Table of Contents/TtF

Chapter 01: Appointment

Chapter 02: Caught

Chapter 03: The Cat & the Serpent  

Chapter 04: We Shall Fight

Chapter 05: Purgatory

Chapter 06: Reframed Corners

Chapter 07: Coming Through in Waves

Chapter 08: Venom and Antivenom

Chapter 09: Magic and Loss

Chapter 10: A Very Small Place

Chapter 11: Grief of Several Kinds

Chapter 12: Bequest

Chapter 13: Unexpected Guest

Chapter 14: The Best Medicine

Chapter 15: Just

Chapter 16: More Visitors

Chapter 17: Nature/Nurture

Chapter 18: Love and Loss

Chapter 19: Performing Brave

Chapter 20: Past, Future, Now

Chapter 21: The Face of Hate, Part 1

Chapter 22: The Face of Hate, Part 2

Chapter 23: The Flame

Chapter 24: The Beginning

Chapter 25: My Island of Hope

Chapter 26: Etchings

Chapter 27: A Meeting with the Devil

Chapter 28: A Poem without Words

Chapter 29: Ever-Fixed Mark

Chapter 30: A Sacredness in Tears

Chapter 31: Dangerous Abuse

Chapter 32: Arrangement

Chapter 33: Face North

Epilogue: A Walking Shadow



Touch the Flame .pdf
Touch the Flame .pdf 2 (this is another version if the first doesn't work)

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