Chapter 11: Oh, Brother!

“That was a little more than five minutes,” Sookie observed once she’d finally caught her breath. I was lying behind her, spooning her body as I lightly caressed her expanded belly with my fingertips.

It had taken her a while to recover from our joining. Hell—it had taken me a bit of time too! But I’d also gotten to enjoy a few minutes of simply touching where my sons were housed.

I imagined them inside of their mother—growing and thriving.

They would both be fairies—or at least have a spark—a fact which I had mixed feelings about. If Ludwig was right, I wouldn’t want to drain them—thank the gods—yet others of my kind would. Of course, if they were like their mother, their telepathy would help them to track where vampires were. And they could fight them off with their light. Of course, my own human DNA would make them have even less fairy blood than Sookie, though I wondered if the fact that she’d conceived through Fae magic would make them more fairy nonetheless.

Only time would tell. But—as I flattened my palm to almost fully encase Sookie’s little baby bump—I vowed to protect our sons and to make sure that they were nurtured.

Come what may.

“Hopefully well worth the extra time?” I teased, finally responding to her observation.

She giggled. “Oh yes.”

“My sons are getting bigger,” I remarked contentedly.

“I thought I felt a little fluttering from them today, but it might have just been gas?” she said as a question.

“You will feel them moving soon, I think,” I said, looking forward to feeling them too.

“Now—what is it that you needed to tell me?”

She sighed. “Can we get dressed and go upstairs? I don’t wanna tell you here.”

“Why not?”

“Because here is not a place where I want you mad at me.” She paused, “And I really need some of that salt water!”

I sighed and kissed her forehead before getting up. As she slid on her sweatpants and adjusted her bra, I put on jeans and a T-shirt. Then I threw her the shirt she’d removed earlier.

“Thanks,” she said.

A few minutes and two glasses of salt water later, Sookie finally looked ready to speak, but then she asked for another glass.

After I brought it to her, I decided to help things along.

“You are going to tell me that you did something potentially dangerous today,” I said.

She nodded.

“And you are worried that I will react badly to that?”

She nodded again.

I sighed. “I will always worry for your safety. But,” I paused, “you are my bonded and my wife. And you are more. You are my partner. You are my equal. If you did something today that you did not wait until night to do, then I have to trust that you felt you were safe enough to take the risk. I know that you wouldn’t endanger our children. So—yes—I might react with anger, but you must know that I would not choose to change you, Sookie. Never!” I averred.

She was wiping away a tear by the time I was done with my speech. “Damned pregnancy hormones,” she moaned.

I chuckled. “I am sure that we will both soon be glad that they will last only another week or so. I do not like your tears,” I added, taking her hand.

She took a deep breath. “Okay, first let me just say that the story turns out well.”

“Okay,” I responded.

“And promise me that you won’t kill Jason. He’s back on the good list by the end of the story.”

“The good list?” I asked with a smirk. “Am I to assume that he started off on the bad list?”

She nodded.

“Okay—I agree not to kill your brother.”

She smiled. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome, min kära. Now—quit stalling and tell me.”

She nodded. “Well—I woke up at about ten o’clock this morning to Jason pounding on the cubby door, threatening to come down there and stake you,” she explained. The way her eyes lit up with anger, I figured that Jason had more to fear from her than from me.

“Anyway, I wasn’t gonna have any of that talk! So I went upstairs and told him to get the fuck out. He ignored me and started talking about the fact that I was carrying the spawns of Satan.”

“I’ve been called worse,” I observed, keeping my anger in check.

For the moment.

She popped me in the arm, but she did smile at me, and—more importantly—her blood pressure normalized after being a bit high. I would have to talk to the doctor about that.

“Well, Jason just went on and on! About our sons! About my lack of morality! About your immorality! You name it! And then—instead of talking about Momma and Daddy—he started talking to them! He said he could see them and they were tellin’ him to kill you and force me to get an abortion! And then he thought about the chloroform in his pocket!”

I growled low and felt every muscle in my body tense up. My fangs snapped down. Sookie had been right to make me promise not to kill; if not, I might have left right then to hunt Jason Stackhouse.

“Don’t forget your promise,” she said, squeezing my hand.

“Go on,” I said stiffly.

I tried to calm myself. Threatening me was one thing; threatening my children and my bonded was another!

“After I heard his thought about the chloroform, I shot him—with my light.”

“He deserved no less,” I growled.

“But here’s the thing; it healed him!” she enthused. “He really did think that he’d been seeing our parents, and they had been spewing hateful things at him. The visions started after that elder fairy shot him—instead of Russell—with her light. I mean—he’s still not a huge fan of me being with a vampire, but his plans to hurt you and the kids evaporated immediately, and he was really sorry.”

“Okay—better,” I said, “but he’s still not off the bad list.”

“I know, but then he gotta phone call from a woman he used to sleep with.”

“I imagine that’s not uncommon,” I intoned.

“No—but this particular woman was Sarah Newlin!”

I smiled, my fangs still showing.

“She wanted to meet him—to rekindle the flame, so to speak. At first, he said ‘no,’ but then I got his attention and signaled for him to tell her that he would meet her. Anyway, Sarah’s gonna be at his house at 10:00 p.m., and guess who will be waitin’?”

“Us,” I said with a dangerous grin.

And an evil look in my eye.

I would have worried that my expression was freaking my bonded out if her expression wasn’t mirroring my own.

“You!” I said to Jason, quickly taking him over with my glamour.

He’d invited me into his home, obviously “trying to be polite”—as Sookie called it.

Jason’s “polite” was pissing me off, however, as he kept looking at Sookie’s belly as if she—and our children—were aliens. And maybe fairies were “aliens” in a way, but I wouldn’t have their uncle think of them thus.

“Jason,” I began, “you will never harm Sookie, me, or our children. You will be happy for Sookie that she is going to be a mother and a wife. You will support her—understand?”

“Well, yeah!” Jason said, a dopey smile on his face. “Of course, I’m happy for Sook! She deserves having someone who loves her. And she deserves kids, too`.”

“You will be a good uncle to our children and—unless there is an emergency—you will always call before visiting us.”

“Why sure!” Jason agreed.

From down the hall, I heard the toilet flushing, so I released Jason from my glamour.

“You were going to show me your kitchen so that I can get Sookie some salt water,” I said.

“Oh—sure, man. Come on,” he said.

Sookie came into the kitchen just as I’d prepared her beverage. She was looking at me suspiciously as if she knew exactly what I had done. I wasn’t about to apologize, however. Jason might have made his way back onto her “good list” by “natural” means, but he needed “supernatural” help to make it to mine.

“Highhanded vampire,” she muttered, holding out her glass for a refill.

Jason looked at the clock on his microwave oven.

“So—uh—what’s the plan?” he asked.

“You will invite Sarah Newlin in, and then I will glamour her and tie her up. Then I will release her from my glamour and question her while Sookie reads her thoughts. After that, I will glamour her to believe that you two had sex and she will leave.”

“Good sex?” Jason asked, comically.

“Why not?” I chuckled.

He puffed up a bit. “Yeah. You’re right! Why not?”

Just then I heard gravel being disturbed by tires.

“Car,” I said.

Sookie closed her eyes. “Definitely Sarah. She’s thinking about . . . .” Her face reddened and she glanced at Jason. “Never mind.”

Jason, of course, was oblivious to Sookie’s embarrassment.

I captured him in my glamour once more. “Act naturally with her.”

He nodded dreamily, even as I grabbed Sookie and took her into the dark hallway. I gave her a long kiss as I did.

“What was that for?” she asked breathlessly.

“To get your mind off of whatever you saw in Sarah’s head,” I smirked.

“It worked—till you reminded me,” she smirked back.

I winked at her as a knock was heard at the door.

Jason opened it immediately. “Hey baby, did ya miss me?”

I guess that was acting “natural” for him.

Sarah pushed him backwards and came in. “I missed your cock!” she said vulgarly.

Sookie cringed next to me. Before Sarah could take off her trench coat, which probably hid something that would haunt Sookie’s nightmares, I zipped into the room and caught the woman’s eyes.

“Relax,” I said, trying to push my influence into her.

She reacted by screaming her head off.

I kept hold of her as she struggled in my grasp.

“Contacts!” Sookie said from behind me. “She’s wearing those special contacts.”

“Sarah,” I said as she spit out curses against me and Jason in turn, “you can take out your contacts yourself, or I can rip them out of your eyes.”

“Oh, Lord, protect me for this monster of Satan!” she half-whimpered and half-raged.

“Your contacts,” I emphasized. “You? Or me?”

“Me,” she panted, looking up at me in fear as I readied my thumb to take out her contacts and perhaps her eyes with them.

“Now, I’m gonna let you go, but if you do anything I don’t like,” I growled, “I won’t be handling you gently. If you cooperate, however, you will leave here alive.”

Sarah looked at Jason, who nodded.

“Fine,” she spit out.

“She’s gonna go for some liquid silver mixed with mace in her pocket as soon as you let her go,” Sookie informed.

“Naughty, naughty,” I chided as Jason yanked the item from her coat.

“Geez, Sarah!” Jason said. “Just cooperate.”

“Fine!” she yelled.

I glanced back at Sookie who nodded.

When I let Sarah go, she did—indeed—take out her contacts, though she tried closing her eyes to avoid my glamour after that. I grabbed her by the shoulders again. “Sarah, look at me or I will tear your arms off.”

Her eyes popped open.

“You want to cooperate with me—don’t you?” I asked, quickly taking control of her.

She nodded dreamily. “Absolutely.”

“That is so accommodating of you,” I cooed, even as I led her to a chair. Then, I quickly tied her to it.

“Geez!” Sookie said. “When people are glamoured, they literally have no thoughts in their heads!”

I glanced at her and grinned. “You sure this one usually has thoughts?”

“Hateful ones,” Sookie responded soberly.

I nodded and looked back at Sarah. “I’m going to release you from my glamour, but you are still going to have an inclination to answer my questions.”

“Uh-huh,” she sounded.

I smirked and then released my direct control over her.

Immediately, she began struggling against the ropes I’d tied her up with.

“You!” she yelled, looking at Jason. “You betrayed me!”

“You crazy bitch . . . ,” Jason started.

“Enough!” I said to Sookie’s brother. “Why don’t you sit over there?” I pointed to the other side of the room. The corner.

“A man can’t even do what he wants in his own house,” Jason half-mumbled and half-grunted—though he did move to the corner like a petulant schoolboy. Now that he was out of Sarah’s eye line, she focused on me.

“What do you want from me?” Sarah asked, her fear finally replacing her anger to a certain extent.

“What can you tell me about Hepatitis-V?” I asked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she lied.

“It was her idea to steal the formula,” Sookie said. “In addition to sleeping with the governor, she’s also got something going on with one of the U.S. Senators from this state. He’s on the Vampire-Human Relations Committee, which gets reports about what’s being done in General Cavanaugh’s—now General Michaels’s—program.”

“Shut up, you freak! You bride of Satan!” Sarah yelled.

“Not yet,” my bonded said flatly, though she winked at me.

“You’ll burn in hell for betraying your own kind!” she yelled out.

Sarah’s words didn’t faze my bonded in the least.

“Where’s the formula you stole?” Sookie asked.

Sarah shut her mouth, but her eyes looked wild with fear.

“Since Governor Burrell and she are suspected of stealing the formula, they’ve been careful with it so far. It’s in Burrell’s home—in his safe,” Sookie informed. “But the scientists he’s hired to work on it will be ready for it in two days; Burrell’s planning to give them a copy of it then.”

Sookie and I shared a look. It looked as if we’d caught a lucky break.

“Do you know the combination to the safe?” I asked.

“No!” Sarah spit out.

“Yes,” Sookie said. “She does. She thinks Truman’s a fool for trusting her so much, but he did give her the combination.” She paused as if listening to more of Sarah’s thoughts. She grinned. “Oh—she’s very pissed off at me.”

Sookie was grinning like a fool, and I wanted to fuck her right then and there. But I resisted thanks to the harsh, unrelenting smell of Sarah’s perfume.

“After sleeping with the Senator to find out all she could about Hep-V, Sarah slept with a technician on the Hep-V project. Apparently, he was supposed to get her the formula in exchange for her not telling the technician’s wife about their liaison, but he couldn’t get access to the complete formula. Other than the General, no one person does.” Sookie chuckled. “Burrell wants her to sleep with another one of the technicians to try to get the rest of the formula.”

“Bitch!” Sarah yelled out. “Shut the fuck up!”

“Man, that’s low,” Jason said from across the room.

Sookie ignored both of them and continued “reading” Sarah. “But they did get the entire formula for the cure,” she conveyed with a relieved smile. “Burrell thinks that one of the scientists they’ve hired, a Dr. Overlark, might be able to work backwards from the cure in order to produce the disease.”

There was another pause, and then Sookie gasped. She walked up to Sarah and slapped her.


Something else got hard immediately.

“Tell us about Burrell’s Vamp Camp!” Sookie yelled.

“No!” Sarah yelled before starting to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” really loudly.

Her singing and Sookie’s anxiety lessened my erection.

Sookie disregarded the singing and touched Sarah’s hand, probably to up the “signal.”

My bonded listened quietly for about five minutes, as Sarah butchered the anthem before moving on to “Jesus Loves Me” and then “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”

Finally, I felt Sookie’s concentration and anger transition to disgust, and moments later she was running down the hall to the bathroom, where she proceeded to throw up her meal from earlier in the evening.

“Watch her!” I yelled at Jason, before running to tend to my wife.

A/N: It was challenging to figure out how to deal w/ Jason since he was doing his Haley Joel Osment impression of “seeing dead people.” Jason had a complicated (inconsistent) story arc related to vampires; there was the Fellowship episode, but then he seemed to snap out of that. And he SHOULD have been exceedingly grateful to Eric for making sure Sookie had her house when she returned from Faerie. I really didn’t like him becoming influenced in the way he was by his parents—the same ones that the show soon decided would be the ones to attempt to kill Sookie—so that Warlow could be “propped” up as a potential “hero” and love interest for Sookie in Season 6. What a clusterfrackis that was! Anyway, I decided to “zap” Jason out of it by introducing him to “Fairy Sookie.” I wanted to let Jason’s character reform a little. I have played with his portrayal in various versions, but I wanted this one to be true to where I thought the show should have taken the evolution of his character based on Season 4/early 5. I mean—he’d clearly been “growing up.” He’d become a cop. And he’d demonstrated some true caring for Jessica—though he felt guilt for “stealing” her from Hoyt. Anyway, I’ve decided to make him a “loveable idiot,” as I like Jason best. Hope you approve!

Until next week, when we will learn about what Sookie “heard” from Sarah.



BTW Some of you have been asking about why I’m making Sookie crave salt. The scene when Maurella is about to give births to her and Andy’s children in Merlotte’s is what that is based upon.

Check it out by clicking here!

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20 thoughts on “Chapter 11: Oh, Brother!

  1. ugh! Sarah Newlin really is despicable…and a real whore to boot. she’ll get what’s comin’ to her soon enough. Eric and Sookie wi;ll make sure of that.
    great chapter. can’t wait for the next one! 😀

  2. Sarah Newlin always makes me think she is still stuck in the 80’s with her hair. And it was awesome to find out how much of a whore she really is . And great job with Jason’s character. I never can decide what to do with him…

  3. I really enjoyed this chapter!
    your protrayal of Jason as a “loveable idiot” is what TB wanted to give us from the start even though he had his “smart” moments during the course of the show!
    Sarah is really screwed up ,isn’t she?!

  4. watch the birth scene – Maurella @ Merlottes – made me miss TB – when TB was good!

    TB never did explain how Jason went from Vampire hater to a vampire lover…

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  7. I love that you didn’t drag out Jasons’ visions of his parents. I also agree that his character was inconsistent with his views on vamps. Not forgetting the travesty that was turning their parents into attempted murderers of Sookie. All rubbish to make Warlows’ obsession seem “romantic”, barf!

    The saltwater thing is quite cute and a great nod to Maurella.
    Sarah Newlin is “charming” as ever..

  8. it was a great chapter, they are working together at least. they are more fierce as a team and i love that they can do it in this story. Jason , is always the lovable idiot and i am happy he is again. as for Sarah, i hope he glamours to fuck with Burrell. KY

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    I love these two as a team in this fic. Eric’s bad-ass & Sookie’s pretty tough as well. If their enemies aren’t nervous, they should be. I love Jason as a happy idiot; he’s just perfect that way, a little growing up for him is good, but not too much! Always looking forward to your next chapter!

  12. Brilliant chapter – love when you get to showcase how well you write Eric, and that was vintage Eric!

    I much prefer Jason portrayed as the adorable idiot too, I’m glad you had Sookie zap him out of it. I much preferred True Blood’s version of Jason too – although it wouldn’t be hard to improve on book Jason. Ryan Kwanten did a wonderful job and he did it best when he was playing the loyal, but dumb, protector who was more than capable of holding his own. The comic value of Jason, Lala and Andy saved many an episode!

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