Fairy Characters: Original Kat-creations

I found that I needed quite a few original Fae characters–since the fairy world isn’t delved into very far in the books (or show).  

Adele Brigant (part-Fae)

This daughter of Hadley and Claude Brigant is a part of the Back & Forth world (specifically Part 3: Earned).  I’ve envisioned Isabella Crovetti-Cramp (who might be all grown up by the time I finish the story–LOL) in the role.

The “Claudes” (full-blooded Fae)

Most of  “The Claudes” are my creations, so I’m putting them here, though Claudette is also in the book, and the show introduces the concept of Claude (the male fairy) having more sisters.  Anyway, my “Claudes” include Claudia, Claudette, Claudinia, Claudaline, and Claudilonia; they are all “identical” and played by Michelle Borth in my brain.

Ethaline Stackhouse (part-Fae)

This character in the INNER-Verse, “cast” as Jessica Chastain, is the wife of John Stackhouse.  John is Sookie’s ancestor who signs the contract with Warlow (based on the S6 story line).  I created a background story to explain the contract.


Håber (part-Fae)

In my one-shot AU (alternative universe) “My Valkyrie,” this is Sookie and Eric’s son.  I pictured Alex Pettyfer when writing.


I visualized this UN-iverse character as Monica Bellucci.  (Fun fact: this actress was Bill’s vampire sister in the Back & Forth world.)

Ivan (full-blooded Fae)

This Back & Forth universe character was “cast” as Chris Hemsworth.

Joren (full-blooded Fae)

This Back & Forth universe character was “cast” as Goran Visnjic.

Katherine (full-blooded Fae)

This Back & Forth universe character was “cast” as Elizabeth Mitchell.

Leonie (full-blooded fairy)

This character is one of my favorite Kat-creations.  She’s a part of the UN-iverse.  My inspiration was Julianne Moore.

Loxias (part-Fae)

Loxias is Thalia’s husband when she’s a human.  I “cast” Keanu Reeves in this INNER-Verse role.

Martha (part-Fae)

This Back & Forth universe character was “cast” as Liv Tyler. (Fun fact: For all versions of fairy Claudine except for the Back & Forth universe version, Liv Tyler is whom I picture.  She just looks like a fairy to me.)

Samantha “Sammy” Merlotte (part-Fae)

This character from the Gift Horse world is “cast” as Mckenna Grace.  (Fun fact: This actress is also whom I picture as Kate, a human character in the Comfortably Numb world.)


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