Table of Contents/Seph’s Chapter Banners for TSMA

On this page, you will find all of the beautiful chapter banners done by Sephrenia!  As always, she outdid herself as she worked to bring more life to my stories through her art.

Many, many thanks to my friend, Seph!

the sleeper must awaken WP

black dividerYou can click on the picture to access the chapter.

Chapter 1: Dear Diary

Chapter 1 TSMA2

Chapter 2:  Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Chapter 2 TSMA2

Chapter 3:  Simple Math

Chapter 3 TSMA

Chapter 4: The Twinflower

chapter 4 TSMA

Chapter 5: The Interview, Part 1

Chapter 5 part 1TSMA

Chapter 6: The Interview, Part 2

Chapter 5 part 2TSMA

Chapter 07: Courtship

Chapter 6 TSMA2

Chapter 08: Fireflies

Chapter 7 TSMA

Epilogue: Glow

Epilogue TSMA

The Sleeper Must Awaken .pdf

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