Chapter 06: Shocker

When I came back to myself, I was lying back in the cubby’s small bed, my wife curled against me, her fingers playing in my light chest hair. Her breathing was even, as if I’d been “out” for a while and she’d had plenty of time to recover. She was unconcerned about my state, and—honestly—I wasn’t concerned either. She could knock me out that way any time she wanted.

I just wondered if her magic had managed to help me knock her up.

“So that was nesting,” she mused dreamily.

I chuckled. “That would be my guess.”

“Do you think we did it? Made a baby?” she asked worriedly.

“Maybe. We’ll find out soon enough, but—until we do—we will not worry. Okay?”

I felt her nod against me. Her emotions leveled out at the same time. “Okay.”

She looked up at me, and—almost immediately—her eyes lit up with concern.

“You’re bleeding!”

I chuckled. “The bleeds have finally kicked in. Given that it’s late in the afternoon, I think I’ve done pretty well staying up to satisfy my insatiable wife.”

She hit my shoulder. “Well—go to sleep. I’ve got stuff to do before nightfall.”

“You should rest a little too,” I said.

“I’m more wired than tired,” she said. “But I’ll try to take a nap after I call Jason and tell him about the plan.”

“I will see you tonight, my wife,” I said before drifting to my death.

I woke up to a perfect sensation: Sookie cuddled next to me. My hands drifted over her curvaceous hip before coming to rest on her flat stomach.

Wait—it wasn’t flat.

“Sookie?” I said loudly.

“Huh? What? Five more minutes,” she said groggily.

“Five more minutes of what?” I asked.


She drifted back into her rest and her light snore soon returned to fill the small room.

I spent every single one of those minutes “freaked out,” as humans would say.

Maybe it was like this for all expectant fathers, and I was—definitely—one of those!

“Three,” I said in a whisper. There were three heartbeats in the room: Sookie’s and two others.

When five minutes had passed, I tried waking up Sookie again.

“Five minutes,” she said groggily.

“I already gave you five minutes!” I said. “And we need to talk!”

Sookie sighed and her lips pouted. She sat up, trying to smooth down her hair as she did. “What?” she asked, even as she licked her lips at seeing my “morning wood.”

What could I say? Even though I was freaked out, my naked wife sleeping next to me had been enough to make my cock make itself known.

“Oh, I see what you wanna talk about,” she said flirtingly as she reached out to stoke me.

“Wait,” I said, pushing her hand away.

“What?” she looked at me in question. “Eric Northman, you can’t tell me you don’t want sex.”

“No, I can’t, but there’s something I want even more right now.”

“What?” she asked with confusion.

“Is there something you need to tell me?” I asked.

“That I’m yours?”

I shook my head.

“That I’m horny, too?”

I shook my head again.

“That I love you?”

“That is nice to hear,” I smiled. “But no.”

“That Jason agreed to tell the others all about the plan?” she asked with a little frustration.

Could she be unaware of her state?

“No—about this,” I said gently, placing my hand over her belly.

She looked down at her body. “About whaaa . . . ?” she started.

She gasped as she put her own hand over her belly.

She looked at me with wide eyes and then proceeded to faint.

“Okay—guess you’re freaked out too,” I said to my unconscious wife.

Quickly, I put a sheet around my bonded and carried her upstairs. Gently, I lay her on the couch. Since I had no phone, I used Sookie’s house phone to call Ludwig.

“Who the fuck’s this?” she answered the phone unpleasantly—not that that was uncommon. “I don’t recognize this number! And I swear to the gods that if this is a prank, I will turn your entrails into . . . .”

“It is I, Eric Northman,” I said. “I need your services—immediately.”

“I thought you were dead,” she said sharply.

“Not yet,” I responded.

“I don’t go to Authority Headquarters,” she said sternly. “Too much crazy shit happens there!”

“I know,” I agreed. “But I’m not there. “Hey, how did you know that I was there?”

She scoffed. “None of your fucking business! If you aren’t there anymore, then where are you.”

“Bon Temps.”

“At Compton’s house?”

“No at the house across the cemetery from it.”

She sighed as if longsuffering. “I’ll be there in ten minutes, but you’re paying double for the house call in the boondocks.”

“If you are here in five, I’ll pay you triple,” I said before hanging up. Next to the phone, I noticed a scrawled number. “Claude!” I exclaimed, seeing the name above it. Quickly, I dialed.

“Sookie!” he answered.

“No, Eric,” I said.

“Look, giving you my blood was a one-time thing,” he sighed. “Okay, a two-time thing.”

“Get over yourself. I don’t want your blood again,” I growled.

“You don’t?” he asked, truly surprised.

I didn’t respond to that. “Sookie needs you,” I said.

“But I don’t feel that she’s in trouble.”

I sighed. “She and I,” I paused, “nested.”

“Really?” Claude asked excitedly. “I wasn’t sure it could happen! I mean—her light was very bright when I found you two together yesterday, and she seemed to want to give—um—it to you—very badly. I just didn’t know that you would—or could—accept!”

“Well,” I returned, “I did.”

There was a pause, and I heard Claude having a brief argument with what seemed to be a dozen women—though I couldn’t make out what they were saying because they were speaking in the fairy language.

“We will be there soon,” Claude said abruptly to me—thankfully returning to English—before hanging up.

I looked at the phone. “We?” I asked, shaking my head.

Wanting to get back to my bonded, I filled a glass of water and zipped it out to her. She’d not stirred from where I’d lain her.

In the next moment, there was a knock on the door. However, I didn’t need to answer it. Claude came into the room, followed in quick succession by five other fairies—all females and all staring at my cock.

“No wonder!” one of them explained.

“Not now, Claudette!” Claude chided. “And you’d better not show lust for him once Sookie awakens, or you’re likely to get the shit knocked out of you by a nesting woman!”

“Well,” the female who must have been Claudette pouted, “I can lust while she’s asleep—can’t I?”

“Fine!” Claude agreed, coming over to bend down in front of Sookie.

“There are two,” I said.

Claude smiled up at me. “Multiples run in the family. I’m a triplet. Best put on some clothes before she wakes up. I wasn’t exaggerating about Sookie being angry if she thought another was encroaching on her mate. It will be even worse than earlier.”

“You’ll stay with her while I do?” I asked.

Claude nodded. Quickly, I zipped upstairs to dress in the clothing I’d left behind when I’d been at Sookie’s house before. I wasn’t surprised to find that Sookie had washed the clothes, though I was surprised to find that the shirt smelled strongly of her. I smiled. She must have missed me too.

When I zipped back downstairs, all the fairies were gathered around Sookie, their hands alit over her belly.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I yelled out.

“Already the protective father, I see,” Ludwig said, her tone as sour as ever. “They are assessing the health of your children. They are more able than I.”

“Ludwig,” I acknowledged as she glared up at me. “Lovely as always.”

Both carry a spark!” Claude said triumphantly. “And both are quite healthy too!”

“They are healthy,” I whispered, hearing the relief in my tone. “And Sookie?”

“She is fine,” Claude assured.

“Even her aura is healthier than before,” said one of the females—not Claudette.

“She has accepted that she is one of us,” another one said with a smile.

“Oh sorry,” Claude said—once the fairies were done with their light display. “These are the Claudes!”

I thought you were Claude,” I smirked.

The only male fairy in the room rolled his eyes. “They’re my sisters, Claudia, Claudette, Claudinia, Claudaline, and Claudilonia. This,” he said, gesturing toward me, “is Eric Northman. He’s the vampire that killed Claudine.”

“Ohhh,” the females said as one, though they didn’t seem angry.

Vampires were fucked up. But we didn’t have a fucking thing on fairies!

“Sorry about that,” I said. I wasn’t really too sorry—except for the fact that Sookie regretted Claudine’s death. I’d been following my instincts when I’d killed the fairy who had been threatening the woman I’d already begun to think of as mine.

“She’d sided with Mab,” Claudinia said with a shrug—as if that, alone, was cause to “forgive” me for killing her sister. Maybe it was.


“So,” Dr. Ludwig said, stepping forward. “When did you nest?”

“Earlier today,” I answered.

“Day?” she asked, eyebrow rising.

“Long story,” I returned.

She rolled her eyes and pulled out a little measuring tape—like a seamstress would use. She shushed the fairies away.

“Don’t eat us,” Claudaline said, looking up at me as they came closer.

“Speak for yourself,” Claudette returned, licking her lips.

“It’d be better for Sookie if the females weren’t here when she woke up,” Dr. Ludwig intoned as she removed the sheet from Sookie’s body and measured her belly and breasts.

“Go on now,” Claude ordered. “I told them not to come in the first place,” he said to me, “but you know sisters.”

Actually, I didn’t. My own hadn’t lived long enough to be anything other than a bundle in my mother’s arms.

I looked back at my wife and smiled. She was carrying two bundles.

Two miracles.

Despite a few pouts and protests, the female fairies were gone by the time Ludwig was done with her examination of my bonded.

The mother of my children.

“I’d say about eight to ten days until the birth,” she said, re-draping Sookie with the sheet. “Fairies usually go five to six days,” but—since she’s human too—she’ll take a bit longer.”

“Eight days?” I asked sitting down heavily onto a chair.

It seemed a vampire could be overwhelmed.

“What about their growth after they are born?” Claude asked.

“Accelerated until they reach physical maturity,” Ludwig said. “And then they will stabilize.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, even as Sookie stirred.

“I’m pregnant,” she whispered. I quickly got up and went to her side, holding some water out for her to drink.

“Yes,” I said, smiling down at her. I helped her to sit up. Obviously trying to keep calm, she accepted the water and took a long drink.

“It is a Fae pregnancy,” Ludwig said. “So—like I was telling Daddy here—you’re gonna pop in about eight to ten days.”

Not surprisingly, Sookie spit out some of the water.

“Look at it this way, Cousin. You won’t have to be miserably large for long,” Claude said.

“Eight days?” Sookie gasped. “I’m gonna be a mother in eight fuckin’ days?”

“Or as many as ten,” Ludwig said.

Sookie drank again—this time gulping down the rest of her water. Thankfully no one told her about the accelerated growth thing until she’d swallowed.

“But I don’t get it. My mom—with Jason and me—and even my Gran and aunt had normal pregnancies, and I sure as heck didn’t age to adulthood within a few days!” Sookie yelled.

“Yes, but you are a Fae-bearing female,” Claude responded. “Things are different for you.”

“What about Hadley?” Sookie yelled out. “She had Hunter, and he’s got the spark thing!”

“Yes. But she doesn’t have a spark, nor did her mother. You are more fairy than either of them, Sookie. And you conceived by using your light. Because of that—your pregnancy will be a fairy one.”

“You were certainly tapping into fairy Sookie earlier today,” I reminded.

Sookie blushed and reached up for the water I was offering her. I’d refilled her water three times since she’d awoken, but still she seemed thirsty.

“Put salt in the water,” Ludwig instructed. “Mix in a tablespoon for now, and increase it as needed.”

I nodded and zipped into the kitchen to get the salt and a spoon. Soon I’d mixed it into the water, and Sookie was drinking greedily.

“Ah,” she sighed, smiling at me. “Perfect.”

I smiled back and then sat down next to her. She leaned into me.

“Your growth will occur as you sleep,” Claude informed Sookie, so don’t let yourself be surprised when you awaken.”

“Okay,” Sookie said nervously before bursting into tears. I held her close.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“We won’t get to have babies for long. Or little kids.” She sobbed. “And their daddy and aunts will want to eat them!”

Ludwig rolled her eyes. “No he won’t. He will be “immune” to your children—just as he is basically immune to the scents of other fairies. Your claim is a strong one Miss Stackhouse,” she smirked. “The vampire is,” she paused dramatically, “whipped—if I have the human expression right.”

I ignored the doctor. I wasn’t whipped. I was a man in love—a vampire about to have two children! And my mate was fucking superb! There was nothing whipped about that what-so-fucking-ever!

“We’ll figure it out,” I told Sookie gently when it looked like she might be ready to hyperventilate. “And—as Claude said—they will grow into adulthood faster, so they can learn to protect themselves. Claude will help them. You will help them. All will be well, min kära.”

She looked up at me and smiled sadly. “I know, but it seems that I can’t even do pregnancy normal!”

“What is ‘normal’ to you and me?” I asked playfully. “We will make our own ‘normal.'”

Her grin became sincere. “I like the sound of that.”

“What about the sound of us going to Vermont and getting married in the human way? I’d like for our babies to have my last name,” I requested.

“Oh, Goddess!” Dr. Ludwig said with exasperation, as Sookie began to cry—quite forcefully—with happiness. She started packing up her bag. “I was going to tell you the genders, but now that she’s started crying like that, it’ll be too difficult for her to get her shit together.”

“Two boys!” Claude proclaimed.

Sookie wept even louder as Ludwig glared at him.

“One of the fairies can deliver them,” the doctor said. “It won’t be a hard birth.”

“What?” I asked, even as Ludwig went to the door.

“Standard confidentiality applies, and you’ll get my bill by the end of the night!” she added before disappearing.

“What did she mean?” I asked Claude, as Sookie continued crying.

“Fae births are easier,” Claude replied. “In fact, most Fae women believe them to be more pleasurable than the creation of the child or children.”

“Not likely,” I muttered.

Though still letting out little sobs, Sookie slapped my arm and turned beet red.

“Well,” Claude said, standing up, “as I am to take you to Jason in an hour, you’d best get ready.”

“Sookie will not be going,” I said firmly.

“Now—wait a minute, buster!” my wife yelled, her tears stopping. “I’m pregnant—not an invalid!”

“And your priority is to keep our boys safe!”

“I’ll be going now,” Claude said, already backing toward the door. “But—just so you know, pregnant fairies are more powerful than ever. And more stubborn. See you in an hour.”

He was gone in a flash, leaving me with my stubborn wife.

“See!” she yelled.

“Sookie,” I said, trying to sound patient, even though I was feeling anything but, “I don’t want you to be in danger. It is a miracle that you are having our children. We can’t—we shouldn’t—fuck with that!”

“You and I are a team!” she yelled. “T.E.A.M.,” she spelled. “And if you leave me here, I swear to God, I will find trouble to get into myself, buster!”

“Oh—will you?” I yelled.

“That’s a promise!” she yelled back.

“Goddammit! You are the most stubborn creature I have ever known!” I growled.

“And you are the most highhanded!”

We both glared at each other, my fangs fully down and her hands lit up.

“You’d better fuck me right now, Mr. Northman!” she ordered.

“You’d better fuck me back!” I yelled, ripping the sheet off of her body.

An hour later, we’d compromised.

She would be coming along. And I would be letting her.

I sighed.

Pregnant fairies!

I was glad I was having sons!

A/N: Well—I’ve gone and done it! I’ve let Fairy Sookie use “poor” Eric to knock herself up. And I’ve now entered a realm that I didn’t think I’d enter—pregnant Sookie. Oh well. This is just where the story took me. Hopefully, it will turn out well and you won’t hate it.

In other news, I am pleased to announce that a new “SHORT” is in the works. It’s almost fully drafted and the first couple of chapters are now with Kleannhouse so that she can a.) make sure it’s not horrible; b.) make sure I didn’t leave any bone-headed errors in it; and c.) give me feedback about what she’s seeing. It might be a few days before it’s ready. But I’m hoping to post chapters each Friday (I think it will be 7-10 chapters). So be on the look-out for it. It’s called Every Contingency and was inspired by the prompt from ncmiss12.

Next up for From the Inside Out? Let’s see how Nora, Pam, Tara, and Jason react to the news about Sookie being pregnant and she and Eric being bonded. Guess which two will behave…

Until then,



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23 thoughts on “Chapter 06: Shocker

  1. Pshaw! As if you’ve ever posted anything that’s been “horrible”! I’m sure the new short will be fantastic.

    8 days! Eek! I cannot imagine getting ready for babies in 8 days. I think it took me that long to adjust to the idea of being pregnant. But the accelerated aging is what would get me. They already grow up way too fast.

    And, I predict that Jason and Pam will behave.

  2. I’m so excited that you are taking the story here. It is very fun. You had me laughing throughout the chapter. 8 to 10 days sounds nice, I’m jealous. I like that they are having boys. I look foward to reading more.

  3. Oh my gosh, that was funny. I know it won’t always be funny, but this chapter was pretty light. An eight to ten day pregnancy and a fun delivery. I can only imagine. Hope they can keep the boys safe.

  4. So funny, made me laugh. Although I do agree with Sookie that it is a bit sad they won’t get have time with their babies because of their accelerated growth rate..

  5. That was comedy! This story definitely has a different feel to it. Like its a mixed between a tragedy and a comedy. In my mind I see those two mask – one with a happy face and sad face. I’m sure there’s a term for them but I’m blanking on it. Me thinks Tara and Jason will be the “calmest”.

  6. I loved their “compromise!” 😏 Can’t wait to see the reactions of the others. Not sure who’ll react badly. Pam and Jason? Nora and Pam? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!
    Excited to hear about a new “short” too! You’re awesomesauce! 😀👍👍

  7. This is awesome! Pregnant Sookie is not something we always see, but I think your pregnant Sookie will be different than others we’ve read…I can’t wait until the wedding and the revealing of all to the siblings and children. Love it!

  8. This story is so awesome….love it. If it’s anything like Andy and his fairy giving birth, it’s going to be hilarious. I believe Jason will behave, because he’s a going to be an uncle in a few days. However, he would want S/E to marry legally, make an honest woman of her…..which, is in the works. I believe Tara would be happy for them. I think Pam and Nora will not be happy. Nora better watch her back, because fairy Sookie is not going to allow her bullshit. Great Chapter! Anxiously, awaiting the next update.

  9. I love it! So much fun to read – hope you’re having as much fun writing it. I love ‘whipped’ Eric – bless him I’m sure he knows he’s only ‘letting’ her in his head! I’m pretty sure Sookie is in charge forever more. I can’t even imagine what he’d be like with girls LOL.

    Can’t wait to see Pam’s reaction!!!

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