2. Touch the Flame (complete)


Summary: This is the sequel to Comfortably Numb. Eric and Sookie may have decided to fight against Appius’s influence in Eric’s life, but that doesn’t mean smooth sailing for them. New challenges and tragedies will befall them. Will they find a way to stay together through them? Or will Appius drive them apart—or worse?

MUST READ: This story will make no sense at all without Comfortably Numb.  If you’ve not read it, I hope that you will.

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to True Blood or the Southern Vampire Mysteries novels.  Those items provide the inspiration for the story; however, I do not own or profit from the fanfiction I produce using that inspiration (except in the form of your kind comments and reviews).

Story Title:  The title of this sequel is from lyrics of the U2 song “Where the Streets Have No Name.”  (I own no rights to this song.) 

touch the flame

NOTE: The “flame” will be very hot in this story and the angst will be high.  But there will be joy too—and a whole lot of love.  Remember, that if you need to know the endgame in order to go through this journey with me (I know that I like to read the last page of a book first), then you can PM me.  I have no problem letting you know the destination if it will help you to come with me.

Special Thanks: To Sephrenia for her character banners (and general awesomeness), which help to bring my work to life!

Nominations!  I am humbled and honored that the Comfortably Numb Universe has received 10 You Want Blood Awards!  Thanks so much!!

And Appius–in all his villainy–won two!



CN special features

Touch the Flame chapter 1


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