3. Burn out the Pain (complete)



Summary: Part 3 of The Comfortably Numb Trilogy, Burn out the Pain continues the story of Eric and Sookie’s journey to find happiness. When secrets are revealed about Sookie’s family, Eric defies Appius. However, will the cost be the person Eric loves the most when Appius refuses to let Eric win?

Burn out the Pain is part III of The Comfortably Numb Trilogy.  If you are new to this “universe,” you should begin with Comfortably Numb and then move to Touch the Flame.

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to True Blood or the Southern Vampire Mysteries novels. Those items provide the inspiration for the story; however, I do not own or profit from the fanfiction I produce using that inspiration (except in the form of your kind comments and reviews).

Story Title: The title of this sequel is from a quote by Joseph Campbell: “Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”

Burn out the Pain 1


Many thanks to Sephrenia for doing the story and character banners for the entire Comfortably Numb series!

CN special features

Chapter 1, Burn

2 thoughts on “3. Burn out the Pain (complete)

  1. Wow…I absolutely LOVE the banner for this one. Can’t wait to get started. I flew threw the final 3 chapters of Touch the Flame.

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