1. Back and Forth (Complete)

a True Blood fanfiction story by California Kat

Story Synopsis:  When Sookie realizes that her feelings for both Bill and Eric might have  been caused just by their blood, she takes drastic steps that will change her life―and the lives of Eric and Bill―forever.

A/N:  This story picks up after the second to the last episode of Season 4.  In my story, Marnie is killed for good (and forever) when Bill shoots her, and there will be no Halloween resurrections.  Therefore, Marnie isn’t going to possess Lafayette―because she’s already toast.  Jesus grew on me, so he’s not going anywhere either, at least not for the moment.  [After all, Lafayette needs him some lovin’!]  I’m picking up after Bill has killed Marnie.  Sookie is looking at Eric and Bill, as the two vampires talk and plan what I assume to be the clean-up.  Her looking back and forth from one vampire to the other was the inspiration for the title of this story.  This is also my first FanFiction, so be gentle but honest in your comments, that is, if you care to grace me with them.  This story is long, and I’m more interested in psychology than action, but I hope to keep you entertained.

Story Disclaimer:  The characters and events in this entire story have been inspired by True Blood and The Southern Vampire Mystery series.  Both Alan Ball and Charlaine Harris are responsible for the people and places that I play with in my story.  Even the characterizations and characters that I create in my pieces would not be possible without the originals to play off of, so I claim no ownership over them.  However, if I ruled the texts, this is how the story would go.


The main banner for this story was created by Nwalmn.  Thanks!

Chapter 1

7 thoughts on “1. Back and Forth (Complete)

  1. I need something to read, So I am reading this again!! The first time it took me forever!! But it was worth it!!

  2. I’m so excited that you have made this into a PDF! I just loaded it into Calibre and am hoping that it will be my friend and convert it nicely 🙂

    I was just grabbing the summary for the metaTags, when I noticed you don’t have a link for the download on this page, just wondering if that was possible.

    Anynways. I’m off to press convert, load it into my drop box and see if it will load on my android phone 🙂 I feel like i have a new toy!

  3. This is exactly how I want Eric and Sookie to be! I still feel incredibly cheated and just a teeny bit angry at how both characters and their relationship were treated in TB and SVM. I can’t read CH any more! Love the literary references (English teacher was my day job; now I am milk machine for 7week old baby). Laughed and laughed about Romeo &Juliet comments – Romeo is a complete tool; always fancied Mercutio myself. Can’t wait to read rest of your stuff (multi-tasking whilst feeding baby so length of stories a bonus for me). Sure beats daytime TV!

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