full attention in reaction to his wife’s fiery teasing.

Sookie licked her lips as she saw the evidence of his desire.  In truth, his cock would have been difficult to miss.  It was poking against her stomach; plus, it was—as Lafayette had once called it—‘Viking-sized’:  a gracious plenty that she intended to savor.  She looked at Eric’s member greedily and then into his eyes with both challenge and promise in her own.

She was determined to get a squeak out of him too.

She moved her hands over his still chest, bringing them down to rest momentarily on his abs.  She looked at him wickedly, and when she caught his eyes tracing her movements hungrily, she knew that she had him under her power.  She tilted her head sideways as she watched him react to the downward trajectory and teasing touches of her fingers.

This time the smirk was on her face.  “You did make me squeak a bit, Mr. vampire sheriff,” she admitted saucily.  Her smirk grew as he inhaled very deeply—and very unnecessarily—while her fingers began to circle his now-dripping cock.  She continued coquettishly.  “However, I’m just not sure it was the squeak in question.  I think that squeak sounded just a little different from mine.”

She softly ran her fingernails up his engorged shaft from the thick base to the moistened tip.

“Sookie,” he whispered as he looked her in the eye.

He was now totally under her control.  Sookie took a moment to think about what a strong man Eric was to enable her to have this kind of power over his body—especially given what he’d been through with Russell for the last several nights.  Russell had raped her beloved, and here he was letting her do exactly what she wanted to his body—entrusting her with everything.  She couldn’t help but to send a surge of love to her husband, her fucking magnificent vampire.

She looked into his blue eyes and found nothing there except what Eric felt for her in that moment; there was lust and love and longing and amusement and gratefulness and excitement.  Under her hands was her bonded one―whole and awe-inspiring.

Neither Russell nor his tortures lived in Eric’s eyes.  So Sookie made the decision right then and there that Russell Edgington would not be allowed to enter into their bedroom—not even in her thoughts if she could help it—nor would he ever affect any of the things that passed between her and Eric.  Not ever again.

She spoke to Eric in a small, tender voice, as she continued to tenderly caress his member, “You are the strongest man I’ve ever known, Eric Northman.  You are the bravest too.”

“With you by my side—yes.”  He looked at her with his crystalline eyes shining.  “We were made as a pair, min kván.  Don’t forget.”

She looked at him adoringly, certain that her own eyes were also shining with tears of joy.  But now was not the time for tears.  She vowed, “There will never be another man for me.  After you,” she paused and smiled at him flirtingly as she collected the pre-cum from the tip of his penis onto her fingers, “how could there be?”  She brought her fingers to her lips slowly and then licked them off in a presentation that almost had the thousand-year-old vampire whimpering.

“Mmmm,” she said as she lowered her mouth and flicked her tongue around his foreskin in order to collect the rest of the moisture there.  You taste so good, min bóndi.  She used her fingers to lightly slide his foreskin down to better expose the pink head of his now-extremely engorged cock.  Then she rolled the tip of her tongue around the head, spending extra time lapping up the pre-cum still oozing from his body.

A very low, very vibrato growl—no it was more like a purr, Sookie thought—began to fill the room as Eric watched her actions.

She smiled at his reaction as she slowly lowered her mouth to take in his thick penis, inch by glorious inch―as much as she could.  She brought her hand to the base of his cock in order to make up the difference as she moved her mouth and tongue up and down his hardness for a few minutes.  She could tell by the darkening of his eyes that he was building up under her ministrations.

She pulled her mouth off of him with a popping sound and chided, “Not so fast, Mr. Northman.  First you squeak, and then I’ll let you come.  I’m only gettin’ started with you.  ”

Eric groaned at the loss of her mouth but then growled at the promise of her words.

Sookie flattened out her tongue and licked him all the way from the base to the tip of his cock.  Then she repeated the action around on the other side, thoroughly lathering his member with her saliva.  His purring was back as she licked him as if he were the tastiest of ice cream cones.

She looked up at him and nuzzled the tip of his penis with her chin as she fondled his balls with her fingers.  She spoke saucily, “I’ve heard a whimper, a purr, a groan, a growl, and another purr out of you, but those aren’t what I want—are they?  How about it, husband?  Are you gonna squeak for me?”

Eric’s eyes flashed in passion.  And though he wanted nothing more than to simply flip his woman over and plunge his thoroughly teased dick into her warm channel, he felt as if he had melted into the bed and couldn’t move.  He knew that he was completely under his wife’s command as she cradled his balls and rubbed his erection with her smooth cheeks before kissing the tip chastely.  The wonderful challenge in her eyes made him want to play right along with her.

His voice was ragged, “Never—I don’t squeak.”

She grinned.  “Oh—I wouldn’t be so sure about that.”  She once again bathed his penis from base to tip with the wetted flat of her tongue and then lightly blew on the tip.  She was very pleased by two things in that moment.  The first she was expecting—his moans had raised to a slightly higher pitch.  The second she’d never seen before—goose bumps rising onto his flesh.

Eric gasped in surprise.  He had not experienced gooseflesh since he was a human, and even then, they’d been a rare occurrence for him.  He ran his long fingers over them as if he were an infant experiencing the sensation of touching something previously undiscovered.

Feeling his wonderment and gratefulness in the vampire bond, Sookie’s fingers joined his in grazing over the risen flesh.  The little raised bumps strained to grow even farther into her touch.  By the look in his eyes as he took in his skin’s reaction, Sookie could tell what this simple experience meant to him.  Despite her desire to continue pleasing and teasing her husband, she stopped her other movements and simply enjoyed the moment with him.

By the time the bumps had disappeared, tears threatened to fall from Sookie’s eye as Eric’s joy almost overpowered her.  She quelled them as Eric spoke softly and in marvel, “I remember that sensation from when I was a human, min kära, but in a thousand years of being vampire, it’s never,” his voice trailed off.

Sookie smiled and lifted a hand up to his cheek; she caressed him tenderly.  “What’s ‘never’ to you and me, Eric?”

Eric smiled back.  “A word with absolutely no fucking meaning.”

Taking on a playful glint again, Sookie’s eyes delved into her husband’s.  “No meaning at all.”  She slid her hand from his cheek to his neck and then down his torso, strengthening the pressure of her nails on his flesh as she went.

“Now—where was I?”  She lowered her mouth and scraped her teeth slightly against the head of his penis, causing him to groan and his cock to once again rise to full attention.  “Oh yes.  I remember now.  You and squeaking.”

By this time, her hand was back around the base of his penis, squeezing it.  Her other hand had returned to his balls, caressing them lovingly.  She grinned naughtily as she scraped her teeth against the ruddy head again, this time using a bit more pressure.

“Fuck,” Eric said as his head fell backwards—deep into his pillow.

“That’s not the sound I’m looking for,” Sookie mused teasingly.  She lowered her mouth back to the base of his penis and then focused her attention on the underside of it—where she knew from experience that he was extremely sensitive.  This time, instead of using only her tongue, she began to nip gently at his shaft as she travelled up it to the tip.

Eric writhed beneath her touches, trying to stay silent.  He knew that if he’d let himself, he would probably have squeaked—or even sang a fucking tune—as her blunt little teeth nibbled at him.  However, he was also just as stubborn as his wife and wanted the game to continue.  Of course, if she had asked it of him in that moment, he would have barked like a dog or quacked like a duck for her —just to have her continue teasing him.

Sookie intuited that Eric was close to making the desired sound, so she repeated her actions, only this time with more pressure, but Eric—though panting now—let no other sounds escape his mouth.

Sookie smiled up at him.  “You’re stubborn, Mr. Northman.  I’ll grant you that, but I’m not finished yet.”  She went back to the top of his penis and then took him into her mouth quickly and fully, tightening her lips around him to make sure that he received the maximum pressure and pleasure she could give.

He muttered a broken string of curse words in various languages as she bobbed up and down quickly, taking him in further with each down-stroke.  Sookie was concentrating on several things all at once:  maintaining the pressure of her lips, opening up her throat to try to take in more and more of her husband’s gracious plenty, breathing through her nose, and monitoring their bond.  She could sense that he was close—very close to exploding―but he was not quite ready to squeak for her, so she lessened the pressure of her lips.

She had one last trick up her sleeve, but she hesitated for a moment—just a moment—as another thought of Russell and what he’d done to Eric invaded her mind.  Once again, she pushed at that thought.

Feeling her defiance through their bond, Eric looked at Sookie with curiosity seeping into his passionate glaze.  Sookie briefly raised her mouth from Eric’s shaft and spoke out fervently.  “You are mine, Eric Northman.  Your body, your mind, your soul, your spirit, and your beautiful heart—all mine!”  She plunged her mouth onto him again, and he groaned loudly under her feverish ministrations.

Sookie was resolved not to give Russell and his actions any hold over her man.  And she’d been anxious to try pleasuring him in the way she now intended for a while—ever since their second shared dream in the winter, ever since he’d first done it to her.  Instinctually, she knew that Eric would like her plans very much—that he might even need her to do what she was about to do so that they could retake ownership of his body completely.

Eric closed his eyes and writhed in ecstasy.

For the second time since she’d been servicing his cock in the most glorious way he’d ever known, a moment of sadness had entered into their bond, followed immediately by defiance and then her words of ownership.  Eric—despite his current bliss—could guess what thought had prompted those emotions:  Russell and what he’d done to Eric’s body.

Eric had already made his own choices about that; Russell would have no dominion over his pleasures with his wife—no dominion over him at all.  But he’d had a thousand years’ practice in overcoming physical tortures.  Plus, Sookie had—with her healing light—eased the emotional bruising left behind by Russell’s rape, just as she’d lessened his pain when Godric met the sun.  Feeling his wife’s current emotions, Eric realized that she had also chosen to expel Russell Edgington from their bedroom; pride mixed with his lust and love in the vampire bond.

When she’d claimed him so forcefully, first with her words and then with her mouth, he’d wanted to yell out in a warrior’s cry along with her.  She was so fucking amazing that he didn’t even know where to begin.  And she was so fucking right.  She did own him—body, mind, soul, spirit, and un-beating heart.  She had every part of him—would always possess every fucking part.  And though any other vampire might see this as a weakness in him, Eric knew that it made him stronger—because in exchange for Sookie’s possession of him, she’d given him all of those same parts of herself.

Eric’s thinking on the matter ended abruptly when—through the vampire bond—he felt her passion, mirth and—yes—naughtiness poke through any doubts she may have had.

He groaned at the feeling.

“Eric, look at me,” Sookie ordered.

He managed to open his eyes just in time to see her moistening her fingers with the juices from her own body.  She caught his gaze for a moment and winked.  And suddenly Eric knew not only what she was planning but also that with a single look or doubt from his end of the bond, she would stop her plans immediately.

Instead, he growled out, “Yes.  Fuck yes, Sookie!”

After getting her husband’s approval, Sookie smiled around his cock as she again took him into her mouth, swallowing as much of him as she could.  Her fingers adequately wetted with the evidence of her own arousal, Sookie brought them to Eric’s rear entrance.  “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” she thought, as she slowly circled his puckered hole.

Of course, Eric had healed physically from any evidence of Russell’s violence, but she knew from what her husband had said before that he was a virgin to anal sex when he was turned.  So she very gently pushed against his opening.  She was surprised that her finger moved into his body with ease as he relaxed around her touch.  She smiled again around her husband’s cock.  He might be an anal virgin anatomically, but he certainly had learned how to relax his rear entrance when he wanted to.  She carefully began to push further into him, surprised at just how aroused the action was making her too.

Sookie pushed until her finger was all the way in.  Though Sookie was still relatively inexperienced when it came to sex, she was not completely naïve.  After all, people often thought “loudest” about what they had done or what they wanted to do when it came to sex.  From Lafayette’s head one time, she had picked up a piece of knowledge that she’d never thought she would have occasion to use.  She had been wrong.  She gently probed her husband’s body, and suddenly, she found what she was looking for, and from the sounds of Eric’s curses—which were now coming out of his mouth in an incoherent mixture of English, Swedish, and Old Norse—he was incredibly happy that she had found it.

“Eric,” she whispered as she lifted her lips briefly from their task, “yield to me.  Squeak for me.”

She increased the pressure of her lips on his cock again, opened her throat as much as she comfortably could to take in his girth, and strummed his prostate just as he always did her G-spot.  And then—just as he began to lose control, she hummed a bit, knowing from Lafayette’s informative brain that the vibration from that would most definitely finish Eric off.  And at the combination of those things, her vampire finally lost the last bit of control he had.

Eric groaned and gave his wife the only warning that he was capable of in that moment―a strained call of her name―and then he began to shake as his release flooded out of him.  Sookie did not back off from it.  She took in everything he had to give—or at least all that she could.  She felt his rear passage constrict around her finger even as his seed continued to flow from him.

And that was when she got the sound that she was looking for:  the thousand-year-old vampire was indeed compelled to squeak.


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Moments after that squeaking, Sookie was making that very same noise as her very, very worked up husband was thrusting his cock into her extremely ready—and very, very happy—entrance.

Sookie had barely had time to register what had happened between his squeak and hers as the vampire had moved in a blur.  All that she knew for sure was that one moment, she was slurping up the last of his release and removing her finger from his body, and the next moment she was on her hands and knees on the bed, and he was thrusting into her forcefully from behind.  She’d been so aroused by his arousal—which had also been fed by their shared pleasures in the bond—that she’d come undone the moment he’d entered her and had orgasmed at his first thrust, and with that orgasm had come her squeak.  Her noises soon turned to panting and then moaning as he pounded into her again and again, eliciting a continual stream of pleasure from her body.  She was pretty certain that she was having one orgasm after another at that point, or maybe it was just all one long orgasm.  What did Eric call it?  Tantric?  Well either way, she could do very little except feel her pleasure.  She was certain that if her mate hadn’t been holding her up, she would have fallen onto the bed.

Eric continued to pound into his wife.  He’d just had the strongest orgasm of his life—and it had been a fucking long life—and every instinct in him told him to return the favor tenfold.  Gods—the woman beneath him was amazing.  “Mirakel,” he heard himself say.  “Min vackra mirakel.”  [My beautiful miracle.]

As he drove into her, they both heard the tell-tale sound of a squeak from the bed.  “Sorry,” Eric panted above her, as she moaned beneath him, “I guess that squeak was from the bed.”

Sookie was too far into her ecstasy to respond.

He felt her walls pushing onto him again and again and knew that she was in continual, intense pleasure.  He strove to give her even more as he quickly neared another release.  Between the way her tightness pulsed around him, the way she was skipping between moans and mewls at this point, the way her cute bottom backed into him to meet his every thrust seemingly of its own accord, the way her hips felt like silk under his hands as he pulled her into him again and again, and the way the pulse in her neck seemed to be calling him to bite her as the bond called for the same thing—well—he knew there was no fucking way he was going to last much longer.  So he pulled her body up flush to his—her back against his chest—and from this angle, he thrust right into her G-spot, even as he lowered a hand to swirl around her clit.

If Sookie had thought she’d been having orgasms before that, then this new one was the mother of all of those.  She closed her eyes tightly, afraid they would fly right out of her.  And when she felt Eric’s fangs break into her flesh, she was certain that she was having an out-of-body experience because the orgasm got even stronger.

Eric drank from his bonded as his release flowed into her.  She was now shaking around him uncontrollably, her orgasm pulsing.  The bond was practically performing an operetta.

Exhausted and feeling too much pleasure to contain, Sookie let the darkness take her as she passed out from the intensity of her physical release.

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Sookie’s next coherent thought came with the taste of Eric’s blood.  She opened her eyes slowly and was met with an expression that was so complex that she would always remember that moment as capturing all of the wonderful and seemingly contradictory sides of her mate.  She took a picture of it with her heart, and she catalogued the mosaic that she saw in his eyes, each shade of blue seemingly holding on to a different emotion.

In that beautiful flash, he was concerned for her well-being, and his eyes showed worry.  However, right next to that worry, was arrogance, and she could tell that at least part of her Viking had the primal urge to howl out in pleasure that he had fucked her into sweet oblivion.  Next to that look was a shade of blue that she always associated with the tenderness of her husband, and that emotion was backed up by the light caress of the back of his hand along her cheek.  He turned his hand around, and Sookie could see that there was still a wound there.

“Drink a little more?” Eric asked, his concern clear in his voice.  Sookie didn’t hesitate as he put the wound to her lips.

She continued to stare into her husband’s gaze.  Along with the worry, the possession, and the tenderness, she also saw his love for her shining through.  And again—in seeming paradox—his lust and passion were right next to that.  She also saw pride radiating from him—pride in her and in them as a couple.  There was confidence in her coming from those eyes as well, even as there was also protectiveness .  There was a seriousness, and a playfulness.  He marveled at her, even as he knew everything about her.  There was also the now-familiar look of gratefulness in his eyes.  And there was longing―a longing that she knew would never be sated.  But again, right next to that was another paradox.  Next to the longing was a look of utter fulfillment and contentment.  Sookie felt all of Eric’s emotions from the bond, even as she saw them in his eyes.  However, in that moment, she could feel only one for him—complete and absolute love.

She licked his hand as the wound closed.

He smiled down at her.  “I would apologize for fucking you unconscious, min kván, but I imagine you would just chastise me if I did.”

She returned his smile.  “Yep.”  She grinned mischievously.  “I liked, very much, getting screwed into oblivion by you.”

“Just returning the favor,” he purred as he gently kissed her forehead.

“You’d better work on that squeak―in the bed,” she teased.

“I think I like that squeak too much to fix it now,” he growled as he kissed her intensely on the lips.

However, after a minute of that, he backed off, not wanting to overtire her and afraid that if he continued, he’d have to make love to her yet again.

“You’re doing it again,” Sookie said accusingly as she recognized the assessing look on Eric’s face.

“Can’t help myself,” Eric admitted as he lay on his side next to her and she turned toward him to mirror his pose.  “I need to make sure you are well.”  In fact, ever since she’d passed out, Eric had been assessing her heart-rate, her breathing, her blood rate—everything that his vampire senses could pick up on.

She smiled and put her hand over his heart; his hand moved to cover hers, and their fingers entwined there.  “I know what you mean.”

They stared at each other for several minutes, neither one of them moving in any way.  The only touch between them was their locked hands over his heart.

After a while, Eric said in a quiet voice.  “Sunrise is coming soon.”

“Do you feel the pull?” Sookie asked.

Eric shook his head, “No—not yet.”

Sookie’s lips turned up.  “Wanna watch it with me?”

Eric’s lips curled up as well.  “That sounds like heaven.”


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  1. The only and I mean only reason I don’t need one know is because as I read this I was watching Battleship. I don’t want ot give away anything, but if you seen it u would understand.

    Awesome, I loved how they control of their lovemaking and erased russell’s torture. As always, you leave me speechless. Well kinda. But you know what I mean…

  2. I think I need a cold shower, wow what a chapter. The concept of the squeak was so funny. I like how they both tried to make the other squeak. Sign me up for an sex that makes me pass out. What a chapter!

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