Chapter 77: Butterflies

Sookie stretched lazily against her soon-to-be husband.  Drowsily, she gathered the quilt into her body and drew closer to her beloved.  His chest felt a bit warmer than usual, and she opened one eye.  Seeing the sunlight streaming in through the window, Sookie was fully awake in seconds and sat up next to Eric.

He seemed to be sleeping next to her―peacefully sleeping.  The sun had warmed his exposed skin just as it had her own, but that was all.  She looked closely to make sure there was no reddening or burning.  Seeing none, she tried to relax.

His light-colored flesh looked ethereal, and his hair shone in the sun.  In addition to his upper chest and head being exposed to the light, one of his feet was also peeking out from under the blanket.  She reached out through the bond to find him resting serenely.  She breathed in a sigh of relief and marveled at his beauty in the sunlight.  Her love for him surged through the bond, waking Eric up.

“You are watching over me in my sleep my love,” he said with a smile on his face as he opened his eyes.

“Always,” she said, touching his cheek.  “You are beautiful in the sun.”

“As are you, min kära,” he said, returning the gesture.

Eric pulled her into a kiss that began soft but quickly became heated as their passion stirred.

“Are you okay to do this, Eric?  It’s day out.” Sookie gasped as he pushed her robe off of her shoulders.

“I am always okay for this,” he leered as he freed himself from his pants and pulled her on top of him, once again claiming her lips.

She moaned in pleasure as she lowered herself onto his straining member.

“So good, Sookie,” Eric muttered as she began to ride him slowly.  He raised his hands to her breasts and let her set the pace, all the while keeping contact with her eyes, which were also drinking in his.

She drove herself onto him hard, moving faster and faster until he brought one hand to her hips to help her movements.  He used the fingers of his other hand to circle her nerve center.

“Oh God,” she managed, as she writhed above him in pleasure.  She raised her wrist to Eric’s mouth.  “Take some―please.”

Eric shook his head and lifted his body up until he was sitting beneath her.  “Not from there,” he groaned as he bit into the top of her breast, causing both of them to slip over the edge into orgasms.

Eric licked Sookie’s wound closed, enjoying the fact that he’d just made love to his bonded with the light of the sun heating their bodies.  After a few minutes, he stood up with Sookie wrapped around him.  “Shall we go to bed, min kära.  It will be a long night tonight.”

Sookie nodded, having still not caught her breath.  Eric made a pit-stop in the bathroom so that Sookie could clean up and take care of her human needs, and when she came out, she saw that he was waiting for her in the bed.  As she looked at him a bit confused, Eric said merely, “It is light tight in here, and any light that comes in from the hall if you open the door will be too little to affect me.  I want to sleep in my bed with my woman,” he said, his tone half-joking, even as his eyes were full of sincerity.

Sookie laughed as she lay down and then pulled him to lie onto her chest.  “Okay, Mr. Caveman, but this morning, I get to hold you.”

He nestled into her, and given the contentment that was in the bond at that moment, it was not surprising that both were asleep in minutes.

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Sookie woke up at almost 2:00 p.m. on the dot and looked down to see that Eric was still lying on her stomach.  He’d managed to wedge his arm under his body so that there was hardly any weight on her, and Sookie smiled when she thought of all the little, thoughtful things that her vampire did for her like that.  She ran her fingers through his boyish hair lightly, just as she’d been doing before she had fallen asleep that morning.

About fifteen minutes later, both her stomach and her bladder insisted on taking some attention away from her beloved, and Sookie slid out from underneath him.  Seeing him lying without a pillow didn’t suit Sookie’s domestic inclinations at all, however, so she managed to slide her pillow underneath her Viking’s head, even though she was almost certain it didn’t matter what position he slept in.  Still, she smiled when he inhaled deeply and nestled into her pillow as if he were taking in her scent.  She bent down and gave him a slight kiss on the forehead.

Sookie smiled brightly as she used the toilet Eric had installed just for her.  She kept smiling as she traipsed through their little cabin in only his T-shirt.  She smiled as she began a pot of coffee in the coffee maker he’d placed in their cabin just for her.  She grinned as she warmed the soup he’d packed for her it in one of the pots he’d bought for her on the range he’d put in just for her.  As she ate the soup and a piece of fruit, she looked out of the window at the little building next to the house.  She smiled at the thought of his working in there, making the bed that he was sleeping in for the first time―with her.  She smiled and hummed as she washed the dishes and put them in the drainer that she was certain had not been in the cabin before Eric had prepared for her being there.

She skipped to the living room like a child and smiled as she folded the blankets they’d made love on.  She blushed and smiled even wider as she said to herself, “We’re really gonna have to make love in that big bed one day.”

Then, she sat on the comfortable couch and picked up the dagger, which had been left on the coffee table.  She examined it closely.  She probably should have been disgusted that she could see the evidence of their shared blood on the blade, but she couldn’t be.  As she touched the blood on the dagger point tentatively, energy began to pool in her hands, and her palms shone as they had during their third bonding and then again during their lovemaking the previous night.  She carefully put the dagger back into its velvet encasing; she’d need to make sure that the pledging ceremony didn’t include her holding the dagger.  The last thing she needed was to light up like a Christmas tree in front of lots of vampires while she vampire-married Eric.

At this thought, she smiled again even wider than before.  By this time tomorrow, she thought, she’d be Eric’s pledged―his wife!

She hugged herself in joy for a few moments.

Suddenly, Sookie sat straight up, her smile fading immediately from her face.  “Fuck!” she yelled aloud.

Desperately, Sookie got up from the couch and ran for her backpack.  She dug through it until she found her cell phone.

Quickly, she dialed Lafayette’s phone.

He answered on the third ring, “Bitch, this better be good.  I’s up to my elbows in orders here!”

“Lafayette, you have to help me!” Sookie said, her voice panicked.

Lafayette grew immediately serious, “You in trouble, Sook?  Is someone tryin’ to hurt you?”

Sookie was confused for a moment but then answered, “No!  Nothing like that.  I’m just―well―I’m gettin’ married tonight, as you know, and the only clothes I have here are a pair of jeans, yoga pants, and a sweater!  I don’t even have lip gloss!”

Lafayette sighed with relief and chuckled, “Hooker, you just ‘bout made my heart stop!  Is that all you’s troubles?  I’s already on it, hon.  Pam called me yesterday night.  The bitch woke us up, matter of fact, and told me to go by yo’ house and get what you’d be needin’.  Course, I was already plannin’ to do it anyways.  So don’t worry none, hooker, we’ll get you all fixed up.”

Sookie let out a big, very audible sigh of relief.  “Thanks, Laf.”

“No worries, but I gots to get back to the grill ‘fore Sam sees that I’m hiding in the walk-in.  I’m already cuttin’ out early to come to yo’ shin-dig.”

Sookie laughed and hung up the phone.  She sank her body back into the couch, thankful that Eric had thought of everything as he always seemed to do.  If he weren’t so damned cute, she’d probably find his attention to every little detail annoying, but luckily for him, he was.  She grinned.

Sookie was nervous about what Lafayette would bring for her to wear but decided that she needed to trust her friend.  To take her mind off of her nerves, she began to make a list of the things she would like to bring to the cabin.  She started in the kitchen with a toaster.

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After an hour of wandering around and adding things to her list even as she did more exploring, Sookie decided to try to take a nap to bury her anxieties.  She went back to the bedroom, undressed, and joined Eric in the bed.  She spooned herself into his body and drew his arm over her stomach before holding his elegant hand in hers.  She nestled in as close as was possible.

She heard his contented sigh and felt his serenity in the bond as well.  Their touch had the same effect on her nerves, and within minutes, she was asleep next to him.

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Sookie awoke to Eric’s fingers running slowly up and down her side.  She was still spooned into him.

“Awake, my lover?” he asked, his voice husky.  “I have been waiting for you.”

“Yes,” Sookie answered, her grogginess quickly being replaced by lust as she felt his erection dragging along her bottom.

“Ready, my lover?” was Eric’s next question.

“Yes,” Sookie whispered, now breathless, as Eric lifted one of her legs over his thigh and positioned himself so that he could enter her.

He tested her readiness with his fingers.  “Always so ready for me, lover,” he purred as he pushed himself into her slowly.

Once he was filling her, they both sighed as he stayed still for a moment.  Then he started making long, languid strokes in and out of her, even as he kissed her shoulders, the top of her back, and the sensitive nape of her neck.

Sookie grabbed onto his thighs and pulled him closer.  She’d never experienced sex in this position, but she reveled in the closeness of their bodies and the skin-on-skin contact that they were able to maintain, and she quickly learned to complement Eric’s movements with her own.

She spoke, “I love that I can feel so much of your skin on mine.”

Eric nodded into her nape, which his lips were currently caressing.  “Never enough,” he mumbled, increasing his speed as he brought his hand up to worship Sookie’s breasts.

Eric slowly brought them both toward completion.  From this angle, he was able to stimulate Sookie’s G-spot on almost every upstroke.  He moved his hand slowly down her body and then began to draw unhurried circles around her clit.  As her heart-rate increased and she felt about ready to topple over the edge into her orgasm, Sookie arched her neck invitingly for him.

Eric bit down gently, and moments later, his seed began to flood into her body even as her blood flowed in his.  Eric’s release was the last catalyst Sookie needed to find her own, and they both groaned and trembled in satisfaction.

Once their orgasms had subsided, Eric withdrew his fangs and his penis from the body of the woman who would soon be his wife according to vampire law.  After licking her bite sensually with his healing saliva, he buried his face into her hair and inhaled her scent, feeling emotions that he didn’t even know how to name arise within his body.  Among the ones he did recognize, however, was extreme thankfulness.

Feeling his swirl of emotions through the bond, Sookie pulled his arm around her even more tightly and entwined her fingers with his.  “Soon―very soon, you will be my husband.”

She felt him nod into her hair and smiled.

After a few minutes of peaceful silence passed between them, Eric asked what was becoming his standard question after his waking, a question that Sookie loved, “What did you do while I was sleeping min kván?”

She smiled, “I explored a bit more and made a list of things we need to bring up here to make things more comfortable for me, mostly kitchen stuff.  Oh―and I panicked about not having something to wear for the pledging, so I called Lafayette and scared him half to death.  Thanks, by the way, for arranging for everything with him.”

Eric shrugged, “You should thank Pamela.  I texted her that you had agreed to be my pledged and wanted your family with you.   After that, she took charge.”

Sookie laughed a little, “I think she still scares Lafayette a bit.”

“Lafayette is wise then,” Eric chuckled.

Sookie nestled into him and then looked at the clock, which read 5:31; that meant that the sun was already down.

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Sookie turned around to face Eric.  “What time do you need to be at Fangtasia?”

“About 7,” Eric said, stroking Sookie’s hair lazily.  He added suggestively, “but since I am sheriff, I can be late if you want to stay in bed for a while.  I find it quite comfortable here myself.”

“Oh no, cowboy!” Sookie said, sitting up.  “We’d better get ready.  I have a weddin’ tonight, and I don’t wanna worry about being late on top of everything else!  You’re not gonna distract me.”

Eric chuckled.  “You are a cold-hearted woman.”  He got out of bed, making sure that Sookie could see her favorite part of him, and then asked seductively, “Would you care to save water and shower with me, min kära?”

Sookie sped after him.  “Well it is a very big shower,” she said as he laughed at her eagerness.  She smacked him on the ass as he picked her up over his shoulder and carried her into the bathroom.

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Thirty minutes later, she’d been washed, dirtied, and then washed again, but she was certain that no water had been saved.  Eric had a satisfied smirk on his face as he finished drying off and put a towel around his waist.  She tried to look disapprovingly at his expression but failed due to being distracted by the way that towel was sitting dangerously low on his beautiful hips.  She had to inhale sharply as she took in the V-shaped cut of his body disappearing underneath the towel.

His smirk grew even more pronounced at the spike in her lust, and Sookie threw her own towel at him.

Eric caught the towel easily and his eyes roved over her naked form.  “If this is your idea of punishment, lover, remind me to be continuously naughty.”

Sookie picked up another towel and tried to pop him with it, but Eric laughed and zoomed out of the bathroom.  Sookie couldn’t help her own chuckle as she grabbed the robe and followed him out.

Sookie quickly put on her jeans and a sweater and then turned around to watch Eric as she slipped her pendant over her head.  He put on form-fitting black pants; a steel gray button down shirt, which he left unbuttoned to about mid-chest; and a black, perfectly cut jacket similar to the one he’d been wearing the night they’d met.  He finished the look with his usual necklace.

To Sookie, he looked like sex on a stick.

Feeling Sookie’s lust spike, Eric turned and faced her, smirking yet again.  “See something you like, Miss Stackhouse?”

Sookie blushed, but met Eric’s eyes directly.  “Yes, as a matter of fact.  I like it very much.  You usually don’t wear shirts like this; it reminds me of the first night I saw you.”

“Ah,” Eric smiled as he walked slowly toward her, “the night you brazenly came into a vampire bar asking questions, the night you warned me about the police raid, the night that I had a very hard time pretending that you were not having such a big effect on me?  Yes―I do remember that night, though I admit, what I was wearing had slipped my mind. What you were wearing, however, has not left my mind since that night.  Perhaps, you could model it for me in private?” he asked suggestively.

Sookie sighed, “Sorry, but that dress was a casualty of the Maenad attack.”

A twinkle in his eye, Eric said, “What a pity―for me.”

Sookie remembered that line as well as Eric’s delivery of it from their first conversation and smiled.  “You were such an ass that night, actin’ all big, bad vampire.”

“With everyone else, it is no act, min kära; however, with you, I have never been able to quite pull it off, have I?”  His eyes were still twinkling.

“Nope, not really,” she deadpanned.  “Something in your eyes always gave you away.”

“I’ll work on that,” he said.
“Don’t you dare!”

They both laughed, and Eric bent down to lightly kiss Sookie’s forehead.  They made their way to the living room, and Eric put the velvet case with the dagger inside into Sookie’s backpack.

“I don’t have to hold the dagger at all, do I?” Sookie asked.  “When I picked it up today, my hand lit up again.”

“Interesting,” Eric said.  “No, you will hand me the dagger still inside its velvet wrapping.  I will open and handle it.  You needn’t touch it.”

Sookie sighed in relief.

Eric picked up the folded afghan from the couch, where Sookie had put it earlier.  “I do want you to be careful though.  Don’t let anyone see the velvet pouch before you give it to me.  We don’t want someone like Bill stepping between us and trying to intercept it.  You can hide it under the bouquet of flowers that should be waiting for you at the safe house.”

“He could do that―intercept the knife?  Would that mean that I’d get pledged to him?” she asked horrified.

“He could try, but there has to be clear intent on the part of the giver so that,” he paused, “mistakes do not happen.”

He continued after a moment, “However, Bill is desperate to have you, so I put nothing past him.”

“He doesn’t know about our pledging, does he?”

“No, only Pam, Miranda, Jarod, Lafayette, Jesus, and your brother were told.”

Sookie suddenly got nervous, “What if Jason let something slip?”

Eric smiled, “I’m sure he did not, but remember that we are closely monitoring Bill, so if he knows of our plans to pledge, we will know it.”

“Okay,” Sookie said.

As the couple stepped outside, Eric took the backpack and wrapped the afghan snuggly around Sookie as he’d done before their flight two nights before.  He picked her up bridal style, and she locked her arms snuggly around him.  “Ready?” he asked.

“Yep,” she nodded as they took to the air.


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