Chapter 32: Emotion in Motion, Part 1

Chapter 32: Emotion in Motion, Part 1

Sex is emotion in motion.”—Mae West

“May I kiss you, Sookie?”

Unconsciously, she moistened her lips as she looked at him with big eyes. Midnight blue in the dim light—as deep as the river they’d been staring at earlier.

“Yes,” she answered in a raspy whisper.

He leaned in slowly—carefully—as if she might disappear if he didn’t.

But she didn’t disappear. Instead she leaned toward him.

Sookie wasn’t sure what had happened to the half-full beer bottle that had been in her hand—or to her notebook for that matter—and, to be honest, she really didn’t care. All she could think about at that moment were Eric’s lips on hers, his hands roaming her body, and his tongue dancing with hers.

“Sookie,” he panted as he began trailing kisses from her chin to her neck. She answered him by running her hands over any part of his body that she could reach—his broad shoulders, his long neck, his soft hair. Feeling greedy and wanting his lips on hers again, she pulled him back up from his ministrations on her shoulder, where he’d pushed her cardigan down a bit in order to expose more of her flesh.

His eyes locked onto hers for a moment before he kissed her again. They’d kissed a lot during the previous week, but this was more frenzied—almost savage in its intense need—and Sookie realized just how much he’d been holding back until she’d made her decision. That insight just made her want him more, and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and deepened the kiss, finding that she couldn’t get enough of the way he tasted.

When he tipped back a little on his heels and then stood up, she realized for the first time that he’d been crouching down in front of her. Her arms clasped around his neck tightly, she felt herself standing with him, not willing to break their kiss. He moved his hands under her bottom and picked her up. In turn, she wrapped her legs around his hips as he started for the patio door, carrying her as if she weighed nothing.

She felt herself being shifted a bit as he used a hand to open the patio door. She took that opportunity to kiss his cheek. Then she found, kissed, nibbled, and sucked his earlobe, which elicited something that sounded like a bona fide growl from him. He closed the door with his foot, and then his steps became purposeful and long as he carried her through his large house toward his master bedroom.

Sookie was too busy making sure that his other earlobe got the same growl-inducing treatment that its complement had received to notice much about her surroundings. Getting the sound she wanted, she smiled against his cheek.

“What?” he asked in a raspy tone even as he seemed to hurry his pace.

“I thought I was gonna get the tour,” she fake-pouted, kissing at his hairline and then down to his neck.

“We’re starting in the bedroom,” he returned gruffly.

In the next moment, he was lowering her onto the most comfortable mattress she’d ever lain on, but she didn’t break eye contact with him as he stood up next to the bed. His own blue orbs were predatory and ravenous as he began to unbutton his casual white shirt.

“Let me,” she said in a lust-filled haze as she got up on her knees and scooted over to him. He moved his hands to caress her hair as she brought her own trembling hands to the first button.

She honestly didn’t know whether she was shaking with anxiety or desire, and she didn’t care. All she cared about was getting his damned shirt off so that she could touch his smooth, well-formed chest.

After she finished her task, she ran her fingers softly along the bare flesh that her unbuttoning had revealed, all the way from his abs to his chest, before sliding her hands to his shoulders and slipping the shirt over them. He quickly helped her get the garment off of him before doing the same to her yellow cardigan, which she’d put on in the restaurant and which he’d wanted to take off ever since because it had hidden her silky shoulders from him.

He moaned as her hands came down to the button of his jeans. Her fingers shaking much less now, she made quick work of that closure before unzipping the garment and sliding her hands over his hips, even as she brought her lips to his chest.

“I want to see you, Eric—all of you,” she whispered before taking his nipple into her mouth and sucking gently.

“Fuck, Sookie,” Eric said as she swirled her tongue over one of the more sensitive places on his body. “Bite—just a little. Please.”

She smiled and obeyed, enjoying the reaction that she drew from him.

Meanwhile, Eric was trying to obey her request; he kicked off his sandals and tried not to dislodge her from his chest as he finished removing his jeans. He was now in only his boxer-briefs, which she’d seen him in every night for the last week. However, this time, he was doing nothing to hide his erection from her.

Sookie gasped and looked up just in time to see a little flicker of pride in his desire-laden eyes.

“Like what you see?” he asked.

“I’ve seen you in these before,” she rasped out.

“Would you like to see more?” he asked, his eyebrow arching.

“Yes,” she murmured as she ran her hands down his chest to the band at the top of his dark gray undergarment. Keeping her eyes locked on his, she pushed down his underwear slowly. When her progress was stopped by his hard cock battling against the fabric, he reached down to release himself before she slid the boxer-briefs down his hips until they fell to the floor. He stepped out of them and watched Sookie as she slowly lowered her eyes to take him in.

He knew that he was bigger than most men, but he had never been overly arrogant about that fact—probably because his size hadn’t always been an asset.

For instance, it had been damned hard—quite literally—for him to hide his erection in Mrs. Slattery’s eighth grade science class. Every guy in the class had had a crush on Mrs. Slattery, and all of them admitted to being “uncomfortable” in class. However, Eric had received much bullying that year because he couldn’t hide his “discomfort” from either his classmates or his teacher any more than he could control his raging teen hormones.

Nope. Being bigger was not always better. Plus, he’d discovered early on in his sexual experiences that the size of his cock could be uncomfortable for some women, so he’d had to learn to be careful.

Still, Eric couldn’t help his brief moment of arrogance and pride as Sookie’s nose flared with desire. However, that moment was over as soon as she took his member into her cool hands.

She was tentative with her actions, seemingly studying him, as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and began to move them up and down.

“Oh God,” Eric groaned out, feeling his knees buckle a little because of her ministrations.

Her explorations continued as she brought her fingers to the tip of his cock, gathering the pre-cum seeping out of his body onto her fingers.

“Does this feel good?” she asked.

“Yes,” he growled.

He watched her hooded eyes as she brought the evidence of his arousal to her lips and tasted him. His own lips were on hers moments later as any ideas he’d had of being patient flew out of his mind. His fingers found the tie of the halter top of her dress, and soon, he had it unfastened. He began to kiss downward to her neck as he found the zipper at the side of the dress and lowered it. He grabbed the fabric at the bottom of the garment and pulled upward, praising every god that he could think of that Sookie seemed to be of the same mind as he was and was helping him to remove the suddenly burdensome fabric.

As soon as her dress cleared her head, he flung it to the other side of the room and then made quick work of her strapless bra, never wanting a scrap of material to separate them again as his greedy eyes took in her perfect breasts. He’d felt them pressed against his chest as they’d embraced before, but now that he was seeing them, his mouth gaped.

“Eric?” she asked in question, suddenly feeling a little self-conscious.

“Beautiful,” he said, taking both of her breasts gently into his hands. As he began to work them, Sookie groaned and lay back on the bed—Eric trailing right after her and lying down next to her. His lips soon moved to one of her breasts. He nipped and sucked her nipple languorously before trailing kisses to the other one and doing the same to it.

“Eric,” she whispered urgently as she arched her back to create more contact.

“So beautiful, Sookie,” he murmured into her flesh as he began to trail kisses down her body until he reached the waistband of her panties. His fingers had already paved the way for his mouth, and he growled as he rubbed her folds over her undergarment.

“So wet,” he breathed. “God, I love that you’re so wet for me.”

Sookie shivered at the feeling of his touch as well as his words.

“Please, Eric,” she begged, not really even understanding what she was begging for. She’d never felt anything even remotely like what she was now feeling. “I’m burning—burning,” she panted, trying to put words to the desperation that Eric was provoking in her.

Thankfully, Eric seemed to understand exactly what she needed as he pulled her soaked panties off of her body and then settled between her legs.

“Beautiful,” he murmured as he began to stroke her folds once more. “You’re so beautiful,” he said yet again, his voice full of emotion and his eyes burning with what he knew were tears.

Perfect,” he added as he began to draw his fingers up and down her slit, enjoying the way that she was moaning and mewling under his ministrations. He purposely avoided her clit for a moment as he continued to caress her nether lips before moving one of his fingers into her opening.

“Eric!” she cried out, her eyes opening widely and looking at what he was doing.

For a moment, her cry startled him, and he was afraid he’d somehow hurt her, but as soon as he saw the pleasure darkening her eyes, he began to gently move his finger in and out of her.

“Has anyone ever touched you this way?” he asked in a low, jagged voice.

She shook her head and then moaned as he slightly curved his finger.

Unable to resist tasting her for another second, he brought his lips to her clit and kissed her gently before sucking the hardened bundle of nerves into his mouth.

“Eric!” she cried out again.

“Has anyone ever kissed you this way?” he asked, barely able to form the words in his lust-filled haze.

“No,” she gasped as he added a second finger and began to pump a little faster.

“Eric!” she moaned, her head falling backwards onto the bed and her hands clutching the comforter tightly as her body writhed under his touch.

Immediately, he missed the eye contact, and he stopped the movements of his tongue.

“Sookie,” he said. “Look at me. Watch me.”

“I—uh—can’t,” she gasped. “It’s too much.”

“Please, Sookie. Look at me,” he said gently. “I need to see your eyes when I make you cum.”

“You’re gonna,” she moaned a little as he stopped the movements of his fingers though they were still inside of her, “make me—uh—do that before we—uh . . . .”

Eric could see that her face was flush with both arousal and confusion, and he wanted only one of those things to remain.

“Sookie,” he said softly. “Sookie,” he repeated, until she was looking at him once more.

Once she was locked into his passionate gaze, she didn’t think she could have pulled her eyes away even if she’d wanted to.

“I’m going to make you cum with my fingers and then I’m going to make you cum with my mouth. Only after that will I make you cum with my dick. Do you understand?” His tone was an odd mixture of promise and sternness. “Keep your eyes on me if you can, lover,” he said in a softer tone. “You’re so beautiful that I want to see you take your pleasure. Can you do that for me?” his asked, his voice almost begging.

“Yes—I’ll try,” she gasped as his fingers fluttered inside of her. She kept her eyes on his as he once more lowered his mouth to her clit and began sucking and nibbling.

“Eric,” she moaned as his fingers pumped in and out of her with more force than before. She felt something begin to build up in her—a coil of pressure that she knew was the precursor to an orgasm. She’d certainly given herself orgasms before, but the spring being loaded in her body was something totally new as Eric worked her like a magician.

All coherent thought left her as he curved his fingers upward, touching a spot inside of her that she didn’t know she had. She cried out and started to shake as her orgasm hit her.

Eric felt her inner walls pulsing around his fingers, and—not wanting to overstimulate her, he slowed down his thrusts as she came down from her high.

“Eric,” she gasped as her eyes went from glazed over to slightly clearer. “No one’s ever—uh—done that to me before,” she said her voice trailing off.

“I guessed that,” he said, drawing his fingers from her body.

“Oh,” she said, her skin suddenly flushed. “Did I—uh—do something wrong?”

“You’re perfect, lover,” he assured as he began to kiss her outer folds. “You feel perfect,” he said as he licked his fingers. “You taste perfect,” he added as moved his mouth so that it hovered over her folds again.

“I’m not,” she gasped as he dragged the flat of his tongue from her opening to her clit, “perfect.”

He rose to his knees and then moved so that he was lying next to her. He gently placed his hand onto her cheek. However, his eyes were anything but gentle. In fact, they were a storm of passion and pleading.

For me, Sookie,” he said intensely. “You are perfect for me.”

Immediately, tears sprang into her eyes and she nodded. Eric took her into his arms and held her as she cried into his chest.

He hated that he’d made her cry, but he could sense that she needed to unload some of the emotions that had been building up inside of her.

“I’m sorry,” she said as she tried to wipe her eyes with the backs of her hands.

“Don’t be,” he soothed as he used the sheet for her eyes.

She looked up at him. “I’m ruining this—aren’t I?”

“No, you’re making this the best night of my life,” he said sincerely, tucking a piece of her hair over her ear. He gave her a gentle smile. “I hate it when you cry, but I understand why you need to.”

“It’s just that no one’s ever made me feel like you make me feel,” she said, finding it difficult to put what she was experiencing into words. “No one’s ever said things to me like you do. And it was just too much right then,” she said as more tears flowed from her eyes.

“Shhh,” he comforted as he shifted them until they were under the covers. “Why don’t we sleep for a while, lover?”

“Eric,” she sniffled, “I still want to—uh . . . . I don’t want to leave you—uh. . . .”

“Unsatisfied?” Eric finished her sentence when she couldn’t. “Sookie, what we’ve already done is more than enough to satisfy me. I enjoyed tasting you and feeling you come apart around my fingers.”

She blushed.

“And I enjoy your blush,” he added, kissing her cheek before snuggling her closer into his chest, “even though I don’t like it to come from embarrassment.” He kissed he forehead. “And don’t worry, I still plan to get my satisfaction before long,” he said, his eyebrows waggling a little, “but there is no hurry, Sookie. We have all night—and then most of the next three days.”

“Okay,” she said tentatively as she settled her hand onto Eric’s chest and began to rub little circles there. It was several minutes before she spoke again. “I liked what you did. I liked it a lot.”

“I liked doing it a lot,” he said with mischief in his voice. “So you’ll just have to get used to it.”

She giggled a little and then looked up at him. “But I thought guys didn’t like doing that.”

“Why would you think that?” Eric asked.

“Uh—Bill told me that. And—uh—I’ve read it from people’s lips before.” She paused. “You’d be surprised by how many women complain about their—uh—partners not wanting to—uh—have oral sex with them; Bill said it was,” she paused, “something proper ladies shouldn’t want. He said it was vulgar.”

With difficulty, Eric held in the anger he felt for Bill Compton in that moment. How that fool could have been with the beautiful woman in his arms and not want to pleasure her and take care of her was beyond the scope of Eric’s understanding.

He tempered his response. “To be honest, Sookie, some men don’t like giving oral sex to women, but that doesn’t make it a vulgar act—at least I’ve never thought of it that way. In fact, it can be beautiful,” he said, kissing her forehead, “as it was just now—between us.” He paused, “In a lot of ways, oral sex is a more intimate act than other kinds of sex, and Bill’s not pleasuring you says more about his problems with intimacy than anything having to do with you.”

He sighed loudly as he continued, “I have to admit that I haven’t always been willing to be truly intimate with the women that I’ve had sex with. What I did to you just now it not something I do often.

She looked up at him, her eyebrows furrowing. “But you seem so—uh—good at it,” she said blushing.

His eyes lightened with a smile. “I’m glad you think so,” he chuckled. “There are a lot of guys that claim the female body is a puzzle that they can’t solve. And maybe, it is a kind of puzzle.” He shrugged. “But all anyone has to do is to be aware of a woman’s reaction and do more of what she’s responding positively to. Sometimes, it may take a while to bring a woman to completion orally, but—with the right woman—it is very pleasurable for a man to,” he paused, “learn the puzzle.”

“But you—uh—don’t do that with many women?” she asked.

“No,” he answered honestly. “As callous and as paradoxical as it sounds, I usually didn’t want to be that close to a woman I was having sex with. I wasn’t interested in the act lasting very long either.” He let out a long sigh. “Do you really want to hear this?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

He took a deep breath. “Generally, I would use my fingers to get off the women I was with, but not my mouth. It’s difficult for a lot of women to achieve orgasm when a man uses only his dick, and I might have been a selfish bastard in a lot of ways, but I refused to be the selfish bastard who took pleasure without giving some in return.”

“Oh,” Sookie said, shifting her eyes back to his chest.

“Sookie,” he said softly, fearing that he may have been a little bit too blunt with her. He sighed. “Sookie, right about now, I’m wishing that I’d never been with another woman before you. I hate making you feel uncomfortable.”

“It’s okay,” Sookie said, looking back into his eyes. “It’s just that I never really talked about sex with Bill, and when I tried,” she laughed ruefully, “it was kind of a disaster. But—uh—Claudine said that it’s important to be able to discuss—uh—sex.”

Eric smiled at her. “I think she’s right. And you can ask me anything. You can also tell me anything, Sookie. If there is anything you want me to do or want me to do more often, all you have to do is ask me; meanwhile, I’ll be ‘listening’ to your body, and it can tell me a lot without you having to do it.”

“Well—if what you did earlier is any indication, let me just say that you’re a very good listener,” she said, before covering her mouth with her hand and blushing.

He chuckled and gave her a little pat on the ass.

“Can I ask you something that I swore I’d never ask you, but I want to know, so I’m just going to ask,” she said in one rambling breath.

“Sookie,” Eric said gently, raising her chin so that their eyes were meeting once more, “like I said, you can ask me anything.”

“How many women have you—uh—been with?”

A/N: Well—we’ve started the citrus. But Sookie’s question at the end is—perhaps—a landmine or a mood breaker. Let’s hope not.

Thanks for all the responses for the last chapter. I’m so thankful to know that there are still people out there reading this, despite the hiatus I took from this story. Again, many thanks, and if you feel like it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.





8 thoughts on “Chapter 32: Emotion in Motion, Part 1

  1. Mood breaker perhaps. Sometimes it’s a question that shouldn’t be asked. Everyone has a past & sometimes that’s where it should be left.

  2. What wonderful insights and recollections :For instance, it had been damned hard—quite literally—for him to hide his erection in Mrs. Slattery’s eighth grade science class. Every guy in the class had had a crush on Mrs. Slattery….
    Adds depth and reality to Eric’s character .

  3. it is not a mood breaker if she really wants to know. it can help her in the long run as long as he is honest. He knows she is new to this but if he stays honest with her all things will work out in the long run. She knows he has been with woman before and the number shouldn;t mean much but i figure she really needs to know. rambling sorry. great chapter let teh lemons continue ….. KY

  4. A bit of lemon zest –but with the deadline looming for these two, it’s more like “lemon bitters”….sigh…..enjoy while you can!
    And my hubby often tells about the crush he had on his teacher and how he didn’t want to stand when called on 🙂

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