Witch Spells 101

Hello all, Octavia didn’t think that the vampire should be the only one with a class.  If you want to “enroll” in her “Witch Spells 101” course, read on.

Instructor: Octavia Fant


TA: Amelia Broadway


The Five Most Important Rules of Witchcraft

Rule 1

Don’t ever tell anyone (not even your apprentices) all your spells.

Rule 2

Don’t ever tell anyone (not even your apprentices) just how powerful you are.

Rule 3

Before writing down any spell, make sure that you are able to “protect” it from unwelcome eyes.

Rule 4

Choose your apprentices wisely.

Rule 5

Don’t tell your apprentice about a spell before he/she needs to know about it.

Types of Spells in Uninvited

Concealment Spells

We learn early on in Uninvited (in Chapter 3: “The Signal”) that concealment spells are possible.  The strength of the spell is directly proportional to the strength of the witch.

So far, Octavia has been known to produce two kinds of concealment spells.

1. The Potion: We see Pam has a bottle of this, and so does Eric.


What the spell does: Basically speaking, a swipe of this potion across your forehead will conceal your scent for around 48 hours.

Added Benefits:

  • This potion also conceals the presence of someone’s scent on his or her personal items—as long as the potion is applied within a certain “range” of these items.  Basically speaking, the spell covers your scent on anything you think of as “your own”—if you are near these items.


  • Sadly, the potion is washed off by water, so be careful if it’s raining!
  • If someone gets close enough to you (within 10-20 feet), the spell no longer works.  However, if your enemy is that close, you may have bigger problems.  😉
  • The ingredients for the potion are rare; thus, it should be used sparingly.

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2. Property Concealment Spells: We see that Octavia has placed this kind of spell around two of Eric’s safe houses.


What the spell does: It completely blocks someone’s presence within the spell from all supernatural beings.

Added Benefits:

  • This concealment spell is the definition of badassery!  It blocks not only scent, but also most elements of a blood tie.  Bill cannot, therefore, track Sookie using his blood when she’s on a property that’s been concealed with this kind of spell.  This spell also blocks other elements of blood ties; for instance, Bill can no longer get a lock Sookie’s emotions when she’s within the confines of the spell.


  • Sadly, no known spell—not even this one—can prevent dreams from being sent or received, either during the day or at night. (See Vampire Blood 101 for information on the dreams.)
  • Once it gets triggered by the presence of the one it is meant to protect, the spell has an expiration date.  The duration of the spell is directly proportional to the intentions of the witch; however, the longest one could last is around three weeks.  Sadly, Octavia can’t quite manage one that lasts for this long.  Her longest is about two weeks; however, even the fact that she can cast one at all makes her a badass because this spell takes great magic!
  • Another limitation is that the spell cannot be done in the same place for too long. In a way, the place becomes “immune” to the spell.  But we do see that the spell can be successfully done a couple of times in a row.

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Severing Spells

In Uninvited, a severing spell can be done to break a blood tie between a human and vampire.  A severing spell cannot break a bond because the magic of the bond ties itself to the magic that animates a vampire.  A tie is different in that only the human is “tied” to the vampire.  The vampire is NOT tied to the human.

A severing spell is extremely painful, for each particle of vampire blood must be burned individually from the human’s body.  And someone must take on the pain of that.  Usually that someone is the human; however, we learn that the vampire can choose to take on the pain of the severing.

Though there is always pain involved, the vampire has some control in how his or her blood reacts to the magic trying to burn it up.  The blood can “give itself up” or it can “flee” from the spell and try to “hide” within the human’s emotions, inflicting more pain—both mental and physical—as it tries to avoid the spell.

If the witch believes that the vampire blood is going to try to resist his or her spell, then the witch should attempt to figure out “where” the blood will try to hide before beginning the burning process.  This will help the witch “find” the hiding blood as quickly as possible, which—in turn—increases both the level of success of such spells and the survival rate for the humans.

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  1. Ok I’m a late entry to the class but please accept my enrolment as a foreign exchange student to excuse my tardiness lol .

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