Salt Water (Complete)


(Story follows Season 7, episode 4) Sookie knew from Eric’s eyes that he was telling her goodbye, but she’d had enough goodbyes in her life, and she wasn’t about to say goodbye to Eric Northman again-not when she might be able to help him. The only question was, “Would Eric fight for his life too?” (Note: this story ignores Season 7, Episode 5 and beyond.)


All publicly recognized characters, images, lines of dialogue, and plot lines are the sole property of their creators. I own only my own imagination as it involves the characters I love; however, even my imaginary constructions would be impossible without True Blood and the Southern Vampire Mystery series. My work is not-for-profit and intended only for the enjoyment of the writer and readers. No copyright infringement is intended.


This story is rated M, mostly for Pam’s potty mouth. 😉

Acknowledgments & Dedication:

I want to dedicate this story to Eric & Sookie fans, who are continually teased with wonderful possibilities—just before the carpet is pulled from under our feet. If you like this piece, I hope that you will check out my other stories.

Art Work:

The wonderful Sephrenia has created a beautiful title banner for this story.  Thanks Seph!


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Ch 1_SW

Ch 2_SW

Ch 3_SW

Ch 4_SW



Salt Water .pdf

Above is the link to the completed .pdf of this story.  I hope that--
if you read using this item--you will return to let me
 know what you think.  I love reading feedback!


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