Chapter 197: A Squeak, Part 1

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Chapter 197:  A Squeak, Part 1

Sookie wondered if her skin would ever go back to normal after puckering so much during her almost two hour bath with her husband.  Still, when they moved so that they could get out of the beautiful wooden tub that her husband had crafted just for them, she sighed sadly.

Eric chuckled, but Sookie could tell that he would have been content to stay in the water as well.

Gratefully, none of their returning friends and family had interrupted their need to reconnect.  Sookie’s growling stomach had been the culprit which had finally driven them to leave the soothing water.

Sookie didn’t know what to be more grateful for when Eric got out of the tub first—the perfect bottom before her or the giant-sized hot water heater that Eric had decided to install upstairs and which had kept them in warm water throughout their bath.  She’d just decided that Eric’s bottom was the clear winner when Eric turned, grinned, and waggled an eyebrow.  She couldn’t quite draw her gaze from said ass to her husband’s eyes in time for her to appear innocent, but she gave it her best shot.

Chuckling, Eric got a towel out of the cabinet and wrapped it around his slender hips.

Envying the damned towel, Sookie turned and quickly blew out the dwindled candles before she rose and let herself be wrapped into a second towel by her husband.  She went up on her tiptoes and kissed his mouth gently.  “I love it.  Thanks for waiting for me to use it,” she said, looking back at the tub.

When she looked back into his eyes, there was a fresh tear in hers.  “And thanks for waiting for me,” she paused, “while I was gone.”

“Always,” he said in a whisper as he kissed her tear away.

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Sookie and Eric quietly made their way downstairs so that she could get something to eat.  Because of Sookie’s telepathy and Eric’s senses, they knew that only one person would be there to greet them: Pam.

“I made everyone else leave,” the vampiress said as she rolled her eyes.  “Well—I sent them as far as I could.  Otherwise, I imagine that you would have had at least a few extra bath partners.”  She paused and looked them both up and down.  Eric was in lounge pants and a T-shirt, but he’d encouraged Sookie to put on only a silky red robe which he’d gotten her for her previous birthday; it was of modest length, but it clung to Sookie’s curves appealingly.

“I was tempted, but I refrained,” Pam added as she licked her lips.

“What about Molly?” Eric asked with a raised brow.

Pam looked indignant.  “How the fuckity fuck does everyone and his dog seem to know that I like Molly!” she insisted, more than asked.

“Sam is also aware of your attraction for Molly?” Eric asked with a straight face.  Of course, both Sookie and Pam could feel his amusement in their respective bonds.

Pam glared at him.  “Only you ever enjoyed your own jokes, Northman.”  She looked at Sookie and saw that she was chuckling behind her hand.  “Fine.  You and Sookie enjoy your jokes.  You should be glad that you finally found someone who gets them.  The fact that it took a thousand years should be a clue to just how un-funny you are.”

Sookie chuckled harder.  “How did you manage to get everyone to go away?”

Pam rolled her eyes again.  “I had help.  The noises from upstairs clued everyone with Supe hearing in that you two were going to be,” she paused, “indisposed for a while.”  She smiled wickedly.  “And I clued in everyone else.”

Her face suddenly red, Sookie turned into her husband’s chest and “hid” for a moment.

“The A.P.?” Eric asked with a chuckle.

“She left with Clovache,” Pam reported.  “She said that you could thank her by stayin’ outta trouble for a while.”  She paused and looked at her nails.  “Oh—the fairies went back to that pool they have.  They’re comin’ to see y’all tomorrow afternoon evening.”

Slightly less pink, Sookie turned back around and smiled.  “Thanks again for saving Claude’s life, Pam.”

She shrugged off the comment.  “He should learn to avoid vampires,” she deadpanned.

Eric chuckled and then wrapped his arms around Sookie, whose back was now to him.  She melted into this cool chest.

Pam looked at Sookie and smiled—a very sincere smile.

Sookie was a bit taken aback by Pam’s soft expression.  Correctly sensing the reason for Sookie’s surprise, Eric laughed a little louder.

“Hunter has turned Pamela soft,” Eric reported.

“Just ask Lillith how soft I am―or Fredya.  Oh—that’s right—you can’t,” Pam said sarcastically before her expression became serious.  “I’m just glad Sookie’s finally back.  It will be nice not having to worry about your dead ass all the time.”

Sookie could tell from Eric’s tensing up behind her and from the expression on Pam’s face that she meant what she was saying.

Sookie walked out of Eric’s grasp and over to Pam.  She took a deep breath and then gave the vampiress a surprisingly not-awkward hug.  Pam returned the hug with a mixture of gratefulness, relief, and affection.

The two most important women in Eric’s life shared a meaningful look as they broke the hug.  In Sookie’s eyes was a promise that she was not leaving again.  In Pam’s eyes was a look of peace that Sookie wondered if the vampiress had enjoyed since Sookie had gone to Faerie.

Thanks,” Sookie said quietly.  Both knew what Sookie was thankful for.  Eric had told her some things about his first year without her, and it was clear that he had been in a bad way for most of it.  Sookie knew that Pam had helped to hold him together, especially when he could no longer feel her due to Claudette’s curse.

“It’s good to have you back, Sookie,” Pam said quietly.

Sookie’s stomach took that moment to call attention to itself again, and Eric, who had been giving the women their moment, chuckled once again.  Pam couldn’t help her own smile.  She’d not heard her maker laughing so freely since Sookie had gone away.

Sookie turned and grinned at Eric.  “I’m sure Lala left something yummy in there.  You wanna blood?”

Eric shook his head, “Absolutely not.”  He gave her a panty-melting gaze as he looked at her neck.

“Oh goody,” Pam said sarcastically, though there was also an element of happiness in her voice.  “We are back to the sexfest/bloodfest between you two.”

Sookie blazed red and buried herself once more into Eric’s chest in order to cover her blush.  Eric inhaled her hair and then turned to Pam.  “While Sookie eats, I want to get a surprise ready for her.”

“A surprise?” Sookie asked, looking up at him.

He nodded.

“What is it?” she asked curiously.

“A surprise,” Eric smiled as he kissed the tip of her nose.  “You will know soon enough, but,” he paused, “you should stay in the kitchen while you eat so you don’t see it.”

Sookie’s nose crinkled a bit.  “Fine, vampire.  But you’d better hurry back.”

Eric kissed her on the forehead.  He too did not like the idea of leaving her—even for a few minutes and even on their own property.  But he let her go and told Pam something in Swedish.  The vampiress nodded, grinned, and then zipped out of the room, followed by a very mischievous-looking Viking.

Sookie giggled at the look of lightness she’d seen in her husband’s eyes, vowed to make Hunter teach her Swedish, and went to get something to eat.

Sookie sighed contentedly.  While they had been in the tub, she had made her final decision about something, but she would wait until after Eric’s surprise to tell him.

Sookie quickly warmed up a big plateful of spaghetti.  The heavenly smell of Lafayette’s homemade sauce filled the room as Sookie glanced at the clock.  It read 4:35 a.m.  She knew that at this time of year, the sun rose at about 6:30, so that gave her and her vampire about two more hours before dawn.  She sighed.  It didn’t seem like enough time—not enough at all.

She dug into her food and chuckled at the idea of eating a full meal like she was about to at that time of night—or morning—but then again, she was pretty thrown off as far as a sleeping schedule went.  At the fairy pool, it had been light all the time, and she hadn’t needed much sleep, so she’d slept only when she wanted to pull Eric into her dreams.  Niall had told her that within Faerie itself, even less sleep would have been required.  She wondered whether―given the fact that she was more fairy than ever―she would need less sleep now that she’d returned to the human realm.  She was a bit tired at that moment―from the stress of the last several days and from her bath with Eric, which had managed to be both invigorating and draining―but there was no way she would sleep before Eric did.

As she ate, Sookie heard the front door open and close several times, and her telepathy told her that Eric and Pam were making trips between the master bedroom and the workshop.  She grinned as she took a bite of her dinner/breakfast.  If she wasn’t mistaken, she was about to get to see all of the new furnishings that Eric had made for their bedroom.  As she chomped happily, she appreciated the fact that things like moving a whole room of furniture—especially heavy solid wood furniture—was so much easier with a couple of vampires around.

He came in behind her, but Sookie didn’t need to see Eric to know he was there.  Their bonds told her through the happiness surging there.  Automatically, she reached back for him.  He immediately wrapped his long arms around her, and their bonds seemed to smile at the contact.

“It has been too long,” he sighed into her hair.

She smiled, “It’s just been ten minutes.”

“Nine minutes and twelve seconds,” he corrected, burying his nose further into her blond curls.

Sookie giggled, “You’re right—way too long.  Is your surprise all ready?”

“Almost—Pam is finishing up a few things.”

Eric gave her a kiss on the back of the head and then sat with her at the small kitchen bar that had been added during the renovations.  “You were cheating, min kära,” Eric said with a smile.  “I think you already know what your surprise is.”

She smiled back.  “Well—it wasn’t hard to guess what you two were up to.  I mean, after all, you went back and forth between the bedroom and the workshop about six times.”

Eric laughed out loud.  “You want more?” he asked as he looked at her empty plate.

“I want you,” she returned in a low voice, reaching out for him.

Eric growled, picked her up, and set her on his lap.  Her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs around his waist.  They kissed passionately, heatedly.

When Sookie needed a breath, Eric moved his mouth to her cheek, chin, neck, and then ear.

“Pam done yet?” Sookie asked breathlessly.

“Yes, she’s gone outside to give us our privacy,” Eric purred into her neck as he continued his assault of kisses.

“Good.  I’m ready to see our new bed—right now.”  Sookie gasped as Eric nibbled her earlobe.

After a flash of movement that Sookie simply held on for, she found herself lying on the gorgeous and very large bed that her husband had made for them, but she didn’t look at it, nor did she look at anything else other than his eyes as he hovered above her.  Those eyes were hidden from her for a second as he discarded his T-shirt, but then they were back and looking at her hungrily―as if they’d not had sex earlier that night in the tub.  Three times.

Of course, Sookie couldn’t fault his expression since she was absolutely certain that she was mirroring it.  She felt the heat rising in her as he slipped off his track pants and his very “enthusiastic” cock bounced and throbbed between them.

She raised herself up so that she could shrug out of her robe.  The tie had loosened when he’d picked her up, so the garment slipped easily from her body.

“So beautiful,” Eric whispered as his gaze moved from Sookie’s eyes and traveled down the length of her body and then up again.  His hands followed the same path that his eyes had taken as he swept a light touch up and down Sookie’s body.  “So. Fucking. Soft.”

He kissed her mouth chastely and then traced her lips with the tip of his tongue.  “So sweet,” he said reverently.

Sookie gasped as Eric trailed slow butterfly kisses over her face.  As he neared her ear and sucked on the lobe lightly, he whispered.  “Tomorrow, I intend to spend hours worshipping every part of you, min kván.  I want every inch of your body to know how much I have missed it.”  He continued, the lust thick in his voice, “But now, I have only 83 minutes before dawn, not nearly enough time for me to rub, kiss, lick, and bite every part of you as it deserves to be rubbed, kissed, licked, and bitten.”  With every word, he performed the action described to her earlobe, and her body broke out in goose bumps.

She gasped again when she realized that he had positioned himself over her so that his eager cock was nestled next to her weeping entrance.

She’d barely had time to register his position before he was inside of her—buried to the hilt.

Eric groaned above her, “Sookie.”

Sookie’s mumbled, “Eric,” met her name as he began to move in and out of her.  She wrapped her legs around him in order to deepen their contact.  This move spurred him to go a little faster.

“You feel so good around me, Sookie,” Eric almost growled.  “So. Fucking. Good.”

“Harder,” Sookie gasped.  Her eyes were open and probing into his passionately, even as he plundered her body.  “Let’s break in this fucking bed, Northman!” she almost growled.

Eric answered her request by pounding into her even more vigorously.  He brought himself onto his knees, pulling her with him.  In this position, he was able to move faster and delve deeper.

Heaven in-fucking-deed!

He looked down at the place of their joining and groaned at the sight of his cock moving in and out of his lover’s welcoming sheath as well as her hips rising and falling to meet him again and again.  He didn’t know how she was keeping up with him, but he was certainly glad that she was.

Missing more of her flesh against his, Eric stayed sitting on his knees but pulled Sookie up into his lap and against his chest.  Skin welcomed skin, and both of them moaned at the added contact.

Sookie panted an almost chant-like series of, “Fucks,” as the new position enabled him to tease her G-spot with every lift of his hips.

The new position also allowed him to take one of her very hardened nipples into his mouth, even as he took her other breast into one of his hands.  Sookie arched her back and grabbed at his shoulders, pulling herself even closer to his ministrations as she continued to meet his upward thrusts with downward movements of her own.

Scraping just a little bit with his fangs as he went, he bathed both of her nipples with attention before lining up kisses from her left breast to her collarbone to her neck, and to her lips.

When he finally reached her mouth, she didn’t let go of his lips.  She entwined her tongue into his and savored him.  And it was within their kiss that they both moaned out in pleasure as their orgasms rocked through them at the same time.

Finally, Eric broke their kiss, rested his forehead on Sookie’s, and held her as she came down from her high.

When her breathing had returned to normal, she looked at him with dancing, teasing eyes—carefree eyes.  “There’s a squeak in the bed, Mr. Northman.”

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 197: A Squeak, Part 1

  1. I totally forgot about the bed Eric made. Yummy christening a new bed is fantastic. I am curious if Sookie’s sleeping patterns will stay the same or go back to ‘normal’ hours. Heee heee dinner at 4 in the morning. I like how they can’t keep their hands off each other and even less than 10 minutes is too long to be separated. I also like how Pam and Sookie had a moment. Fun chapter.

  2. Hehe definitely need to search that squeak out . Love that they just can’t keep there hands off each other but it’s to be expected .

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