Chapter 31: Dirty Boy

Wait!” my bonded cried out, suddenly overcome with worry.

What’s wrong?” I asked, immediately feeling worry to match hers. Was there a nearby threat that she’d sensed before me? Was it Warlow?

“People will hear us if we—uh—have sex in here,” she whispered apprehensively. “Lots of people! Can we—uh—go to the cubby?”

I chuckled and released the tension from my body as I realized that there was no immediate threat—other than Sookie’s modesty. To curtail my wife’s worries, I reached into the nightstand and pulled out a remote control device. “This will make our room soundproof,” I said, even as I pushed a button that would cause anyone outside of our little haven to hear what basically amounted to white noise. I used a similar set-up for my office at Fangtasia.

“But is it safe for us to be—uh—unavailable?” my wife asked.

“It’s not dark yet,” I whispered seductively. “And I told Brady about the panic button last night,” I responded, nudging my nose along her neck.

“Panic button?” she asked with a pant.

I nodded before taking an earlobe between my teeth. “If Brady senses trouble when we are in here like this or in the cubby, he can contact us with a single press of a button.” I looked into her eyes. “Do not worry. We are safe. And we are free to enjoy each other now—and in private,” I leered before taking a nip at the place behind her ear that was guaranteed to drive her almost mad with desire.

I knew that place well—and had used it to my benefit before.

My tactics worked to make her forget about her modesty and overlook the latest example of my “highhanded” ways.

Thank the gods.

Impatiently, Sookie pulled at my body until it was where she wanted it to be and then captured my mouth with hers. At first, our kiss was soft and sensual as our tongues met and slowly caressed one another. However, soon that soft stroking wasn’t enough for my greedy part-fairy, and I felt her mouth becoming more demanding even as she growled beneath me.

I lost myself in her feral noise, even as I matched it, and I took both hands to tearing her panties from her body before stroking her heated sex with my eager fingers.

Just as I was about to journey downward to enjoy my wife’s other set of lips with my mouth and tongue, however, she gripped my shoulders firmly, her fingernails clawing into my flesh. I could feel the heat from her palms and didn’t need to look in order to know that they were currently alit with her power.

I growled, my fangs quickly descending in reaction to the pleasure and the pain that her grip was causing me.

I’m sure that I looked like a monster in that moment, and Sookie should have been my enemy.

After all, I was vampire. She was fairy.

She should have been running from me—not wrapping her legs around me!

Her light should have been killing me, but it was slaying me instead.

“No!” Sookie ordered, not letting me descend to feast upon her pussy. Her eyes had brightened with both her passion and her fairy nature. “I need your cock in me now! Right! Now!”

I could deny neither of us; however, for the first time, her belly was too large for me to enter her from directly above—despite my height—so I quickly flipped us so that she was on top and straddling my thighs. She grinded her wetness against my thighs and grabbed my cock with her still lit-up hands.

I cried out as she stroked me, sending shivers of electricity throughout my body. However, that feeling was nothing compared to the exquisite pleasure I felt as she lowered herself onto my cock.



Unfathomable internal muscles that immediately attempted to draw my cum out of my body in a torrent.

I denied my bonded’s muscles, however, refusing to deny her of her own pleasure—at least twice—before I fell into my own.

I sighed and moaned. Hell—I probably whimpered as she began to move up and down upon me. With passion. With pleasure. With relief. With gratefulness.

However, I lurched in exquisite agony as she stopped her up and down movements in order to grind against me and stimulate her clit upon my flesh, squeezing her internal muscles again.

“Sookie,” I muttered, my head moving from side to side as she used me to seek her own pleasure, torturing me in the process.

But the torture was sweet, and I wasn’t about to stop her.


Grinding and squeezing, she brought herself to her first orgasm—an almost “gentle” burst of pleasure. Her eyes were closed and savoring the feeling. My eyes remained wide open, however, appreciating the view.

Admittedly, I also appreciated the fact that Sookie was no longer too shy to take what she needed from me—what she wanted. After all, I belonged to her. Why wouldn’t she use me? Take me? Undo me?

As her orgasm subsided, she placed her hands over mine and moved them up to cover her breasts.

Her eyes opened and shone with her power. “Hold these things so that they don’t bounce too much and start hurting,” she ordered.

“Yes,” I agreed, happy to serve her in any capacity, especially if it involved having her breasts in my mitts.

“I intend to move fast as I continue to take my pleasure from you,” she growled.

I snarled in answer.

Fairy Sookie had come out to play.

And I was more than willing to be her huckleberry.

As I cradled her breasts—careful not to grip them too hard—I watched with awe as my wife began to move up and down upon me, riding me with feverish abandon.

“So good,” she moaned as she found the pace she wanted. “So perfect for me.”

“Yes!” I agreed. “For you.”

“No one else could fill me like this—make me feel like this!” she muttered as she lost herself further in her pleasure.

“No one!” I concurred as she quickened her pace and brought her hands to settle upon my chest.

“Do you want my light?” she asked—almost tauntingly—her eyes now white with her power.

“Always!” I groaned out, even as I felt my orgasm quickly approaching. I knew I would be helpless to stop it now.

In the next moment, she released—both light and cum—and I cried out as my own release barreled into her. I lost myself for several seconds—blacking out in that way which only my bonded could cause. When I became aware again, Sookie was still above me.

And I was still inside of her—as her light continued to pass into me in small electrical wisps.

She was fucking amazing!

I was completely satisfied, but I was not yet sated. And, from the look in my wife’s eyes, neither was she.

I took a moment to thank whatever god was responsible for my recovery time.

I was still hard and ready. And the vampire in me was also ready to take control!

I flipped us over so that Sookie was on her hands and knees before me, her pussy wet and waiting for more. I quickly grabbed a pillow to place under my bonded’s breasts so that they would stay supported before I slid into her again. Using all of the control I had left, I stroked in and out of Sookie slowly as I caressed her back and bottom, and then I brought a hand around to stimulate her clit so that she could add another orgasm to that “jar” she sometimes mumbled about keeping when she was incoherent with passion.

It didn’t take her long to start muttering about it again as she exploded under me.

I paused until her body had finished pulsing. After a few minutes, she looked at me over her shoulder, her eyes only a little less bright than before.

“More,” she insisted.

I growled. There was my favorite fucking word again!

I began moving once more, this time faster than before, as Sookie gripped the bedcoverings with both hands.

“Yes!” she yelled out. “More!”

Hell yes!

I pounded into her harder and harder, and when I felt that we were both nearing release, I brought her body upward so that her back was flush against my chest. With one arm, I kept her upright and did my best to support her breasts. As she cried out in pleasure, I brought my wrist to my mouth and bit deeply before offering my blood to my bonded.

Impatiently, Sookie grabbed my wrist with both hands and pulled my wound to her mouth as if she was dying of thirst.

She sucked deeply.

And then, biting savagely into my wound, she delayed my healing so that she could take more of me.

No longer able to deny myself my bonded’s blood, I bit into her neck, and once again, I lost myself—this time in our mutual release.

When I “woke” up several minutes later, I could tell that the sun was just falling into the horizon. Except for the bed in which Sookie and I lay, the house was still bustling.

My bonded was lazily drawing circles onto my chest. Luckily, I hadn’t crushed her under my weight, and we’d ended up with me on my back and her cradled by my side. I supposed that was a sign that my protective instincts still functioned even when my mind could no longer take all of the stimulation my wife could give to me.

“Perfect,” I whispered as I began to draw circles of my own along her back.

She sighed and looked up at me. “Will it always be like this?” she asked, frowning a little.

“With us? Between us? Yes and no,” I answered truthfully. “Our lives won’t always be exactly the same, but what we have will always be good and right as long as you and I are at the heart of things.”

She nodded as she smiled softly. “We should shower. Dr. Ludwig said that she’d be here an hour after sundown. I invited her for dinner.”

I chuckled as I lifted Sookie into my arms and took her into our bathroom.

Only my wife would invite Ludwig, the sourest creature I knew, to take part in a social gathering.

I turned on the water, and—given the many occupants currently dwelling within the house—I was more grateful than ever for the “endless” hot water heater I’d had installed when Sookie was in the fairy realm. It didn’t take long for the temperature to rise to Sookie’s preferred heat, and I walked us into the shower before finally placing my bonded onto her feet.

“I’m glad our room is soundproof,” Sookie said with a giggle as she pulled me down a bit so that she could shampoo my hair.

“This room too. Imagine the noise we could make in here,” I said, waggling my eyebrows playfully as I leaned into her caring touch. Gods—the feeling of her fingernails was glorious!

She blushed.

I chuckled at my “handiwork” as she rolled her eyes.

“How about your shields?” I asked as she finished lathering my hair. “Any trouble with so many people in the house?”

Sookie shook her head and then moaned as I began shampooing her hair. “No. Since we completed our bond, my shields are easier.”

After I was done giving her scalp a gentle massage—as she continued to moan in my arms—I moved us so that we were both underneath the rainfall-type shower head. The nozzle had been one of the renovations I’d made to the bathroom—one that Sookie had not complained a peep about. I smirked at that thought and then moved her gently from under the stream once her hair was rinsed so that I could massage in the conditioner she used.

Again, Sookie moaned in pleasure, but I could tell that she was a little tired, so I didn’t intend to push her for more sex—even though my cock had risen steadily with every touch I made to her body.

Of course—if my little fairy wanted to get dirty in the shower, I wouldn’t deny her. I was only a man, after all. A vampire—but still a man.

Sadly, after her hair had been rinsed again, Sookie was “all business” as she picked up a luffa and began to wash my body. I followed suit, anxious to show her the same care.

“It doesn’t hurt—does it?” she asked.

I looked between our bodies at my erection, which was newly sudsy from her attentions.

She followed my gaze and chuckled. “My light,” she clarified. “It doesn’t hurt you when I shoot you—does it?”

“No,” I answered. “When you share your light with me, the last thing it does is hurt,” I growled a little, feeling my cock becoming even harder.

Sookie noticed too and took it into her hand, as if inspecting the cleaning job done by her loofa.

“Sookie,” I moaned as she tightened her fingers around me and began to stroke in earnest. “You are tired. You don’t have . . . .”

I wasn’t able to finish my sentence before Sookie growled at me. “When it comes to you and this,” she said, stroking me so firmly that it almost hurt, “I will tell you when I’m tired.”

“But I felt your fatigue,” I argued ineffectually as she bent down to her knees.

“I’ve found my second wind,” she declared, looking up at me mischievously as she licked my tip.

I checked the bond to confirm what her eyes were already telling me and became lost in her passion—in her need for me.

“Plus, you are a—very—dirty—boy—Eric—Northman,” she purred, punctuating each word with a nibble on my swollen head. And who—if not your wife—should be responsible for cleaning you?” she asked innocently before taking me deeply into her mouth.

Into her throat.

“Fuck!” I had to brace myself against the shower wall in order to keep from falling down into a heap as Sookie sucked all of my blood and intellect and muscle control into my cock. Mid-plunge, she looked up at me with smiling eyes, clearly pleased that had such an effect upon me.

“Fuck!” I repeated with a moan as she hummed around me.

The heat of her mouth and the heat of the water made me feel almost human, and I panted like one too as I begged her to keep going—to keep pushing me toward ecstasy—until I burst into her waiting mouth.

Spent but still not sated, I pulled my pregnant wife to her feet and then took to my knees, kissing her thighs before diving hungrily into the nectar of her pussy. I moved her so that she could lean against the shower wall and still be caressed by the warm water before lifting her so that her legs were resting upon my shoulders. My hands supported her bottom so that she was literally sitting on me—her sweet womanhood perfectly placed for me to feast upon. If she had grown even an inch more with our children during her sleep, her belly would have been too large for me to enjoy her this way, but as it was—as everything about Sookie always seemed to be—she was perfection.

I lapped at my bonded’s lower lips, the area around her entrance, and then her clit. With my hands supporting her—ensuring her body was comfortable—I could not rely upon my fingers to help me bring her to a release.

Thankfully, however, I knew what I was doing with other parts of my anatomy.

I used my tongue to enter her body and leaned in so that my nose could stimulate her clit, even as I inhaled her sweet scent fully. I held her firmly when she tried to wiggle against me and groaned as she brought the fingers of one of her hands down to stimulate her own clit. I removed my tongue from her body and leaned back to watch as Sookie continued to rub circles around her bundle of nerves.

“You are beautiful,” I whispered through the steam of the shower.

Sookie looked down at me with a mixture of a blush and a prideful smirk.

Human and fairy were perfectly coexistent in that moment.

“Show me more,” I requested—pled.

She moved her other hand down as I continued to support her and—as one set of fingers continued to stimulate her clit—she used her other set to begin playing with her lower lips, spreading and teasing them before my hungry eyes. She slipped the tips of two fingers into her body as she watched me watching her. Unfortunately, she could not delve her fingers in too far since she was maneuvering around her belly; however, it was clear that she was taking pleasure in teasing her own body and me at the same time.

“Like what you see?” she asked coyly.

“I love what I see,” I corrected truthfully.

She squeezed her thighs around my face. “Good,” she uttered somewhat breathlessly. “Then get back to work before I make you obsolete,” she taunted.

I growled as I did just that—nudging her hands out of the way as I thrust my tongue into her welcoming body many times over before bringing it to her clit.

She gasped as I began to vibrate my tongue against her nerve bundle as only a vampire could do.

A vampire “with mad skills”—that is.

She sobbed in pleasure as I brought her to the edge of orgasm several times in quick succession.

Finally, I let her surge over that sweet edge as I drank in every bit of her sweet release.

Right as she was settling down, I nipped her inner thigh, causing another gush of liquid pleasure from her.

I grinned in triumph.

It took Sookie a while to recover, but when she did, she was smiling back at me.

“We’re gonna have to start this shower over again—you dirty, dirty boy.”

I chuckled—happy to oblige.

A/N: So sorry I didn’t get you this yesterday! Super Bowl-related stuff.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this!



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  1. it was a great chapter and one of my favorite part was “Then get back to work before I make you obsolete.” when she is done with him i will accept him with much pleasure . KY

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