Cast: Back and Forth

Hello!  I got the idea to give people a “visual” idea of the cast of characters for this story as I saw them from another writer on WordPress (inlovewitheric).  So I am shamelessly going to use the idea because, honestly, it totally made my experience reading her work richer.   I especially wanted you to know how I’m “seeing” characters who are “new.”  So — here is how I would cast them.  All the “familiar” characters are as they are cast on the show.

Other than Eric and Sookie, the characters will appear in alphabetical order–by first name (or the name they are known by).

Possible Spoilers, so beware!

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Eric Northman

Sookie Stackhouse

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Bellefleur 1

6 thoughts on “Cast: Back and Forth

  1. Umm… hello TRAY’S a hottie!! Now I’m really loving Miranda and Tray and wanting to see their little Godric. Cutest baby ever.

    What about Niall/Claude… are you sticking with the Hadley/Hunter from TB?

    1. Love the character selections but I always thought of Rasul like Oded Fehr the actor from the mummy movies and resident evil. And I can picture a Sean Connery type as Niall.

  2. you know i always pictured Sandra Bollock as Amelia, you know when she did “Practical Magic” and “Love Potion #9” she was more frumpy and soccer momish in both of those movies. she could hold her own with Tray and they would make a HOT couple. just my thoughts Kristie

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