Fairy Characters: from both TB and SVM


Claude Crane (full-blooded Fae)

I’ve used several inspirations for Claude, always governed by the characterization I’m working for.  I stuck with Claude #1, Neil Hopkins, from the television series for my Back & Forth universe.

For the AH (all human) Comfortably Numb world, I needed someone a bit older; I pictured Patrick Dempsey.

For the UN-iverse, I used Josh Duhamel as my inspiration.

For the INNER-verse I used Claude #2 from the show, Giles Matthey.

More recently, I pictured  Tom Welling for the role in Not Without Action.

Claudine Crane (full-blooded Fae)

I’ve pictured two actresses for this role.  For the Comfortably Numb trilogy–where I was looking for someone a little older–I chose Rachel Weisz.

For my Supernatural Claudines, I tend to picture Liv Tyler.

Hunter Savoy (part-Fae)

After the portrayal on the show, it’s hard not to visualize Max Charles as Hunter.

For the young adult version of Hunter in Earned (the third main part of the Back & Forth world), I am picturing Alex Pettyfer (though a slightly younger version than he is in real life now).  🙂

Niall Brigant (full-blooded Fae)

I have used several actors for this role.  My first version of the character for the Back & Forth world is Gary Oldman (with his Harry Potter look).

In the Comfortably Numb world, I needed an older actor.  Who better than Sir Anthony Hopkins?

In the UN-iverse, I developed a different characterization and visualized Liam Neeson.

I did use Rutger Hauer (from the show) for Life from Death.

Image result for rutger hauer true blood

Finally, I’ve used Gerard Butler when I want to picture Niall as a little younger, such as in the INNER-Verse.  (Fun Fact: I use the same actor as Fintan when I don’t have a Niall in my work.)


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