About the Author

Hello, I’m a teacher and love to write.

I write mostly fanfiction about True Blood and The Southern Vampire Mystery series. I used to be reticent about sharing my creative pieces, but since I’ve posted Back and Forth, my first story, my reviewers have bolstered my confidence as a writer. I find that I love to hear what others have to say about my work–as long as comments are constructive. It makes me feel like I have a big ol’ support system out in the cyber world. It’s very nice.

Also, I very much enjoy reading what others have had to add to the stories of my favorite characters.  My favorite character is ERIC NORTHMAN, and I am a lover of the Sookie/Eric pairing.

linea note about my writing process:

Because I tend to change a lot in the revision stage, I usually don’t begin posting a story until it is pretty much done – except for the editing. If I were to begin posting before I completed the story, I know that I would hit myself later when I wanted to radically change a plot point. I also tend to begin writing in the middle of the story and then work my way through different scenes until the whole thing gets solidified. Then I go in and write chapters that tie everything together.

That means that once I start posting a story, I will generally be able to post pretty steadily – since all I’m doing is editing. I’ll try never to leave you hangin’ for too long.

However, I do make some exceptions, such as my story, Who’s Your Daddy?

Because of my process, I rarely had a beta in the past; however, now I’ve gotten spoiled by Kleannhouse, who now generously looks at most of my stuff before I post it.  Her eagle eyes have caught many a proofreading error.  Moreover, she often offers a suggestion or comment that makes me change things.

However, I am responsible for any errors you see. Since I teach college English, I try very hard to make sure that my writing is edited perfectly, but any writer can tell you that there will be mistakes in a manuscript, so I apologize in advance for any that I make.  I try to limit my errors, but be aware that some of them are intentional.  For instance, I love the intentional fragment.

I’ve been told that I’m a little “wordy” by some readers.  I hope you will forgive me for that, however.  My hope is to develop characters, but I know that my style doesn’t appeal to all.  I’ve tried to incorporate additional shorter works into my writing rotation.  Hopefully something I do will appeal to you.

I hope that you enjoy my stories! Thanks for taking the time to read them!

2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Can’t wait to read your stories! Can you recommend one I can start with? Was introduced to your blog by MsBuffy. She mentioned most people are moving from FF.net to WordPress, so I’m transferring my own TB stories.

    I’ll also be joining your TB watching drinking game Msbuffy mentioned!

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