Cast: The Un-iverse

Hello, following is the cast of characters for the UN-iverse (Uninvited, Uncharted, and United).  Keep in mind that finding out some characters beforehand may “spoil” surprises.

There are also some notes regarding who’s who for some of the characters I created.

Except for Eric, Sookie, Bill, and Russell, the characters are in alphabetical order by first name.



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Agnes_UNQueen Agnes is pledged to King Edwin.  Together they were the first vampires in the American West.  They have controlled that coast for centuries.  They are respected and progressive.  They are also original members of the Authority.


Alexei_UNAs in the books, Alexei is Appius’s child.  His maker has never bothered teaching him much control.  The boy who was spoiled during his human life has been even more indulged as a vampire.


Anatoli_UNAnatoli is the head of the Christopoulos clan, a family of demons.  This clan has been expelled from the Dae realm because they tried to kill the Dae King.  In the human realm, the are basically killers for hire in the Supernatural world.  These mercenaries are certainly not know for their ethics either.

Ancient Pythoness

Appius_UNIn this story, Appius and Russell have the same maker.  Russell is older than Appius, but only by a few centuries.  Appius is known to be ruthless and cruel.

Bartlett CroweThe king of Indiana and one of Russell’s main allies.

Brady JonesBrady is a Were and a computer guru.  He’s also one of the individuals Eric trusts the most when he goes on the run with Sookie.


01_seabiscuit_blu-rayA ranch owner in Fort Stockton, Texas, Charlie is the caretaker of one of Eric’s properties on his “escape route.”



Dane Mitchell

Dane becomes the Alpha in Russell’s Were pack after Cooter is killed.  He’s cunning, and–although he does partake in V–he is not addicted to it.  In fact, he wants to weed out the pack of the heavy addicts.

Debbie Pelt

VICTOR GARBERAs in the book “cannon,” Desmond is a part demon and a sought-after lawyer in the Supe community.  He’s had dealings with Russell in the past–as well as with Eric.  Where will his loyalty lie?  He may be distantly related to Jasper Fant, another demon attorney.  Also, he is the godfather of Jasper’s wife, Octavia Fant–though that relationship isn’t well-known.

Dieter_UNDieter was once the King of Germany, but did the unthinkable.  He retired by choice.  He moved to the New World and lives in New York (where his child is monarch).  He’s a successful businessman and an original member of the Authority.

dillon rothDillon Roth is a Were–a lone wolf.  After serving in the military, he returned to the U.S. feeling displaced.  He eventually settled in Arizona and did a little work for King Sampson.  That’s how he gets on Russell’s radar.  Russell hires the Were and offers him a place in a pack and a permanent home.  Dillon accepts.


Domitri is a donor, but his blood isn’t extraordinary.  However, he’s great at sex.  Eric arranges for him to come to Fangtasia to keep Russell occupied.

???????????????????????????The Queen of Texas is about 700 years old, and–though Godric was 1300 years older, Eric comments about how his maker respected his queen.  Dulcina is in negotiations to “marry” King Mitchell of New Mexico.

DuncanOriginally from Wales, Duncan is Godric’s second “child.”  At the beginning of the story, he is serving as Roman’s enforcer for the Authority.

Edwin_UNKing Edwin has been the vampire monarch of the Pacific Northwest since before Oregon and Washington became states.  With Agnes, his beloved pledged, he controls the entire Pacific Coast.  He is an original Authority member.

ElinaElina is a Werebear from New Mexico.  She is a friend to Eric and King Mitchell’s most trusted Were.  She may be old, but she is still a strong and crafty warrior.

FelipeThe king of Nevada and one of Russell’s main allies.  He is ambitious.

Franklin Mott

Freyda_UNThough not a suitor of Eric’s in this fiction, Freyda is on the look-out for a strong “husband.”  Her sights are set on King Mitchell of New Mexico.


HenryHenry is a Were packmaster in Ponoka (Edmonton, Canada).  His father, Hank, used to be a packmaster in Mississippi; however, Russell’s Weres drove them out of the state.  Alcide and Tara end up in Ponoka when they flee from Russell.

IoneIone was a fairy.  The origin of the Cluviel Dor is a part of her story.  She is an ancestor of Leonie, Niall’s Fae wife.

Isabel 2Isabel took Godric’s position as a Sheriff of Texas.  She and her vampire sibling Miguel (“Miguelito”) fled to Texas after their maker was killed.  Their maker had been the King of Nevada and was betrayed and killed by Felipe de Castro (who was likely helped by Victor).

Isaiah_UNKing Isaiah is known as fair, but no-nonsense.  He is an original member of the Authority.

JacobThe child of Roman, Jacob does for the West Coast what Nan does for the East Coast.  He’s the public spokesman for the AVL and mainstreaming, though some feel he got his job because of nepotism.

jade Flower_UN

Jade Flower is Peter’s lieutenant in Arkansas, but she is a spy and has betrayed her king.  Her true loyalty lies with her maker, Bartlett Crowe.


Jasper Fant_UNJasper is Octavia’s husband.  He is a demon and a lawyer.  His family is friends with and likely distant relatives to the Cataliades clan.

Jennifer RigansJennifer is Russell Edgington’s day-woman.  She is efficient and loyal.

Johnathan_UNThe King of Alabama, Johnathan tends to align politically with his strongest neighbor, King Russell of Mississippi.


Kenneth is one of the donors that Eric uses to distract Russell following the murder of the Magister.  Kenneth is known for having amazing blood, so Russell leaves him alive and takes hm back to Mississippi.

Kibww_UNKing Kibwe is known for his craftiness.  He’s been a king for more than a century and is an original member of the Authority.

KlymeneKlymene is Godric’s maker.  She is also handmaiden to the Ancient Pythoness.  She is the mate to Duncan, who was one of Godric’s progeny.

KurukKuruk is a Werebear from New Mexico.  He is Grandson of Elina, and heir-apparent to his father, who is the Alpha of the “den.” He is brash and arrogant, however–a little immature at first.


Lance Johnston_UNLance Johnston is the owner/main manager of the Pyramid of Gizeh Hotel in Rhodes

LeonieLeonie is Niall’s Fae wife.  Though not his mother by blood, Leonie loved Fintan, Sookie’s grandfather, like a son.  She takes an interest in Sookie and thinks of her as her great-granddaughter.

Lena_UNQueen Lena is known for her elegance, but don’t be fooled.  She is old and can be lethal.  She is an original member of the Authority and the only Authority member from Canada.

Lilah_UNLilah is the Queen of Georgia.  She is vain and deadly, but easily manipulated by petty jealousy.  She likes to feel important.

Maggie_UNMaggie is Brady’s mother.  She is working undercover at the Pyramid of Gizeh in Rhodes.  Also a computer whiz, she taught her son everything she knows.  Though older, she is still a strong Were.


MiguelitoMiguelito is the “brother” of Isabel Beaumont.  The two are also on-again, off-again lovers.  Their maker, Federico, had been King of Nevada, but was killed by de Castro and Victor.  Isabel and Miguelito had to seek sanctuary in Texas.  Isabel was made sheriff of the Dallas area after Godric met the sun.

mike and diane aldridgeMike and Diane are humans.  They are caretakers of Eric’s safe-house in the Houston area.

MirabelMirabel is basically Roman’s executive assistant.  However, she is also Nan’s spy.


King Mitchell is charm personified.  He’s the King of New Mexico and is the center of a “love triangle” between two queens: Dulcina of Texas and Freyda of Oklahoma.

Mustapha_UNMustapha is a strong Were whom Eric helped connect with Thalia in the past.  Now he is Thalia chief of security.  He is especially conscientious in his care of Bubba.

NanNan is Russell’s child in the UN-iverse.

Niall Brigant


Octavia is married to Jasper Fant.  She is the goddaughter of Desmond Cataliades.

Onawa2Onawa is the daughter of Elina and the Aunt of Kuruk.  She is a Werebear, and–though–second born, she has the ability to shift, a common trait among many second-born Werebear children.  She is beautiful and had an affair with Eric at some point in the past, but she is no threat to Eric and Sookie now, as she is happily married.  She is a strong fighter.



Peter_UNThough not an original member of the Authority, King Peter took the position of his maker, just as he assumed his kingship after he was killed.  Unlike “cannon,” Peter was never interested in making a match with Sophie-Anne.  He is known for his common sense and humor.  And, though young, he’s deadly.


RayRay is a Were in Arizona.  As Sookie and Eric make their way across the country, he becomes a problem.

romanThis Roman is the child of the Ancient Pythoness.  He is the head/Guardian of the Authority.  So far, the Authority members have been kept secret; however, Roman wants to change that and make the Authority more “Democratic.”

Rosalyn Harris_UNThough she is the only Authority member who has never been a monarch, she is ambitious.  Roman chose her to be a member because of her great knowledge of human law and her intellect–which she “hid” behind her gender as a human and which she hides behind her relative youth as a vampire.

SampsonSampson is the King of Arizona and Felipe de Castro’s child.

Thandie Newton, star of One Half of a Yellow Sun.Sandy is a high-ranking vampire in Felipe de Castro’s court.  She is with his delegation in Rhodes.




Thalia_UNThalia is the Queen of Wyoming and is pledged/bonded to Bubba.

Tray Dawson_UNTray is Henry’s second.  He is part of the Were-pack in Ponoka (Edmonton, Canada).

VictorKnown for his investigative abilities, Victor is Felipe’s “yes-man.”  But he is also ambitious.


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