Vampire Characters: Original Kat-creations

Over the years, I’ve had fun creating some of my own characters.  I added many vampires to the UN-iverse, for example.  I’ve enjoyed some of them so much that I’ve used them multiple times–as they literally become part of the TB/SVM world in my brain.  In fact, I found myself confused when I couldn’t think of the book where Duncan was introduced.  



Adelphius was created for The Gift Horse Series. He is Olaf and Thalia’s cruel maker and was a “friend” of Appius.  I picture Mads Mikkelsen when writing him.


Agnes is the vampire Queen of California.  She’s appeared in the UN-iverse and Not Without Action thus far.  I picture Kate Winslet when writing her.


I chose James Marsden for this ally of Eric’s in the Time Stories.


This character was created for the Gift Horse world, specifically “Black Christmas.”  I pictured Dougray Scott when creating him.  (Fun fact: I love this actor and cast him as a different Kat-created vampire, Ian, in the INNER-Verse.)


This character was created for the Gift Horse stories.  He is one of King Olaf’s lieutenants in Sweden.  My inspiration for the role is James Marsden.  And–no–you aren’t seeing double.  I used this actor for a different vampire in a different story.


This character plays a minor role in the Gift Horse stories.  She becomes the owner of Fangtasia when Pam leaves Louisiana.  My inspiration for the role is Rosario Dawson


Cyril is a creation of mine for The Gift Horse Series.  He is Appius’s child in that piece; he’s older than Eric.  I visualized Jason Momoa.


Domingo was a creation of mine for Not Without Action.  He is Stan Davis’s maker in that piece, and I visualized Álex González (you might recognize him from X-Men: First Class).

Dulcina, Queen of Texas

This character was conceptualized for the UN-iverse; I pictured Olga Kurylenko for her.


Duncan is one of my favorite creations/additions to the world.  Either he is Eric’s vampire brother because they have the same maker, or they are like brothers because of friendship.  So far, Duncan has been big parts of the UN-iverse and the Back and Forth Series.  I write him with Richard Armitage in mind.

Edwin, King of Oregon

This is another monarch I created for the UN-iverse.  He is Agnes’s mate/husband; I picture Eddy Redmayne for him.  (Fun fact: I’ve used Redmayne for Clancy in  different universes.)


This Gift Horse world character was employed by Pam to take over “throne duty” at Fangtasia.  I visualized Luke Evans when writing him.

Hyun-Ae Kim

This character from Who’s Your Daddy? is inspired by Yunjin Kim.

Ian Bowles

This character–who is introduced in From the Inside Out in the INNER-Verse–is “played” by Dougray Scott.


This character–who is spoken about in The Gift Horse Series–is “played” by Izabella Scorupco.  She was the monarch of Sweden before Olaf (Thalia’s brother in the story) and helped Thalia and Olaf establish themselves after their maker died.

Isaiah, King of Kentucky

I created this character for the UN-iverse.  He is part of the Vampire Council in that series.  I picture Viggo Mortensen when writing him.


Roman’s child in the UN-iverse–I “cast” Ioan Gruffudd.

Johnathan, King of Alabama

Another monarch I created for the UN-iverse–I cast him as Adrien Brody.


This is one of my favorite vampire creations.  She’s Godric’s maker in the UN-iverse.  I cast Marion Cotillard for her.

Lena, Queen of Quebec

Yet another monarch created for the UN-iverse–I cast Audrey Tautou

Lilah, Queen of Georgia

Another monarch for the UN-iverse–I pictured her as Elizabeth Hurley.


Not to be confused with Lilith (on the show)–I wrote this vampire sister of Bill Compton before S6 of TB.  She appears in the Back and Forth universe.  I pictured Monica Bellucci for her.


This character has been created for The Gift Horse Series.  She is the Second-in-Command in the Kingdom of Sweden.  I “cast” her as Rebecca Ferguson.

Margeaux Poirier

This Chancellor from Who’s Your Daddy? is “cast” as Hailee Steinfeld.


For this Time after Time/A Heady Draught role, I pictured “bad-ass” Carrie-Anne Moss.


Mei is Thalia’s child in the Back & Forth universe.  I “cast” Zhang Ziyi.  (Fun fact: this is the actress used for Jade Flower in the UN-iverse.) 


For this vampire/handmaiden I created for the Enduring Series, I chose Evangeline Lilly as inspiration.


This original character was conceptualized as Thalia’s maker in the INNER-Verse.  He’s played by Amr Waked.

Michael Norris

This vampire character (not related to the werepanthers–LOL) is Felipe de Castro’s personal assistant in the Gift Horse world. I picture him as Brandon Routh.

Michelina, Queen of New York

Michelina is a character I designed for Not Without Action; I cast Jennifer Ehle (She starred as Elizabeth Bennett with Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice)


This vampire brother of Isabel Beaumont was created for the UN-iverse and visualized as Diego Boneta.


Another creation for the UN-iverse.  She is Roman’s assistant and Nan’s spy.  I pictured Isabelle Fuhrman for her.  She makes another appearance in The Gift Horse Series; she becomes de Castro’s second in command.

Mitchell, King of New Mexico

Another monarch needed for the UN-iverse–I cast Nikolau Coster-Waldau


In The Gift Horse Series, I gave Thalia a vampire brother in order to develop her and Eric’s backstory.  I picture Charlie Hunnam when writing about him.


In Not Without Action, I gave Indira a vampire sister in order to develop her backstory.  Her name is Padma.  This character also appears in The Trunk Series. I picture Freida Pinto when writing her.

Sampson, King of Arizona

This is King Felipe de Castro’s child in the UN-iverse.  I pictured Lee Pace for him.

Sean McGowan, King of Nebraska

This character was created for the Gift Horse Series, specifically “Black Christmas.”  I “cast” Kevin McKidd.


This character was created for the Gift Horse Series.  He is the child of Cyril, who is another child of Appius.  He might not be as cruel as his maker, but he is loyal and devious.  I “cast” Apostolis Totsikas, quite the handsome devil.


This character was created for the Gift Horse Series.  She is the child of Cyril, who is another child of Appius.  She is quite evil–cut from the same cloth as Appius.  I “cast” Selena Gomez.  I know this might seem like an odd choice, but she’s the kind of character that might look innocent–right before she kills you.


Sephrenia helped me “cast” this important role for Who’s Your Daddy?  She suggested Dave Navarro.

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